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    • Packing-press a press for squeezing goods into small compass for packing
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Prob. Celt.; Gael. and Ir. pac, Bret. pak, a bundle; cf. Ger. pack, Dut. pak.


In literature:

Nearer and nearer the whimpering pack pressed; their delusion begins to dispel.
"Clotelle" by William Wells Brown
They might have fought, but even wooing and its rivalry waited upon the more pressing hunger-need of the pack.
"White Fang" by Jack London
Into the farthest corner of densely packed cedar boughs Silvermane pressed himself and watched.
"The Heritage of the Desert" by Zane Grey
Nearer and nearer the whimpering pack pressed on; their delusion begins to dispel.
"Clotelle: a Tale of the Southern States" by William Wells Brown
Patroclus first aimed a spear into the middle of the press where men were packed most closely, by the stern of the ship of Protesilaus.
"The Iliad" by Homer
They were ten minutes worming their way through the press that packed the corridors of City Hall.
"The Landloper" by Holman Day
After being dried in this way they are pressed into bales or packed in boxes ready for shipment.
"The Romance of Rubber"
Next, pack the jars tightly with the corn, pressing it into them with a wooden masher.
"Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 5" by Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences
As he began to talk the crowd pressed forward, packed itself into a smaller ring.
"Port O' Gold" by Louis John Stellman
It does not hurt the berries at all to gently press down on them with a silver spoon while you are packing them into the jar.
"Every Step in Canning" by Grace Viall Gray

In poetry:

Then fill to the brim, and a health, I say,
To our liege King Charles, and I pray God bless him!
'T would amend worse vintage to drink dismay
To the clamorous mongrel pack that press him!
"Two Moods Of Failure" by Helen Gray Cone

In news:

Alessandro Trovati/Associated Press A fan dressed up as a devil runs ahead of the pack during today's sixth stage of the Tour of Italy, which started the day in Bressanone to and ended in Mayrhofen Im Zillertal, Austria.
Fresh ground beef is packed at a local butcher shop Monday, October 1, 2012 in Levis Que THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot.
Pack the courtroom for Kilo G's TRO hearing on Friday, Aug 12, 9 am, Room 514, SF Superior Court, 400 McAllister at Polk – come at 8:30 for the press conference.
View full size The Associated Press Kenya's Isiah Kiplangat Koech, left, and Britain's Mo Farah, second from left, lead the pack in the men's 5000-meter final during in the Olympic Stadium at the 2012 Summer Olympics on Saturday.
He doesn't lead the Pack in the bench press, but he does have is the best grade-point average.
Laminate tube press Ko-Pack Williston VT USA A combination of Ko-Pack's traditional central impression drum technology and letterpress quality produces tube laminates for toothpaste tubes and healthcare products.
A flotsam of vinyl crowds the Huntington Beach office space, alongside hand-packed merch and rickety silkscreen-shirt presses.
According to the Associated Press, a US federal inspector found two strains of Salmonella and unclean conditions at an Indiana cantaloupe farm's fruit-packing plant during inspections prompted by a deadly outbreak linked to the farm's melons.
Muller Martini's Exceptionally Versatile Variable Size Offset Printing Press (VSOP) is Well-received at This Year's Pack Expo .
"Functioning olive press factories are packed with people these days," he said.
Muller Martini's Exceptionally Versatile Variable Size Offset Printing Press (VSOP) is Well-received at This Year's Pack Expo.
Muller Martini's Exceptionally Versatile Variable Size Offset Printing Press (VSOP) is Well-received at This Year's Pack Expo.
A Syria warplane bombed an olive oil press packed with farmers Tuesday, killing at least 20 and injuring 50.
IRVING – A visit by the Giants, especially on Monday night, means a packed press box at Texas Stadium.
In standard box- pressing , round cigars are packed tightly into dress boxes, which are stacked into piles, and then are compacted in a hand-controlled press to apply pressure.

In science:

Rogers, Packing and Covering, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1964.
Random Sequential Adsorption on Fractals
Golomb, Polyominoes: puzzles, patterns, problems, and packings, 2nd. edition, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey (1994).
Random Tilings: Concepts and Examples