• WordNet 3.6
    • adj orthodox adhering to what is commonly accepted "an orthodox view of the world"
    • adj Orthodox of or pertaining to or characteristic of Judaism "Orthodox Judaism"
    • adj Orthodox of or relating to or characteristic of the Eastern Orthodox Church
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ukrainian people celebrate Christmas on January 7th, which is the Orthodox Christmas Day
    • Orthodox According or congruous with the doctrines of Scripture, the creed of a church, the decree of a council, or the like; as, an orthodox opinion, book, etc.
    • Orthodox Adhering to generally approved doctrine or practices; conventional. Opposed to unorthodox. "He saluted me on both cheeks in the orthodox manner."
    • Orthodox Of or pertaining to the churches of the Eastern Christian rite, especially the Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox churches, which do not recognize the supremacy of the Pope of Rome in matters of faith.
    • Orthodox Sound in opinion or doctrine, especially in religious doctrine; hence, holding the Christian faith; believing the doctrines taught in the Scriptures; -- opposed to heretical and heterodox; as, an orthodox Christian.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • orthodox Holding what is regarded as the correct opinion, or correct opinions, especially in regard to religious or theological doctrines; sound in opinion or doctrine; specifically, conforming to the faith of the Church Catholic, as represented in its primitive ecumenical creeds: applied to persons or doctrines. That which seems to one part of the Christian church orthodox may be held by another to be heterodox. Thus, the Roman Catholic Church regards Protestant churches as heterodox; again, the Reformed churches sometimes deny the title orthodox to one another; and generally those who hold to the Trinitarian faith deny the epithet orthodox to the Unitarians and Universalists. Orthodoxy is not usually denied to those who are charged with having added articles to the ecumenical faith of Christendom, but only to those who are charged with denying a part of that faith. Thus, the Roman Catholic is not ordinarily refused by Protestants the right to the epithet orthodox; nor are Trinitarians denied the right to that epithet by those of Unitarian belief. Orthodox is the common epithet of the Greek Church (of which the full official title is “the Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Oriental Church”), as Catholic is of the Roman Church. [The word is employed locally in New England to designate the Trinitarian Congregational churches as distinguished from those of the same order which hold the Unitarian or Universalist faith, as in the phrase “the Orthodox Church.” It is also used to distinguish the Trinitarian Quakers from those whose belief is or tends toward Unitarianism.]
    • orthodox [capitalized] Of or pertaining to the Greek Church.
    • orthodox Synonyms Orthodox, Evangelical. (See the definitions of these terms.) It is natural for all who care about their doctrinal beliefs to claim the titles that indicate correctness of belief. Hence orthodox is a part of the name of the Greek Church; to the Roman Catholic orthodox means faithful to the tenets of the Roman Church; in the doctrinal contests of America orthodox has generally meant Calvinistic, especially as opposed to Unitarianism and Universalism; in England it has as generally meant High-church, as opposed to Low-church or evangelical. Evangelical, meaning in harmony with the Gospel, has been claimed somewhat similarly and for a like reason, but has been especially applied to those who emphasize the doctrine of salvation by faith in Christ alone.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Orthodox or′tho-doks sound in doctrine: believing the received or established opinions, esp. in religion: according to the received doctrine
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  • Lord Melbourne
    “Once is orthodox, twice is puritanical.”
  • Wyndham Lewis
    “All orthodox opinion -- that is, today, revolutionary opinion either of the pure or the impure variety -- is anti-man.”
  • Walter Lippmann
    “People that are orthodox when they are young are in danger of being middle-aged all their lives.”
  • Georg C. Lichtenberg
    “Rational free spirits are the light brigade who go on ahead and reconnoiter the ground which the heavy brigade of the orthodox will eventually occupy.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. orthodoxus, Gr. 'orqo`doxos; 'orqo`s right, true + do`xa opinion, dokei^n to think, seem; cf. F. orthodoxe,. See Ortho- Dogma
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Through Fr. and Late L. from Gr. orthodoxosorthos, right, doxa, opinion—dokein, to seem.


