• a Representation of the Domains Of The Lord Ti, Bringing to Him Offerings in Procession
    a Representation of the Domains Of The Lord Ti, Bringing to Him Offerings in Procession
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Processioning A proceeding prescribed by statute for ascertaining and fixing the boundaries of land. See 2d Procession.
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the Women Passing by in Procession, In Charge Of A Warrior and of a Man Playing Upon the Lyre the Women Passing by in Procession, In Charge Of A Warrior and of a Man Playing Upon the Lyre
Caterpillars of Procession Moth Caterpillars of Procession Moth
Madonna Carried in Procession Madonna Carried in Procession
The Procession Went over the Gates——16 The Procession Went over the Gates——16
VALENCIA. Religious Procession VALENCIA. Religious Procession
Chinese funeral procession Chinese funeral procession

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    • n processioning A survey and inspection of boundaries periodically performed in some of the American colonies by the local authorities, for the purpose of ascertaining and perpetuating correct boundaries of the various landowners. It was analogous in part to the perambulations practised in England (see perambulation, 4), and was superseded by the introduction of the practice of accurate surveying and of recording. The term is still used of some official surveys in North Carolina and Tennessee.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
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    • Processioning (U.S.) periodical survey and inspection of boundaries
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  • John Morley
    John Morley
    “Evolution is not a force but a process. Not a cause but a law.”
  • Edward M. Forster
    “Faith, to my mind, is a stiffening process, a sort of mental starch, which ought to be applied as sparingly as possible.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Some people never head a procession until they're dead.”
  • Jim Rohn
    “Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.”
  • Thomas Carlyle
    “The whole past is the procession of the present.”
  • Samuel Butler
    “Life is one long process of getting tired.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

Certain it is that when the false streak stops growing and is eclipsed, some new central process has intervened.
"Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1" by Various
The spine-like processes are very thin and short.
"Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole" by Gary N. Calkins
These are the tools of the creative process, but they are not that process, nor its prime cause.
"The Breath of Life" by John Burroughs
The whole process lasts perhaps half an hour.
"Social Life in the Insect World" by J. H. Fabre
Still, taking the event as effect, its cause is the antecedent process; or, taking it as a cause, its effect is the consequent process.
"Logic" by Carveth Read
For this reason this phase of the learning process is frequently designated as a process of analysis.
"Ontario Normal School Manuals: Science of Education" by Ontario Ministry of Education
The brain process underlying the idea "horse" has connections with many other processes and tends to excite these processes.
"The Science of Human Nature" by William Henry Pyle
The most important of all functional processes begins in the stomach.
"Vitality Supreme" by Bernarr Macfadden
You can easily see what careful workmanship such a process required.
"The Story of Porcelain" by Sara Ware Bassett
The Education of the World a Gradual Process.
"Fables of Infidelity and Facts of Faith" by Robert Patterson

In poetry:

What space shall awe, what brightness blind me?
What thunder-roll of music stun?
What vast processions sweep before me
Of shapes unknown beneath the sun?
"What The Traveller Said At Sunset" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Present in the procession was Lord Playfair,
And Bailie Walcot was also there,
Also Mr Macpherson of Edinboro-
And all seemingly to be in profound sorrow.
"The Burial of Mr. Gladstone" by William Topaz McGonagall
Now hurries the stormwind
A mournful procession
Of leaves and dead flowers along,
Now murmurs the forest
Its dying confession,
And hushed is the holiest song.
"September Melodies" by Morris Rosenfeld
Gone, I say and walk from church,
refusing the stiff procession to the grave,
letting the dead ride alone in the hearse.
It is June. I am tired of being brave.
"The Truth The Dead Know" by Anne Sexton
"That simply means 'be cut up small':
Ghosts soon unite anew.
The process scarcely hurts at all -
Not more than when YOU're what you call
'Cut up' by a Review.
"Phantasmagoria Canto II ( Hys Fyve Rules )" by Lewis Carroll
In his right hand an ample reed they plac'd,
And with feign'd homage the procession grac'd,
Mocking Him with sarcastical abuse,
And crying, "Hail thou sov'reign of the Jews."
"The Life And Death Of Christ" by Rees Prichard

In news:

The accounts receivable clerk completes all job duties in accordance to medical center policy to insure prompt processing and posting of all payments.
Stan Curtis is not unfamiliar with the polite mayhem that is the annual school budget hearing process.
The Kingsport, TN-based company will raise process globally in a range from five cents a pound to 50 cents a pound.
An electronic payments processing and support services company, said it has acquired ACH Technologies Inc of Hastings, Minn.
While pH control often plays a crucial role in processing, achieving reliable readings remains challenging at many sites.
Microsoft taps Ivar Jacobson, one of the fathers of the popular Rational Unified Process, to lead an effort to deliver a lightweight unified process to the Microsoft Solutions Framework.
Readers offer ideas for improving reliability of a weigh feeder in Chemical Processing's monthly Process Puzzler feature.
The problem is not process in general, it's this process.
The author reviews the state of downstream processing and considers potential solutions, including the streamlining of full processes and borrowed technologies.
" Due Process Just Means There's A Process That You Do".
The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has developed a heat treat process guideline (CQI-9) defining the fundamental requirements for this process.
Carmel Polidano in the procession into church and when Mass is over, walks at the tail end of the procession to the front door, where both greet parishioners as they exit.
This four-hour course, set for Sept 15, provides instruction on the entire home-buying process - it is to walk participants through the process.
This offering is in addition to the company's established ability to process another hard polymer, polyimide, and compliments its processing of soft polymers such as Pellethane and Pebax.
Today, many manual processes can be replaced with laser processing techniques.

In science:

We can remark the similarity between this process and the limit point process (a determinantal process with sine kernel) obtained from the scaled eigenangles (with the same scaling by N ) of a random unitary matrix following the Haar measure.
The distribution of eigenvalues of randomized permutation matrices
We have deferred the introduction of the stochastic processes analog of Theorem B until now because it involves a less well-known family of processes than the tuples of commuting transformations that appear in Theorem A, and these new stochastic processes require a separate discussion.
Multiple recurrence and the structure of probability-preserving systems
After formulating the stochastic processes result to which Theorem B is equivalent, we introduce an additional semigroup Γ of transformations on these processes and argue that we may reduce further to the case of processes whose distributions are invariant.
Multiple recurrence and the structure of probability-preserving systems
We briefly mentioned that the two fragments created by the first chord of the figela process can be viewed as two new disks by contracting the chord and that, after the time of appearance of the first chord, the process will behave, independently in each of these two disks, as a rescaled copy of the original process.
Random recursive triangulations of the disk via fragmentation theory
Note that, because the original process is stationary and because of the double-ended limiting process involved in the definition of P ∗ , the associated process of increments is also stationary; it would not have been possible to achieve this with a single-ended sequence.
The associated random walk and martingales in random walks with stationary increments