• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. i Platonize To adopt the opinion of Plato or his followers.
    • v. t Platonize To explain by, or accomodate to, the Platonic philosophy.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • platonize To follow the opinions or philosophy of Plato; reason like Plato; emulate Plato.
    • platonize To explain on the principles of the Platonic school, or to accommodate to those principles.
    • platonize Also spelled Platonise.
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  • Austin O'Malley
    “Show me a genuine case of platonic friendship, and I shall show you two old or homely faces.”


In literature:

He says, indeed, that they are scarcely Mystics, except in as far as Platonism is always in a measure mystical.
"Literary and General Lectures and Essays" by Charles Kingsley
And finally the Platonic theory neglects the different kinds of democracies and of tyrannies.
"Miscellanies" by Oscar Wilde
We understand that she has drunk deep of Socrates, that her spiritual sense reached onward to the Platonic Socrates.
"The Poetry Of Robert Browning" by Stopford A. Brooke
Platon Levshin, metropolitan of Moscow, was the most productive of the ecclesiastical writers.
"Historical View of the Languages and Literature of the Slavic Nations" by Therese Albertine Louise von Jacob Robinson
Chivalry was succeeded by Platonism.
"Tragic Sense Of Life" by Miguel de Unamuno
And the Platonic conception receives a religious sanction.
"Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria" by Norman Bentwich
Precisely the same course of thought led to similar results in the case of Neo-Platonism.
"Ten Great Religions" by James Freeman Clarke
It is this rationalistic or Platonic system (little as most men may suspect the fact) that finds a first expression in ordinary perception.
"The Life of Reason" by George Santayana
But we need not take isolated instances of the Platonism of mediaeval thought.
"The Unity of Civilization" by Various
Early a courtier, he was imperilled by his attachment to Anne Boleyn, conceded, if not quite Platonic, yet to have never led him to criminality.
"English Literature, Considered as an Interpreter of English History" by Henry Coppee

In poetry:

But now when I sit in the twilight,
Or when I walk by the sea
That friendship, quite Platonic,
Comes surging over me.
"Platonic" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
And do I sigh or smile to-day?
Dead love or dead ambition, say,
Which mourn we most? Not much we weigh
Platonic friends.
"To E." by Amy Levy
There, too, by yonder moon we swore
Platonic friendship o'er and o'er;
No folk, we deemed, had been before
So wise and free.
"To E." by Amy Levy
There, Shelley dream'd his white Platonic dreams;
There, classic Landor throve on Roman thought;
There, Addison pursued his quiet themes;
There, smiled Erasmus, and there, Colet taught.
"Oxford" by Lionel Pigot Johnson
Forced compliments, and formal bows,
Will show thee just above neglect; The heat with which thy lover glows,
Will settle into cold respect:
A talking dull Platonic I shall turn;
Learn to be civil, when I cease to burn.
"An Ode : While Blooming Youth And Gay Delight" by Matthew Prior
The fires that chill your life, torment the mind,
Even the enrapt vision gone,
The Platonic fury it has fed upon
Hears love's sigh on every wind,
Looks in an endless urn that now discloses
Embers of joy, ashes of roses.
"Epitaph for a Careless Beauty" by Marya Zaturenska

In news:

John Derian could be the Platonic ideal of a Parisian curio store.
It's a staple of movies and literature, the platonic ideal of a disgruntled fan's heckling, but though I've been attending sporting events in New York most of my life, I don't think I'd ever actually heard anyone scream "Yer a bum".
False- Equivalence Watch: The Platonic-Ideal Form.
But so far, Fey's Liz Lemon and Baldwin's Jack Donaghy have kept things platonic.
These shapes, called the Platonic solids, did not originate with Plato.
A visitor looks at portraits of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the exhibition "faces of power" by Greek photo artist Platon Antoniou, shown at the Photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany.
"She was in love with him, platonically and politically," says Vydrin, who introduced them in 1996.
When faced with a flight of Merlots , am I comparing them to the Platonic Form of Merlot .
The story of platonic roommates who decide to make an adult film to pay the rent and fall in love along the way.
Whether it involves contemplation and Platonic dialectic or your everyday orgy, wine is inextricably linked to Greek history.
MOSCOW — A Russian court on Wednesday reduced the 13-year prison sentence of jailed oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky's business partner, scheduling Platon Lebedev for release early next year.
A lost batallion of platonic conversationalists.
False-Equivalence Watch: The Platonic -Ideal Form.
I mean, I think that everyone couldn't have been further away from each other because we knew that it was pending, and also we forged this platonic amalgamation of sweet, good people.
Politicians employ dense, Platonic turn-of-phrase on regular basis.

In science:

All numerical simulations were completed by means of the facilities of the Platon - Science Services Platform of the Polish Pionier Network.
Levy flights in confining environments: Random paths and their statistics
It is a similar platonic goal as the ”classification of all topological spaces”.
A Classification Approach for Open Manifolds
Starting from philosophical conjectures (Platonism, Idealism and Realism) as basic ontic elements (namely: math world, data world, and state of matter), we will analyze the quantum superposition principle.
Quantum Formalism: Brief Epistemological Considerations
Platonism thus believes not only in the independent existence of mathematical ob jects and relations but also believes that the ”reality” of that world explains the universal nature of mathematical truth.
Quantum Formalism: Brief Epistemological Considerations
However, Platonism, runs into serious problems when confronted with the applicability of mathematics.
Quantum Formalism: Brief Epistemological Considerations