In literature:

Up to this time Hugh's religion had been of a purely orthodox and sensuous description.
"Beside Still Waters" by Arthur Christopher Benson
And indeed the vehicle proved capaciously orthodox.
"Ebrietatis Encomium" by Boniface Oinophilus
He is the more encouraged because the orthodox monks formed part of the embassy.
"The Formation of Christendom, Volume VI" by Thomas W. (Thomas William) Allies
They took our hands and rocked us in the orthodox way.
"Things as They Are" by Amy Wilson-Carmichael
The following hymn may be called an orthodox revival hymn.
"Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark" by Jens Christian Aaberg
He refused to tie himself to a party, though his views at this time were those of an orthodox and enthusiastic admirer of Fox.
"Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle" by H. N. Brailsford
The ear may detect a certain rhythm, but where are the set lengths of orthodox versification?
"Flowers of Freethought" by George W. Foote
Neither of these great writers was orthodox.
"Arrows of Freethought" by George W. Foote
And this is true orthodox doctrine.
"Men, Women, and Gods" by Helen H. Gardener
Take from the orthodox church of to-day the threat and fear of hell, and it becomes an extinct volcano.
"The Ghosts" by Robert G. Ingersoll

In poetry:

I hope I'm not too orthodox
To give a joke away,
That took me like the chicken-pox
And left a debt to pay.
"A Fowl Affair" by Hattie Howard
Your orthodox historian puts
In foremost rank the soldier thus,
The red-coat bully in his boots,
That hides the march of men from us.
"The Chronicle Of The Drum" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Churches! Churches! hence take heed;
And give the tolerance which ye need.
Your whitest orthodox effulgence
Worth no one ray—from wise indulgence.
"Experimentum Crucis" by John Kenyon
From the Volga and the Don
He has led his armies on,
Over river and morass,
Over desert and mountain pass;
The Czar, the Orthodox Czar,
Batyushka! Gosudar!
"The White Czar. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fifth)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Bill believed the Bible story re the origin of him—
He was sober, he was steady, he was orthodox; while Jim,
Who, we grieve to state, was always getting into drunken scrapes,
Held that man degenerated from degenerated apes.
"Bill and Jim Fall Out" by Henry Lawson
But, being full up, we'll allow him to rip,
Along with his lingo, his saw, and his whip —
He isn't the classical "notion".
And, after a night in his "humpy", you see,
A person of orthodox habits would be
Refreshed by a dip in the ocean.
"Jim the Splitter" by Henry Kendall

In news:

Greek Orthodox Easter Week Celebration in Brooklyn.
Roseland's $16M Greek Orthodox church complex nears completion.
James Snyder, director of the Israel Museum, talks about "A World Apart Next Door", an exhibition portraying the ultra-Orthodox Jewish culture.
An Orthodox Jew who was weeks away from becoming a New York City police officer said he has been kicked out of the Police Academy for refusing to trim his beard.
Updated Saturday, June 9, 2012, at 9:25 p.m. NEW YORK — An Orthodox Jew who was weeks away from becoming a New York City police officer said he has been kicked out of the police academy for refusing to trim his beard.
Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Protest Schools Ruling.
The ultra-Orthodox united in protest of a court ruling, as many took to the rooftops, and one to a pole, to watch in the central city of Bnei Brak on Thursday.
You all have heard of Matisyahu—best known for his original fusion of orthodox Judaism and classic reggae music.
There are 884 Jewish inmates in the Texas prison system, and 29 of them self-identify as "Orthodox," according to state officials.
Holy Trinity Orthodox plans chicken barbecue.
The Russian Orthodox church, which was widely persecuted under Communism, has grown in size and influence since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Next month, a band of determined conservatives is advancing a plan to split the church along liberal and orthodox lines.
Next month, a band of determined conservatives is advancing a plan to split the church along liberal and orthodox .
"If you take the weight of Christianity for 2,000 years," she continued, "all that weight is on the orthodox side.
Nicholas Orthodox Church to hold holiday sale.

In science:

For now, we simply look at the arrangement in a purely orthodox, quantum mechanical fashion.
Why the Quantum Must Yield to Gravity
In order to set the stage for my argument, let us first ask whether one can provide an orthodox quantum mechanical analysis of the physics underlying Penrose’s proposed experiment.
Why the Quantum Must Yield to Gravity
As it turns out, one can indeed provide such an orthodox treatment.
Why the Quantum Must Yield to Gravity
In this subsection I shall outline one such treatment, which will not only direct us towards pinpointing where and for what reasons Penrose’s approach differs form the orthodox approach, but will also allow us to explore more decisive experiments compared to the one he has proposed.
Why the Quantum Must Yield to Gravity
Clearly, to respond to Penrose’s overall conceptual scheme in orthodox mannar one would require a fullblown and consistent quantum theory of gravity, which, as we know, is not yet in sight (Rovelli 1998).
Why the Quantum Must Yield to Gravity