• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Harl A barb, or barbs, of a fine large feather, as of a peacock or ostrich, -- used in dressing artificial flies.
    • Harl A filamentous substance; especially, the filaments of flax or hemp.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • harl To drag upon the ground; drag along with force or violence; trail.
    • harl To entangle; confuse.
    • harl To cut a slit in one of the hind legs of (a dead animal), in order to suspend it.
    • harl To rough-east (a wall) with lime.
    • harl To be dragged or pulled.
    • harl To trail; drag one's self.
    • n harl The act of dragging.
    • n harl Flax, hemp, wool, hair, or other filaments as drawn out or hackled.
    • n harl A barb of a feather from a peacock's tail, used as a hackle in dressing fly-hooks. Also herl, hurl.
    • n harl Property obtained by means not accounted honorable.
    • n harl A considerable but indefinite quantity.
    • n harl A leash (three) of hounds.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Harl härl the skin of flax: any filamentous substance.
    • v.t Harl härl (Scot.) to drag along the ground: to rough-cast a wall with lime
    • v.i Harl to drag one's self: to troll for fish
    • n Harl act of dragging: a small quantity, a scraping of anything
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. OHG. harluf, noose, rope; E. hards, refuse of flax


In literature:

Harl was an aristocrat of the New York City of Tina's Time-world, a scientist.
"Astounding Stories, April, 1931" by Various
They were Princess Tina and a young scientist named Harl, both of the world of 2930.
"Astounding Stories, May, 1931" by Various
The most wonderful instance of this feeling at its uttermost which I remember, is the missal in the British Museum, Harl.
"Modern Painters, Volume IV (of V)" by John Ruskin
One Bill preserved amongst the Harl.
"The Art of Needle-work, from the Earliest Ages, 3rd ed." by Elizabeth Stone
He passed the oysters to Tovan Harl, his fellow First Councilor.
"To Choke an Ocean" by Jesse F. (Jesse Franklin) Bone
It appears from MS. Harl.
"The Nursery Rhymes of England" by Various
The troopers returned to headquarters at East Harling after a march of eighty miles in twenty hours.
"Norfolk Annals A Chronological Record of Remarkable Events in the Nineteeth Century, Vol. 1" by Charles Mackie
My authority is the title of it in MS. Harl.
"Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales" by James Orchard Halliwell
It may also be made to advantage with peacock harl and black-red hackles over it, and tipped with gold.
"Blacker's Art of Fly Making, &c." by William Blacker
Henrietta Susannah, daughter and co-heiress of the first Baron Colborne, of West Harling Hall.
"Norfolk Annals A Chronological Record of Remarkable Events in the Nineteeth Century, Vol. 2" by Charles Mackie

In poetry:

An' aye she skreigh'd an' aye she ran,
Wi' feet a' bluidy an' bare;
They rave her oot her faither's arms,
An' harl'd her by the hair.
"Ballad of The New Monkland Martyr" by Janet Hamilton
His wife had a greed that was waur than his—
She harl'd a' things in,
As if she wad live for hunners o' years,
An' the warl' never gang dune.
"The Fiddler O' Boglebriggs" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

When aspiring actor Robert Harling lost his younger sister to complications of diabetes, his friends encouraged him to write down his feelings as a means of coping with his grief.
Harling, bank employee, church deaconess .
Tim Harl is the new head of Viking Equipment's sales division.
Neil Harl Discusses the Economy.
Insights from Iowa State University Emeritus Economist Neil Harl on this edition of Iowa Press.
I hear ABC, NBC and CBS are all after Good Christian Bitches, which will be written by Steel Magnolias and The First Wives Club scribe Robert Harling.
This Sunday, ABC adds another to the list with the premiere of GCB from writer Robert Harling ( Steel Magnolias ) and producer Darren Star ( Sex and the City ).
Jeff Pillsbury & Ashton Harling.
Harles "Chuck" Ostrander — 11 am, Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville.
The bride is the daughter of Harl and Ann Hentges of Stillwater.
Tax uncertainties, drought fears, job market weakness, bringing advice seekers to Iowa State University Economist Neil Harl.
The Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn will give theatergoers the opportunity to discuss its current production of "Steel Magnolias" with playwright Robert Harling today after the 2 pm matinee.
On the left is Judge Sid Harle JOHN DAVENPORT/jdavenport@express-news.net.
Neil Harl makes quick work of updating book on new tax laws.
Kurt Schrader has obtained a stalking order against Newport radio station owner Cheryl McAnally Harle.

In science:

Harl (Universit¨at Wien) for the use of the optical packages and R.
First-principles study of the optical properties of MgxTi(1-x)H2
For further developments, see B. von Harling, K.
Pangenesis: a common origin for visible and dark matter