• WordNet 3.6
    • n OB the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother
    • n Ob a major river of western Siberia; flows generally northward and westward to the Gulf of Ob and the Kara Sea
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ob A necromancer; a sorcerer.
    • n ob An abbreviation of objection, used in connection with sol, abbreviation of solution, in the margins of old books of divinity. Hence obs and sols, objections and solutions. See ob-and-soler.
    • n ob An abbreviation of the Latin obiit, he (or she) died: used in dates.
    • n ob A prefix in words of Latin origin, meaning ‘toward,’ ‘to,’ ‘against,’ etc., or ‘before,’ ‘near,’ ‘along by,’ but often merely intensive, and not definitely translatable. Its force is not felt in English, and it is not used in the formation of new words, except in a series of geometrical terms, applied to shape, especially in natural history, such terms being based upon oblate or oblong, and the prefix meaning ‘reversed’: as, obclavate, obcompressed, obconic, obcordate, oblanceolate, obimbricate, oboval, obovate, obovoid, obrotund, etc.
    • ob An abbreviation
    • ob of the Latin obiter, incidentally, by the way;
    • ob of oboe.
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In literature:

But long time since me hear ob him.
"Black Ivory" by R.M. Ballantyne
I's Dinah, de sister ob Peter de Great, an' de fri'nd also ob Geo'ge.
"The Middy and the Moors" by R.M. Ballantyne
You's cappen ob man-ob-war.
"The Madman and the Pirate" by R.M. Ballantyne
De water on 'em's all good, dry water, like de res' ob de bay.
"St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. 5, July 1878, No. 9" by Various
Todder day he gib me slip fore de sun up and was gone de whole ob de blessed day.
"The Short-story" by William Patterson Atkinson
If dat had happened it'd be de end ob pore old 'Rastus, shore.
"Motor Boat Boys Mississippi Cruise" by Louis Arundel
In de belly ob a shark, Yah, ha-ha!
"Plotting in Pirate Seas" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
She say dat South Callina does de most ob de fightin' 'n' de bes' ob it, too!
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
I seen de perjections ob it an' it fair mak' ma mouf run water lak' a dawg's.
"Peggy Stewart at School" by Gabrielle E. Jackson
Dat comes ob bein' civilized.
"The Frozen Pirate" by W. Clark Russell

In poetry:

'Eh, you Senor Trinidada!
What dis new ondacent plan?
Spoil a genl'man's chance ob shooting?
I as good as any man.
"The Legend of La Brea" by Charles Kingsley
Ob ich morgen leben werde,
Weiss ich freilich nicht:
Aber, wenn ich morgen lebe,
Dass ich morgen trinken werde,
Weiss ich ganz gewiss.
"Die Gewissheit" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Und mit dem Spaten in der Hand,
Er vorne in der Sappe stand.
Mit Sehnsucht denkt er an sein Lieb,
Ob er es wohl noch einmal wiedersieht.
"Argonne Forest At Midnight" by Anonymous European
Brudder Gabriel, blow! I am ready to go;
I am tired ob dis long delay.
You've de wicked to warn; better look for yer horn,—
Fer things will meander away.
"Used-Up Joe" by Henry Clay Work
Ob wir, wir Neuern, vor den Alten
Den Vorzug des Geschmacks erhalten,
Was lest ihr darum vieles nach,
Was der und jener Franze sprach?
Die Franzen sind die Leute nicht,
Aus welchen ein Orakel spricht.
"Der Geschmack Der Alten" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
If, when a friend ha' left the land,
I shook his hand a-most wet-eyed,
I velt too well the ob'nèn door
Would leäd noo mwore where he did bide
An' where I heärd his vaïces sound,
In me'th around the vier-zide.
"The Vier-Zide" by William Barnes

In news:

The Ob River carrier departed from Norway in November and has traveled north of Russia on its way to Japan.
Plaintiff treated prenatally with a hospital OB/GYN clinic and saw midwives for her care.
Obstetrician and gynecologist at Advanced OB/GYN, LLC.
Of the score or more museum exhibitions organized in ob-servance of 150 years of photography, none has been more eagerly awaited than "Photography Until Now," which opens next Sunday at the Museum of Modern Art.
Delivers H1N1 Flu Vaccine to local OBs and Pediatricians.
Alto releases the OBS -18 Sander & Polisher.
Tim Jones / McDonald Obs.
Utah Scientific, a worldwide leader in routing and master control switchers , today announced that CSP Mobile Productions is installing a UTAH-400/528 routing switcher into its newest outside broadcast (OB) truck.
British service provider Telegenic has entered the realm of next-generation acquisition and production with the addition of one of the world's first 3-D OB trucks.
Experienced OB RN's provide skilled OB nursing and patient education in the home on a PRN basis according to Alere Health's policy and procedure.
Ob River may be first tanker to sail across Arctic .
Hite-Jinro and Oriental Brewery (OB) have nearly 100% of it.
The Associated Press found the same, ob...
Johannesburg Colt Sizzles in OBS Preview.
Top-ranked Taylor Townsend turns pro and struggles in first-round win at OB junior championship.

In science:

By a bi-paracocyclic ob ject in A, we mean a paracocyclic ob ject in the category of paracocyclic ob jects in A.
Equivariant Cyclic Cohomology of H-Algebras
Ob ject O ∈ ob(K ) is called initial if for any ob ject X ∈ ob(K ) the set M orK (O , X ) consists of single morphism.
Movable categories
It appears that for an unknown ob ject (see definition 1) we may take any ob ject Y ∈ ob(K ) and for morphism f ∈ K (Y , X ) it is necessary to take a zero-morphism oX Y : Y → X .
Movable categories
This implies that we can define the category C1 whose ob jects are the ob jects of C , and such that for each pair of ob jects x, y of C1 , H omC1 (x, y ) is the set of ob jects of H omC (x, y ).
Non abelian cohomology: the point of view of gerbed tower
We denote by Flp U , the 2-category whose class of ob jects is contained in the class of ob jects of Fl , and such that V is an (X, Y ) between ob ject of Flp U if and only if pp+1 ..pl (V ) = U .
Non abelian cohomology: the point of view of gerbed tower