• WordNet 3.6
    • n Pyrularia small genus of chiefly Asiatic parasitic shrubs
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pyrularia A genus of apetalous shrubs of the order Santalaceæ, the sandal-wood family, and of the tribe Osyrideæ. It is characterized by partly diœcious flowers, with parallel anther-cells, and a disk with scale-shaped lobes alternating with the five stamens, the small clusters of staminate flowers racemed toward the ends of the branches, and the pistillate flowers terminal, and few or single. The two species are shrubs or small trees, with thin and veiny alternate short-stalked and minutely pellucid-dotted leaves, small greenish flowers with a short columnar style and capitate stigma, and an inferior one-celled ovary, with two or three ovules hanging from the apex of a free central placenta. The rather large obovoid fruit is a fleshy drupe, with a hard thin-shelled spherical stone, containing a globose seed with fleshy and very oily albumen. One of the species is North American, for which see oil-nut ; the other, P. edulis, is found in India, a large tree, yielding an edible fruit.
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