• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Low-minded Inclined in mind to low or unworthy things; showing a base mind. "Low-minded and immoral.""All old religious jealousies were condemned as low-minded infirmities."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • low-minded Having a mind or spirit animated by no lofty or noble aspirations or thoughts; groveling; unaspiring; cowardly; mean.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Low-minded moved by base or gross motives: vulgar
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  • Mark Twain
    “To my mind Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature Congressman.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ice. lágr, Dut. laag, low; allied to A.S. licgan, to lie.


In literature:

Petty spite was too low for her, too small for the character of her mind.
"The International Monthly, Volume 2, No. 4, March, 1851" by Various
No wonder the low clouds driving, and the wind in the trees, worked that in my mind.
"Old Junk" by H. M. Tomlinson
This spiteful, cruel attempt to injure another can have but proceeded from one very low order of mind.
"A World of Girls" by L. T. Meade
If the weather is clear and bright, the low temperature of the air need not be minded.
"Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms" by Charles Munde
The fifth day he was very low and the doctor told us to make up our minds for anything: he hadn't slept all night.
"Margarita's Soul" by Ingraham Lovell
Well, Olive and I felt very low in our minds to-day.
"The Trail of the Hawk" by Sinclair Lewis
I'm feeling low i' my mind; a thing You know b' this time.
"Something Else Again" by Franklin P. Adams
He don't say nothin to nobody, but he seems kinder low in his mind, like.
"A Pessimist" by Robert Timsol
In drawing a low character, the mind must be altered and deformed for its expression.
"Child and Country" by Will Levington Comfort
I made up my mind to g-get to the low land, and pass by the end of the breastwork.
"Ben Comee" by M. J. (Michael Joseph) Canavan

In poetry:

The low bleak tower with nought save wastes behind
Stares down the abyss whereon chance reared and nursed
This type and likeness of the accurst man's mind,
The house accurst.
"In Guernsey - To Theodore Watts" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
'Was it life, was it life?' we might say ''twas scarce life,'
'Was it love? 'twas scarce love,' looking down,
'Yet we mind a sweet ray of the red sun one day
Low lying on Wendover town.
"Wendover" by Jean Ingelow
He listened, till he seemed to hear
A strain, so soft and low,
That whether in the mind or ear
The listener scarce might know.
With such a tone, so sweet and mild,
The watching mother lulls her child.
"The Hunter's Vision" by William Cullen Bryant
In the unquiet night,
With all her beauty bright,
She walketh my silent chamber to and fro;
Not twice of the same mind,
Sometimes unkind--unkind,
And again no cooing dove hath a voice so sweet and low.
"Lemoine" by Marietta Holley
Beauty and youth, with manners sweet, and
Gold, yet a mind not unenriched had he
Whom here low violets veil from eyes.
But all these gifts transcended be:
His happier fortune in this mound you see.
"On The Grave Of A Young Cavalry Officer Killed In The Valley Of Virginia" by Herman Melville
Avaunt! Begonel O demon false! You harbinger of woe!
At random driven, my tortured soul no safe retreat does know.
My mind lacks faith, my heart mistrusts, my soul in pain sinks low.
O woe to him who feels the sting of your deadly smiting blow!
"O Evil Spirit!" by Nikoloz Baratashvili

In news:

LAST year economy-minded diners flocked to low-cost neighborhood eating places with few frills and bargain-basement prices.
Slow Hand's Dan Frengs believes in low-and-slow cooking, too, but the man has his mind on the meat, taking a more minimal Texan approach to barbecuing.
Robert Pattinson 's had a lot on his mind lately, between promoting his new film Cosmopolis and laying low from the media following Kristen Stewart 's cheating scandal.
Taller rear axle gears can use a larger cam but shorter, fuel economy-minded gears need a cam with more power at low rpm.
When Ryan Weber sees innards spill on the big screen in "Mary Horror," his mind will be on his own guts — the ones he relied on to make the low-budget spatter movie come to life.
Senior got into right frame of mind, found way to go low when it matters most and enjoyed great season.
Blind and Low-Vision Artists Translate Their "Mind's Eye" Through Artwork.
But the two current movies on the subject reveal the huge gap between the best minds of the "entertainment industry" and its low-rent hucksters.
Seniors discover low-impact martial arts classes exercise body, mind.
In a US Congress packed with big egos, Tom Cole keeps a low profile but isn't afraid to speak his mind.
Congressman Ryan thinks mindful meditation would improve the low level of civility on Capitol Hill.
ST PETERSBURG, Fla. We're back, it appears, to this: Derek Lowe is a guy you'd think twice about allowing to park your car, never mind start a playoff game.
There he meets Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), a low-level newbie agent who's been waiting for his first safe-house guest for over a year, and has been bored out of his mind for months.
The Spark 's interior trim is a bit low rent, but keep in mind Chevrolet says this car will be very attractively priced (as yet unannounced).
At Halloween, dinner is a low priority on my kids' minds, but forefront for me, since I want to make sure they have something healthy.

In science:

The angle wobbles around a mean value during the high flux phase and then goes to different values in the decaying part of the flare (it is important to keep in mind that Sgr A* is at 2.2µm only detectable in its ”flaring state” so that nothing is known about the polarization properties in its low flux phase).
On the orientation of the Sagittarius A* system
In the fol lowing we shal l assume that ω(N , E ) is a sufficiently smooth function of E in a finite neighbourhood of E (N ), bearing in mind the above-mentioned limitation of this assumption in the cases where N is finite.
On the Luttinger theorem concerning number of particles in the ground states of systems of interacting fermions
However, one should also keep in mind that this simplification is reasonable only at sufficiently low temperatures compared with the energy gap between the lowest-energy and excited Kramers doublets to avoid any danger of over-interpretation inherent in this approximation.
Ferrimagnetic spin-1/2 chain of alternating Ising and Heisenberg spins in arbitrarily oriented magnetic field
With this in mind, accurate raConditions in the outer, optically thin layers of low-mass diative opacities are required.
Reevaluating the Mass-Radius Relation for Low-Mass, Main Sequence Stars
One should also keep in mind that our analysis still suffers from uncertainties due to unknown higher order corrections both in the RGEs for GMSB model generation and in the evaluation of mh from low energy parameters. A rough estimate of these effects leads to shifts in mh not larger than 3 to 5 GeV.
Summary of the SUSY Working Group of the 1999 Les Houches Workshop