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    • n Pedum pē′dum a shepherd's crook.
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In literature:

Livy VII, 12, 8: quod Gallos mox Praeneste venisse atque inde circa Pedum consedisse auditum est.
"A Study Of The Topography And Municipal History Of Praeneste" by Ralph Van Deman Magoffin
Albius, thou candid critic of my discourses, what shall I say you are now doing in the country about Pedum?
"The Works of Horace" by Horace
Milites fossam decem pedum per eorum finis perduxerunt.
"Latin for Beginners" by Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge
But upon the capture of Pedum in B.C.
"A Smaller History of Rome" by William Smith and Eugene Lawrence
The people of Pedum were supported by the states of Tibur, Praeneste, and Velitrae; auxiliaries had also come from Lanuvium and Antium.
"The History of Rome, Books 01 to 08" by Titus Livius
Elongati sunt enim pilarii novi longitudine pedum fere duodecim.
"The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture, Elucidated by Question and Answer, 4th ed." by Matthew Holbeche Bloxam
Donec ponam inimicos tuos, scabellum pedum tuorum.
"The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book" by Various
Gabii was within a short distance of Pedum.
"The Student's Companion to Latin Authors" by George Middleton
Et adorent vestigia pedum tuorum.
"Henry the Sixth" by John Blacman
Sed certe sonituque pedum terrebar; et ingens Crinales vittas afflabat anhelitus oris.
"The Works of Alexander Pope, Volume 1" by Alexander Pope