Range of accommodation


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Range of accommodation (Optics) the distance between the near point and the far point of distinct vision, -- usually measured and designated by the strength of the lens which if added to the refracting media of the eye would cause the rays from the near point to appear as if they came from the far point.
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In literature:

Then there was a range of stabling enough to accommodate the stud of a monarch.
"The Portland Peerage Romance" by Charles J. Archard
Minimum rates are computed on a basis of $4.50 a day per person, special accommodations ranging as high as $7.50.
"Glacier National Park [Montana]" by United States Dept. of the Interior
Several other chairs were ranged irregularly along the wall to accommodate any overflow of the table's occupants.
"Lad: A Dog" by Albert Payson Terhune

In news:

The clamp comes in a range of sizes, accommodating dies of 2 to 63 metric tons.
This valve is designed to accommodate a broader range of fluids, including those possessing high viscosities.
But when it comes to accommodations, St Lucia makes it easy with a wide range of resorts to suit any budget.
WideBand Solutions produces conferencing systems that use speech processing algorithms that accommodate the full range of human hearing, says the company.
Crews are finishing up the final touches at the new facility, which will accommodate all ages ranges of youth baseball.
For example, when selectively coordinating emergency and legally required standby power systems, overcurrent protective device specifications must accommodate a range of demands.
The New York City toy, collectibles and comics retailer Forbidden Planet has relocated to accommodate its growing range of products.
Unfortunately, realistic golf requires a full swing of a club, and the ceiling in the planned indoor golfing range was too short to accommodate.
Designers and architects say aging- in-place accommodations are based on a concept called universal design, or the notion that design should serve the broadest range of people.
Smulders raised funds from her alma mater and local businesses, and some of the firms where she interned sponsored her travel and accommodations for internships which ranged from a week to a month.
Stacked MLC capacitor series accommodates a broad range of applications.
Pho Cali is composed of a big room accommodating a range of seating arrangements, and it's devoted exclusively to Vietnamese dishes.
Twining Village offers a full range of accommodations and services to meet varying needs.
Each model offers a choice of options to accommodate a wide range of chemical, food, and pharmaceutical (sanitary) applications.
More suggestions , ranging from sensible to impractical, for product improvement than can ever be accommodated, contrasted by the need of vendors to adopt those suggestions that will benefit all software users.

In science:

Is it possible to have a network model which is flexible enough to accommodate any combination of degree distribution and clustering? In this article we propose such a model and demonstrate its effectiveness by generating networks over a wide range of parameters.
Random Networks with Tunable Degree Distribution and Clustering
The long-ranged CO-OO state observed for x=0.5 is rearranged to accommodate additional holes (over-doping, x > 0.5), while it is weakened by the presence of additional electrons (under-doping, x < 0.5) and eventually vanishes at x=0.3.
Coexistence of long-ranged charge and orbital order and spin-glass state in single-layered manganites with weak quenched disorder
In some controlled experiments we could not demonstrate the existence of reflections. • The dynamic range of the receiver must be sufficient to accommodate the strong signal on the peak of the beam and the very weak signals towards the edge of the scan.
Near-Field Radio Holography of Large Reflector Antennas
Employing sum rule(s) following from (approximate) flavour symmetry, we show that it is possible to accommodate the observed experimental values within the standard model (SM) for a narrow range of parameters.
CP asymmetry in $B^{+}\to K^+\pi^{0}$ and New Physics
While we believe that the proposed class of procedures will find its way to a wider range of applications, the main motivation is to accommodate applications to parametric statistical estimation theory.
Truncated Stochastic Approximation with Moving Bounds: Convergence