• WordNet 3.6
    • n Prometheus (Greek mythology) the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind; Zeus punished him by chaining him to a rock where an eagle gnawed at his liver until Hercules rescued him
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Prometheus (Class. Myth) The son of Iapetus (one of the Titans) and Clymene, fabled by the poets to have surpassed all mankind in knowledge, and to have formed men of clay to whom he gave life by means of fire stolen from heaven. Jupiter, being angry at this, sent Mercury to bind Prometheus to Mount Caucasus, where a vulture preyed upon his liver.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n Prometheus In entomology: The popular name and also the technical specific name of a large silk-spinning moth, Attacus prometheus, or Telea or Callosamia promethea. The male moth is of a dark rich smoky or amber brown, the female of a lighter rusty or reddish brown. In both sexes the wings are crossed by a wavy whitish line near the middle, and have a wide clay-colored border. Near the tips of the fore wings there is an eye-like spot within a bluish-white crescent, and in the female there is an angular reddish-white spot, edged with black, near the middle of each wing. The eggs are laid in little clusters of five or six upon twigs in the spring. The larva or worm is delicate bluish-white with a faint pruinescence, with four black tubercles on the thorax. It feeds on ash, sassafras, wild cherry, lilac, maple, plum, poplar, birch, and other trees. The cocoon is oblong, dense, gray, and remarkable for the long tough band of silk which suspends it and which is securely wrapped around the supporting twig. Also promethea, promethia.
    • n Prometheus [capitalized] A genus of moths.
    • n Prometheus In ornithology, the Blackburnian warbler, Dendrœca blackburniæ: so named by Coues from the flame color of the breast.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Prometheus a large silk-spinning moth
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  • Arthur Koestler
    “Prometheus is reaching out for the stars with an empty grin on his face.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., fr. Gr. , from to have forethought for
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr., lit. 'forethinker;' or Sans. pramantha, a fire-stick.


In literature:

In Aeschylus it was Kratos and Bia who subdue Prometheus.
"Five Stages of Greek Religion" by Gilbert Murray
Prometheus first taught the use of animal food, and of fire, with which to render it more digestible and pleasing to the taste.
"Vegetable Diet: As Sanctioned by Medical Men, and by Experience in All Ages" by William Andrus Alcott
There was a wise giant, named Prometheus, who begged them not to attempt to do this.
"Nature Myths and Stories for Little Children" by Flora J. Cooke
Prometheus bade Hercules say he could not hold them without a pad for them to rest on his head.
"Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Greek History" by Charlotte M. Yonge
Prometheus goes upstairs, indignant, to talk to his wife.
"The Crow's Nest" by Clarence Day, Jr.
It was clear that, like Prometheus among his lifeless forms, he animated them with the breath of the soul and roused them into life.
"Life of Wagner" by Louis Nohl
And what inflamed those senseless images thus into life was the fire which the Satanic Prometheus stole from Hell.
"The Serapion Brethren." by Ernst Theordor Wilhelm Hoffmann
The history of Prometheus on the Cathedral at Bordeaux (France) here receives its explanation.
"Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions" by T. W. Doane
Originally, the story concerns the punishment of the eagle, but is later attached to Prometheus.
"The Next Step in Religion" by Roy Wood Sellars
Bert thought, too, of his contact and contract with the new colonists' supply company, which was also called Prometheus.
"Big Pill" by Raymond Zinke Gallun

In poetry:

Titan — my splendid rebel —
The old Prometheus
Wanes like a ghost before your power —
His pangs were joys to yours.
"Girl To A Soldier On leave" by Isaac Rosenberg
Prometheus stole from Heaven the sacred fire
And swept to earth with it o'er land and sea.
He lit the vestal flames of poesy,
Content, for this, to brave celestial ire.
"Prometheus" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
A new Prometheus, chained upon the rock,
Still grasping in his hand the fire of Jove,
It does not hear the cry, nor heed the shock,
But hails the mariner with words of love.
"By The Seaside : The Lighthouse" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Prometheus, ere his arduous task began,
From various beasts our various passions chose,
And placed the lion in the breast of man,
Thenceforth to ravin there in wrathful woes.
"Tyndaris (From Horace.)" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Prometheus when firste frome heaven hye
He broughte downe fyre, 'ere then on earthe not seene,
Fond of Delight, a Satyre standing bye
Gaue it a kyss, as it lyke Sweete had bene.
"The Shepherd's Conceit of Prometheus" by Edward Dyer
But judge you now, when poets wield the pen,
Think you not well the wrong has been repaired?
'Twas all in vain that ill Prometheus fared:
The fire has been returned to Heaven again!
"Prometheus" by Paul Laurence Dunbar

In news:

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In science:

In order to take a next step of improvement in supernova modelling, we have coupled a new Boltzmann solver for the neutrino transport to the PROMETHEUS hydrodynamics code.
Explosion Mechanisms of Massive Stars
For the integration of the equations of hydrodynamics we employ the Newtonian finite-volume code PROMETHEUS (Fryxell, M¨uller, & Arnett 1989), which was supplemented by additional problem specific features (Keil 1997).
Explosion Mechanisms of Massive Stars
Amherst NY: Prometheus Books. Kubovy, M. (1999) Pleasures of the mind.
Curiosity and Pleasure
Stenger, The Comprehensible Cosmos: Where Do the Laws of Physics Come From? (Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, 2006).
Defending The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning
Addison-Wesley. Stenger, V. (2006). The Comprehensible Cosmos: Where Do the Laws of Physics Come From? Prometheus Books. Wilczek, F. (2008). The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces .
Why there is something rather than nothing: The finite, infinite and eternal