• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Galloper (Mil) A carriage on which very small guns were formerly mounted, the gun resting on the shafts, without a limber.
    • Galloper One who, or that which, gallops.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Tacoma Narrows Bridge which was located in Washington was nicknamed "Galloping Gertie" because of the unusual way it twisted and swayed with even with the slightest winds when people would drive on it. The bridge collapsed on November 7, 1940, fortunately no humans died, except for a dog
    • n galloper One who or that which gallops.
    • n galloper In artillery, a carriage on which small guns are conveyed, fitted with shafts so as to be drawn without limbers. [Eng.]
    • n galloper A galloper-gun.
    • n galloper In dyeing, a rolling-frame.
    • n galloper A mounted (or unmounted) despatch-bearer on a battle-field; an aide-decamp.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The sailfish can swim faster than a horse can gallop.
    • n Galloper one who, or that which, gallops
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  • Oscar Wilde
    “One knows so well the popular idea of health. The English country gentleman galloping after a fox -- the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable.”
  • Saying
    “Imagination gallops; judgment merely walks.”
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
    “Every event that a man would master must be mounted on the run, and no man ever caught the reins of a thought except as it galloped past him.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. galop, galoper; prob. Teut., related to leap. There is a Flemish and a Middle High Ger. walop (n.). The root is seen in Old Fries. walla, to boil; cf. Well (1).


In literature:

As it did so, Gideon, glancing forward to the farther mouth of the gulch, saw a strange horseman approaching at a full gallop.
"Kiddie the Scout" by Robert Leighton
Where was that battery galloping?
"Special Messenger" by Robert W. Chambers
They galloped up to the door; he slipped from his horse, swung Lorraine to the ground, and sprang up the low steps.
"Lorraine" by Robert W. Chambers
In vain they shouted and galloped about in all directions.
"In the Wilds of Florida" by W.H.G. Kingston
Mounting, he galloped off, followed by the rest of his gang on foot.
"The Three Commanders" by W.H.G. Kingston
In a few seconds' time the horseman appeared in sight; and galloping freely forward, soon came side by side with our traveller.
"The Tiger Hunter" by Mayne Reid
Here it may be that one gallops, here one trots, here again one walks.
"A Tramp's Notebook" by Morley Roberts
The mule must have galloped round that way when he kicked them off.
"The Peril Finders" by George Manville Fenn
The three horsemen galloped away down the sloping pasture, the Spaniard in advance as he knew the country and the most direct way to the coast.
"Frontier Boys on the Coast" by Capt. Wyn Roosevelt
Finally the colonel sung out, "gallop, march," and I got on my horse.
"How Private George W. Peck Put Down The Rebellion or, The Funny Experiences of a Raw Recruit - 1887" by George W. Peck

In poetry:

I have put a padlock
on you, Mother, dear dead human,
so that your great bells,
those dear white ponies,
can go galloping, galloping,
wherever you are.
"Dreaming The Breasts" by Anne Sexton
And we stretched up into the air, fleeting on in the sunshine,
A speck in the gleam,
On galloping hoofs, his mane in the wind out-flowing,
In a shadowy stream;
"Suppose" by Walter de la Mare
Our spears stood bright and thick together,
Straight out the banners stream'd behind,
As we gallop'd on in the sunny weather,
With faces turn'd towards the wind.
"Riding Together" by William Morris
Or, like a candle, it each moment wastes,
Or, like a packet under sail, it hastes,
Or, like a post-boy, gallops very fast,
Or, like the shadow of a cloud, 'tis past.
"Short Is The Life Of Man" by Rees Prichard
But now yon boat on fading waters fades;
The ostrich-feathered clouds have lost their light,
And from the West, like somber sachem shades,
Gallop the shades of night.
"Along The Ohio" by Madison Julius Cawein
I saw a white horse gallop over the down,
I saw a white horse looking over a gate,
I saw a white horse on the way into town,
And one on the way coming back: that made eight.
"White Horses" by Eleanor Farjeon

In news:

Thanksgiving Day Gobble Gallop Races to Cause Road Closures.
The Thanksgiving Day Gobble Gallop Races will be held in Downtown Duluth and will cause some traffic closures.
Gobbler Gallop heads for Waterman.
More than 350 people ran in Waterman's Gobbler Gallop last year.
WATERMAN – The Waterman Lions Club will hold its sixth annual Gobbler Gallop 5K walk/run on Saturday, Nov 17.
Cougars gallop into state quarterfinals.
4-ranked Stallions gallop past Gators in soccer playoffs.
Continued rain made the match an impossible task, because horses and players can get hurt galloping around in the mud.
Gallop , Woodbury lead Lausanne in state cross-country meet.
The starting line of the Goblin Gallop 5K race.
Elks gallop past Willmar 51-28, face Rogers on Saturday.
My 3 year old daughter had been calling it the "corn maze race" and had been stoked for the past 10 days about getting to "run" in the 2nd Annual Willamette Valley Fruit Company Harvest Maze Gallop & Graze.
When information moved at a gallop over the Plains.
Gallop 4 the Greenways.
Mistress Gallop Victory Gallop Cryptoclearance.

In science:

Finally, even if here we focus on the biped gait, the switching among multiple gait patterns like walking, trotting, cantering and galloping of the quadrupeds are expected to be recovered with the appropriate coupling of several nonlinear oscillators as done by Collins et al [19,20].
A Multifractal Dynamical Model of Human Gait
But then they gallop, so that the Hertzsprung gap is almost empty.
Astrophysics in 2006
There is also the problem of trying to understand the bifurcation to quasi-steady behaviors, such as time-oscillatory “galloping”, or “spinning” detonations in the multidimensional case, in terms of spectral information given by the Evans function.
A stability index for detonation waves in Majda's model for reacting flow