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    • Hipping a napkin wrapped about an infant's hips
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  • Ogden Nash
    “A husband is a guy who tells you when you've got on too much lipstick and helps you with your girdle when your hips stick.”
  • John Lennon
    “Rituals are important. Nowadays it's hip not to be married. I'm not interested in being hip.”
  • Jim Critchfield
    Jim Critchfield
    “Venus is now astrologically square with Pluto. That means there isn't a hip planet left.”
  • Raymond Chandler
    “She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket.”
  • Norman Mailer
    “Hip is the sophistication of the wise primitive in a giant jungle.”
  • Arthur Schopenhauer
    “Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the fair sex.”


Joined at the hip - If people are joined at the hip, they are very closely connected and think the same way.
Shoot from the hip - Someone who shoots from the hip talks very directly or insensitively without thinking beforehand.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hype; Goth. hups, Ger. hüfte.


In literature:

They danced jazz, and I saw Lorna drink lemonade into which liquor had been poured from a hip-pocket flask.
"The Day of the Beast" by Zane Grey
The other reached toward the casket bound to Momus' hip.
"The City of Delight" by Elizabeth Miller
It was during the short absence of Miss Price, one afternoon, that Elsie Meyer complained of the disagreeable liniment on her hip.
"Polly of the Hospital Staff" by Emma C. Dowd
Fadeaway's hand dropped to his hip and the herder stopped.
"Sundown Slim" by Henry Hubert Knibbs
In some cases of hip or shoulder involvement, complete relaxation of all parts of the affected member may be noticed.
"Lameness of the Horse" by John Victor Lacroix
A common saying hereabouts, meaning that if hazel-nuts, haws, hips, &c., are plentiful, many deaths will occur.
"Notes and Queries, Issue No. 61, December 28, 1850" by Various
He said something, his hands on his hips.
"Poor Man's Rock" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
With his hands resting idly on his hips he watched Dale and the men ride away.
"Square Deal Sanderson" by Charles Alden Seltzer
Number 5 must keep his hands upon his hips.
"School, Church, and Home Games" by George O. Draper
The women have a kind of bodice, or short waistcoat rather, that defends the breasts and reaches to the hips.
"The History of Sumatra" by William Marsden

In poetry:

Her pearly teeth out-glancing
Between her coral lips,
The tremulous rhythm of passion
Marked by her quivering hips.
"In The Tents Of Akbar" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
I know her not by plumping nuts,
By redded hips and haws,
Or by the silence hanging sad
Under the wind's sere pause.
"Autumn" by Cale Young Rice
Laughed, we did, and chaffed, we did,
And whistled all the way,
And we're home again! Home again!
Hip . . . . . . Hooray!
"Hist!" by C J Dennis
For then, with wide hips richly girt, and bosoms
Fragrant with blossoms, and with pearl strings gay,
Their new-laved hair unbound, and spreading round
Faint scents, the palace maids in tender play
The ardent heats allay
"Grisma; Or The Season Of Heat" by Edwin Arnold
Jane looks down at her organdy skirt
As if it somehow were the thing disgraced,
For being there, on the floor, in the dirt,
And she catches it up about her waist,
Smooths it out along one hip,
And pulls it over the crumpled slip.
"In Bertram's Garden" by Donald Justice
The boy stands at ease, his hand upon his hip:
The truth of victory. A Victory
Angelic, almost, in indifference,
An angel sent with no message but this triumph
And alone, now, in his triumph,
He looks down at the head and does not see it.
"The Bronze David Of Donatello" by Randall Jarrell

In news:

When we last left him, Stewart Woodman, the Food and Wine -awarded Top Young Chef in America, was happily cooking in his molecular gastronomy-inflected hip-hop accented restaurant Heidi's.
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But that doesn't mean hip-hop duo Dead Prez aren't fun in concert.
Cleveland hip-hop firebrand Machine Gun Kelly plays Columbus more than some rappers who live here, so there's a palpable sense of camaraderie when he comes to town.
After K copped for the Big Sleep in 1994, the scene went supernova and collapsed, opening up a black hole that snuffed the uber-hip underground.
Mighty, exhilarating, focused, thought-provoking, body-rocking, the greatest hip-hop group ever: that was Public Enemy at Tramps on Wednesday night.
Every year, around a half-million people with it break a hip.
Hip-Hop + Electronic Music = Trillectro Festival.
The trio discussed the state of popular music, and what to call the marriage of hip-hop and electronica.
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In science:

On the other hand, the velocity for HIP 50796 agrees perfectly with the prediction.
Radial-Velocity Monitoring of Members and Candidate Members of the TW Hydrae Association
HIP 53486 is an especially interesting case because it the nearest candidate member (17 pc), and its predicted distance (Dkin ) agrees with the value measured by Hipparcos (Dtrig ).
Radial-Velocity Monitoring of Members and Candidate Members of the TW Hydrae Association
Further evidence that some of these new candidates may be true members is given by the fact that, unbeknownst to Makarov & Fabricius, one of their stars (HIP 57524, too faint for us and not shown in Table 4) is actually TWA-19, which is Li-rich.
Radial-Velocity Monitoring of Members and Candidate Members of the TW Hydrae Association
Here h·iP (ω) is the average over the the process σω (t) under a fixed realization ω , and h·i is the average over the distribution P of random couplings.
Long-time Behavior for the Stochastic Ising Model with Unbounded Random Couplings
For the H satellite it was not possible to link the catalogue directly with extragalactic objects, because the only extragalactic object in the H catalogue is the quasar 3C 273 (HIP 60936).
Formalism and quality of a proper motion link with extragalactic objects for astrometric satellite missions