• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Hunting-knife a knife or short sword used to despatch the game when caught, or to skin and cut it up
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. huntian; A.S. hentan, to seize.


In literature:

His hunting-knife along with his "whip" were sent back to the charge of Don Juan.
"The White Chief" by Mayne Reid
When we had advanced about a mile, Shaw missed a valuable hunting knife and turned back in search of it, thinking he had left it at the camp.
"Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 7" by Charles H. Sylvester
But before Godfrey could stop him, Carefinotu had rushed at the place where the tiger disappeared, his hunting-knife in his hand.
"Godfrey Morgan" by Jules Verne
I fortunately had my large hunting-knife in my belt, though I had not; brought my rifle.
"Adventures in Africa" by W.H.G. Kingston
Then Archie B. hunted for his Barlow pocket knife.
"The Bishop of Cottontown" by John Trotwood Moore
I'll give her my hunting-knife; that will be sufficient.
"The Settlers in Canada" by Frederick Marryat
Each carried a rifle, a shotgun and a hunting knife, and each had a pocketful of shells.
"The Camp in the Snow" by William Murray Graydon
At that instant Mayall gave him a thrust with his long hunting-knife, which he had drawn from his belt with his left hand.
"The Forest King" by Hervey Keyes
It was a hunting knife and he was not a hunter.
"The Circuit Riders" by R. C. FitzPatrick
With my hunting-knife I at once put an end to its sufferings.
"In the Wilds of Florida" by W.H.G. Kingston

In poetry:

Twenty poor men’s lives were nought
To him, beside a ring well wrought.
The pommel of his hunting-knife
Was worth ten times a poor man’s life.
Deus est Deus pauperum.
"The God Of The Poor" by William Morris

In news:

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