Lay before


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Lay before to submit to, as of plans
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  • Denis Waitley
    “Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.”
  • Bible
    “But if it were I, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before Him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. [Job 5:8-9]”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Lay is the causal to lie, from A.S. lecgan; Ice. leggja, Ger. legen.


In literature:

I hastened to prepare my pack, and tackle the steep ascent that lay before me; but I had something on my mind.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition" by Robert Louis Stevenson
The goal of the Henry Hill lay clear before McDowell.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
You don't seem to have much evidence to lay before any one else.
"Danger! and Other Stories" by Arthur Conan Doyle
Plainly they had no stomach for the horrible work that lay before them if I proved resolute.
"The Pirate of Panama" by William MacLeod Raine
A mass of foam, which seemed to leap high up into the dark sky, lay before us.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
Terrible was the task that lay before them.
"A Book of Discovery" by Margaret Bertha (M. B.) Synge
A plain lay before us, hemmed in on all sides by high mountains.
"The Scalp Hunters" by Mayne Reid
Before, however, he had proceeded fifty yards down he suddenly fell, and lay prostrate on the earth.
"In the Wilds of Africa" by W.H.G. Kingston
He lay on a rug before the fire.
"The Bishop of Cottontown" by John Trotwood Moore
However, they kept on along the path which they had traveled before and after a while came to the little gate beyond which lay the Cat's house.
"The Cat in Grandfather's House" by Carl Henry Grabo

In poetry:

Lay not thy Works before our eyes
Nor vex us with thy Wars,
Lest we should feel the straining skies
O'ertrod by trampling stars.
"The Prayer of Miriam Cohen" by Rudyard Kipling
Before the rustic little bower
A steep and winding pathway lay;
And only one who knows no fear
Would dare to tread that narrow way;
"Gamzrdeli" by Akaki Tsereteli
Who, full of the promise and eager
For the life that lay before,
Grew weary, and voice and footstep
Were heard in the manse no more?
"The Pastor's Pool" by Alexander Anderson
Yet not for long; for though well-fed,
With warmer garments than before,
He hath no place to lay his head,
On turning from my friendly door.
"The Waif" by John Lawson Stoddard
Above thee still rose lofty mountains,
Before thee lay the lake divine,
Around thee sang the crystal fountains,--
With all these treasures, why repine?
"Leo" by John Lawson Stoddard
We older children grope our way
From dark behind to dark before;
And only when our hands we lay,
Dear Lord, in Thine, the night is day,
And there is darkness nevermore.
"The Light That Is Felt" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

Don't be fooled by the cover story Kenneth Lay's lawyer offered Sunday to explain why the former Enron Corp CEO decided at nearly the last minute to avoid testifying before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.
Tourists try to rush to safety before the tsunami hit the Hat Rai Lay Beach in Thailand.
Before you head offshore, there are the things you must do: find qualified crew, lay in provisions, inspect the liferaft, prepare the ditch kit.
We in the elite media are often accused of taking things out of context, so I will lay out the context before I write one more word: It was a fluke.
Also, please review (I know you've covered this before) the proper use of lie and lay.
Research in Britain has shown that gamblers laying wagers during a game win more of their bets than those who wager before the beginning of an event, suggesting that the former group is more sophisticated.
Decked out in neon safety vests and yellow hard hats, the construction workers lay on their stomachs before a low stone wall.
Backing up this assertion, the other main family laying claim to cheeseburger 's fame reportedly worked at the Rite Spot before going out on their own.
The policy lays out expectations for board members on what can be communicated before, during and after meetings.
Before I go to bed on Sunday night I like to lay out in my mind the coming week's agenda.
" The statement then went on to lay out all the benefits that cheap natural gas has had for manufacturers, before concluding: "ecisi...
The little crabs head for deeper water, where they remain until sexual maturity some 9 to 11 years later, before traveling back to the shallows to lay eggs of their own.
Cannerelli/The Post-Standard JORDAN-ELBRIDGE Superintendent Jim Froio took a year to get the “lay of the land†before proposing to cut four out of six administrative positions.
Before going into standup, comedian Julie Scoggins worked as, among other things, a Frito Lay route salesperson in the Virgin Islands.
"Had he ever asked a group of women to come to him and lay prostrate on the floor before him".

In science:

This lays the mathematical groundwork for studying randomness in dense packings of spheres and initiates the search for the MRJ state in a quantitative way not possible before.
Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined?
PROTOCOL DETAILS Before describing the protocol details, it is important to lay down the basic set of requirements that the protocol should meet. In the next subsection, we list down some fundamental requirements that led to the design of ACDMCP.
Acdmcp: An adaptive and completely distributed multi-hop clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks
Before presenting new results, we lay the foundation using the variational principle.
Nonperturbative dynamics of scalar field theories through the Feynman-Schwinger representation
Left: lay-out of the lead bar before the calorimeter front face.
Lepton Universality Tests with Kaons
There are a plethora of prima facie difficulties (see for a summary) that one faces even before laying down any specific approach to the sub ject.
Canonical quantum gravity with new variables and loops: a report