Inverse trigonometrical functions


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    • Inverse trigonometrical functions the lengths of arcs relative to the sines, tangents, etc. Thus, AB is the arc whose sine is BD, and (if the length of BD is x) is written sin -1x, and so of the other lines. See Trigonometrical functionbelow). Other transcendental functions are the exponential functions, the elliptic functions, the gamma functions, the theta functions, etc.
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In science:

We are also able to define the inverse functions of the trigonometric functions in the same way as it is done in C.
Bicomplex algebra and function theory
For instance, the trigonometric functions and their inverses on a suitable U are elementary functions.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
E−E0 (cid:17), due to the presAt resonance, the phase-shift ¯δ(E ) = arctan (cid:16) Γ/2 ence of an inverse trigonometric function, has an essential ambiguity of nπ where n remains uncertain.
Number of quantal resonances
These functions form a class of hypergeometric functions that can be represented in terms of elementary functions: power and rational functions, and logarithms or inverse trigonometric functions.
Transformations and invariants for dihedral Gauss hypergeometric functions