• Link motion
    Link motion
  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Link-motion a system of pieces pivoted together, describing definite curves in the same plane or in parallel planes
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hlence; Ice. hlekkr, Ger. gelenk, a joint.


In literature:

The link of the link motion is formed of wrought iron.
"A Catechism of the Steam Engine" by John Bourne
They link into one language the dialects of light, motion and heat.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 17, No. 97, January, 1876" by Various
Whatever helpful chain of events might be set in motion by communicating with Goodloe, must be linked up quickly.
"The Taming of Red Butte Western" by Francis Lynde
The associate motions continue; but their first link is not excited into action by volition, or by external stimuli.
"Zoonomia, Vol. I" by Erasmus Darwin
To give this motion there is used a combination lever or a lap and lead lever connected to a cross-head arm by the union link.
"The Traveling Engineers' Association" by Anonymous
Plotting mechanical motions, 223-263. out the motion of a shaper link quick return, 250-253.
"Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught" by Joshua Rose
All he could figure out about the motor was that steam seemed the link between atomic energy and mechanical motion.
"Asteroid of Fear" by Raymond Zinke Gallun
Stephenson's link-motion valve-gear is used on most locomotives.
"The Story of Great Inventions" by Elmer Ellsworth Burns
We refer to the introduction of the link-motion.
"Illustrated Catalogue of Locomotives" by Matthew Baird
Link Motion for Locomotive Engine invented by James.
"The Progress of Invention in the Nineteenth Century." by Edward W. Byrn

In science:

Rather we have a consistency condition which mutually links the problem of motion for the sources and the problem of It is this difference which makes the pr oblem of motion in field determination.
Close encounters of black holes
This clearly demonstrates how the problem of motion is inseparably linked with the problem of field determination, and that these problems c an only be solved simultaneously.
Close encounters of black holes
The resulting mean errors of the proper motion link were σ(ωi ) = 0.16 mas yr−1 .
Formalism and quality of a proper motion link with extragalactic objects for astrometric satellite missions
The main goal of the proper motion link of future astrometric satellite missions is to establish a proper motion system with an accuracy that is better than the accuracy of the single proper motions of one star.
Formalism and quality of a proper motion link with extragalactic objects for astrometric satellite missions
This oneness of space and time is ultimately linked to the oneness of change (namely motion is change) as the only generalized event that can possibly occur in consciousness.
Founding quantum theory on the basis of consciousness