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    • ns Half-board (naut.) a manœuvre by which a sailing-ship gains distance to windward by luffing up into the wind
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. healf (Ger. halb, Dan. halv); original meaning 'side.'


In literature:

Presently he came rushing into the water, and was lifted on board half dead from fright.
"Notable Voyagers" by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith
By some cleverly-contrived lee-boards her leeway, under sail, was reduced fully one-half.
"How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves" by W.H.G. Kingston
She half smiled; then placed the blade on the board before him.
"Under the Rose" by Frederic Stewart Isham
Well, if it wasn't for that half-mile o' shortage, there'd be a mutinee-e on board o' this ship.
"Ahead of the Army" by W. O. Stoddard
Nello had been thrumming the lute as he half sat on the board against the shop-window, and kept an outlook towards the piazza.
"Romola" by George Eliot
He went on board with two other gentlemen, and was absent another half hour.
"Down The River" by Oliver Optic
In about half an hour Mr. Whippleton and Peter came on board.
"Desk and Debit" by Oliver Optic
At half past six the little steamer brought the ladies and the baggage of the Garbrooks on board.
"Down South" by Oliver Optic
The school board said for you niggers to get to school a half hour before we white children.
"The Hindered Hand" by Sutton E. Griggs
We demolished the old shanty, and taking half a dozen of the boards, laid down a track towards the river.
"Field and Forest" by Oliver Optic

In poetry:

With that he struck the board a blow
That shivered half the glasses.
"Why couldn't you have told me so
Three quarters of an hour ago,
You prince of all the asses?
"Phantasmagoria Canto VI ( Dyscomfyture )" by Lewis Carroll
The friend who gave our board such gust,
Life's care may he o'erstep it half,
And, when Death hooks him, as he must,
He'll do it handsomely, I trust,
And John H---- write his epitaph!
"To Mr. John Bartlett" by James Russell Lowell
Then half-ashamed and part-amazed, the lord
Now looked at one and now at other, left
The damsel by the peacock in his pride,
And, seating Gareth at another board,
Sat down beside him, ate and then began.
"Gareth And Lynette" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Still the heavy snow kept falling, and the sky was obscured,
And on Sabbath morning she made her first meal on board,
And this she confined to a little drop of milk and half a biscuit,
Which she wisely considered was most fit.
"The Wreck of the 'Columbine'" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

A study of job satisfaction in America indicates more than half of US workers (55 percent) are now unhappy with their jobs -- the highest that number has been since The Conference Board began asking that question in 1987.
That question occupied the Orange County Board of Supervisors for nearly half an hour at its meeting Tuesday.
Less than a half hour into a joint meeting, several township officials from Bergen and Winsted townships walked out on the Lester Prairie School Board and Lester Prairie City Council last Monday night.
Members of the Hudson County Planning Board voted last month to pull the plug on their meetings half an hour earlier.
JONESBORO — Although most of Clayton County's local elections wrapped up in August, more than half of the county's school board still has to be chosen by voters.
Although most of Clayton County's local elections wrapped up in August, more than half of the county's school board still has to be chosen by voters.
In May, the newspaper and the Store Operations Board reached an agreement that would extend the paper's lease by three years and excuse half of the $28,000 the paper still owed for rent and utilities.
West Port High School's Cory David (15) takes it to the board while being pressured by Belleview's Josh Dibiaise (10) in the first half of Tuesday night's season-opener for both teams.
Museum board members are asking residents to be on the lookout for half of the gate on the iron fence surrounding the property.
They'll see a ballot loaded with candidates for the widest variety of positions — from president of the United States to judges and school board members — as well as a half dozen hotly-contested, statewide proposals.
More than half of the organizations polled by the IT Governance Institute revealed that they regularly include IT subjects on their boards' agenda.
Plymouth converted a second quarter field goal to finally light up the visitor's half of the board.
More than a week and a half after election day, two area school boards finally swore in their new members this week.
On November 20, 1969, the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board initiated action to place the Shelter Half Coffeehouse in Tacoma , Washington, off limits for military personnel.
With time ticking down on the first half of the school year, Superintendent Steve Chandler presented an academic calibrator to the school board on Nov 14.

In science:

These two half-boards were produced by industry2 and afterwards combined into one piece.
A Lightweight Field Cage for a Large TPC Prototype for the ILC
However, especially the instruments observing in the gamma-ray regime lack this resolution (OSSE several degrees, COMPTEL few degrees, EGRET half degree; all on board CGRO).
The spectral energy distribution of Centaurus A (NGC 5128) - A summary of all observations including all GCRO results -
Using the first three and a half years of observations from the Energetic Gamma Ray Telescope (EGRET) on board the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO), phase-resolved analyses are performed on the emission from the three brightest highenergy γ -ray pulsars, Crab, Geminga, and Vela.
Phase-Resolved Studies of the High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from the Crab, Geminga, and Vela Pulsars