• By Slipshoe Lane to the Red Cross Inn, Reigate
    By Slipshoe Lane to the Red Cross Inn, Reigate
  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Red-cross wearing or distinguished by a cross of a red colour
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. reád; Ger. roth, L. ruber, Gr. e-rythros, Gael. ruath.


In literature:

We stepped out to speak to them, and found that they belonged to the French Red Cross.
"On the Fringe of the Great Fight" by George G. Nasmith
The Red Cross War Fund and Membership poster.
"Winning a Cause" by John Gilbert Thompson and Inez Bigwood
Her caller represented the International Committee of the Red Cross Society.
"Ten American Girls From History" by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
Miss Mabel Boardman, head of the Red Cross Society, reached Cincinnati Saturday night.
"The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado" by Logan Marshall
A Red Cross car had dropped me and picked up wounded men instead, and there was nothing for it but to walk back along the road.
"Current History, A Monthly Magazine" by New York Times
That also brought in quite a respectable sum for the Red Cross.
"The Hand in the Dark" by Arthur J. Rees
He saw the flagstaff halliards shake out the red cross of England in the morning sunlight.
"Fort Amity" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
This morning I had a letter from the Red Cross people, and they expect to come over in a couple of weeks.
"The Girl Scouts at Home" by Katherine Keene Galt
Ruth and Helen went into Red Cross work, leaving college before the end of their sophomore year for that purpose.
"Ruth Fielding at the War Front" by Alice B. Emerson
They had to be left for the Red Cross, however.
"Fighting in France" by Ross Kay

In poetry:

The chains are struck from off the slave,
And quaking tyrants feel
A mightier weapon cross their own,
And snap their blood-red steel.
"Anvil And Newspaper" by Alexander Anderson
With a step unswerving and a speed deserving
A better reward—alack!
You crossed the room 'neath the red globes' gloom,
Bent on the sandwich's track
"The Song Of The Sandwich" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
And wheresoe'er in earth's wide field,
Ye lift, for Him, the red-cross shield,
Be this your song, your joy and pride -
"Our Champion went before and died."
"Tuesday In Whitsun-Week" by John Keble
The Ev'ning Sun was burning red;
The Twilight veil spread slowly;
While ZORIETTO, near the wood
Where long a little cross had stood,
Was singing Vespers holy.
"Golfre, Gothic Swiss Tale" by Mary Darby Robinson
The morn in the radiant east arose:—
The Red-cross Knight hath spurred his steed
That courseth as swift as a falcon's speed:—
To the salt-sea shore Sir Raymond goes.
"Sir Raymond And The False Palmer" by Thomas Cooper
Close, by the wond'ring Bride they pass'd,
The red Sun sinking slowly:
And to the little cross they hied—
And there she saw them, side by side,
Kneeling, with fervour holy.
"Golfre, Gothic Swiss Tale" by Mary Darby Robinson

In news:

Scenes from the Sunoco/American Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono Raceway on Sunday, Aug 2, 2009.
Aaron Aupperlee A small amount of cash and other items were stolen from the South Center Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross during a recent break-in.
CNN's Anna Coren talks with Steve Joske from Australian Red Cross about the brushfires breaking out in Perth.
Montreal Record Company Donates Proceeds to Red Cross.
Representatives of the American Red Cross in Anderson recently reported to the Anderson County Council that its needs are growing as donations and other funding have decreased.
The Red Cross set a goal of collecting 230 units, and drove away Tuesday evening with 290 instead.
In his op-ed in Ha'artez, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation in Israel disputes the Levy Report.
Findlay-based Marathon Petroleum Corp. Plans to give $250,000 to the American Red Cross for disaster relief.
Red Cross Sends Vehicles Into Storm's Path.
American Red Cross officials say the agency's Alabama region has sent five emergency response vehicles to help with mobile feeding and bulk distribution of relief supplies due to Hurricane Sandy.
President Barack Obama speaks at the Red Cross headquarters about ongoing relief in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, on October 30, 2012 in Washington, DC (Chris Kleponis.
One child died and several others were hurt in a grenade attack on a children's Sunday-school class in Kenya, the Kenya Red Cross said.
Haitian Red Cross volunteers distribute water on Jan 15, 2010 to those affected by the earthquake.
Lady Gaga donates $1 million to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.
The native New Yorker announced on her website that she will donate $1 million to the American Red Cross.

In science:

FIG. 5: Differential cross-section dσ/d cos θµ for UED (blue, top) and supersymmetry (red, bottom) as a function of the muon scattering angle θµ .
New Physics at the TeV Scale and Precision Electroweak Studies
First, shown as the upper two red curves are calculations assuming only nuclear modification of parton distribution functions (EKS98) and normal nuclear absorption with a cross section σ = 3 mb, which is at the limit of agreement with our deuteron-Au data [ 11].
Heavy Quarks and Heavy Quarkonia as Tests of Thermalization
UVOT V-band (red diamonds) and B-band (blue crosses) magnitudes are compared against groundbased data reported in the literature (see text).
Prompt optical observations of GRB050319 with the Swift UVOT
Blazars are in blue triangles, M 87 in blue asterisk, HESS J1745-290 in blue cross, PWNe in blue filled circles, SNRs in red filled circles, microquasars in red squares, PSR B1259-63 in blue square, and unidentified sources in magenta diamonds.
TeV Astrophysics, A Review
Figure 4.3: The π+ (red) and π− (blue) differential cross section as used in the Monte Carlo.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra