Fever sore


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Fever sore a carious ulcer or necrosis.
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In literature:

"A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes" by Charles Elmé Francatelli
Cold-water bandages are to be used for a few days to relieve the fever and soreness.
"Special Report on Diseases of the Horse" by United States Department of Agriculture
Even the cheery Dan succumbed to the poison of the noisome night mists, and whilst the fever was on him his songs and jests were sorely missed.
"Sea-Dogs All!" by Tom Bevan
The same day two ladies came to my house, sore in lungs, necks tied up, sore throats, fever and headache.
"Philosophy of Osteopathy" by Andrew T. Still
"Hydriatic treatment of Scarlet Fever in its Different Forms" by Charles Munde
I don't mind having the affection fever, but it is rather sore.
"Hoodie" by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth
Fever, sore throat, and a bright-red rash are the characteristics of this disease.
"The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI)" by Various
It is very good for sore throats and fevers.
"The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches," by Mary Eaton
The object should be to reduce and remove the fever and then to cure or remove that tenderness and soreness of the feet which follows the fever.
"The Pig" by Sanders Spencer
Yesterday afternoon had a severe fever, and my whole frame ached sorely.
"An Artilleryman's Diary" by Jenkin Lloyd Jones

In poetry:

"And in the street a leper sate,
Shivering with fever, naked, old;
Sand raked his sores from heel to pate,
The hot wind fever'd him five-fold.
"Saint Brandan" by Matthew Arnold

In news:

A 27-year-old Australian Aboriginal man was transferred from prison with a 1-week history of fever, upper abdominal pain, sore throat, and a productive cough.
No, I don't have fever, flu, hacking cough, sore throat or any similar ailments, but as I count down the ten days remaining to Rock n Roll, I keep imagining I'll come down with something.
Swollen Joints, Sore Throat and Fever, 'Wandering' pain.
4-year-old female with cough, sore throat , and fevers.
A 4-year-old girl, previously healthy, presented with 3 days of cough, sore throat , and fevers.
Typical symptoms are a fever of 100 degrees or more, a sore throat that lasts for over three days, white spots on the tonsils, and swollen neck glands.
Strep is the informal term for streptococcus (STREP-TOE-KOK-US), a common bacteria that causes such symptoms as a sore throat, swollen lymph glands and fever.
Swollen Joints, Sore Throat and Fever, 'Wandering' pain.
I was attacked and threatened with a disease that can bring the chills, fever, swollen glands, pounding headaches, severe fatigue, a stiff neck, sore back and joint pain including a tingling in the arms and legs.
Anti- inflammatory medicines can help ease a range of minor aches and pains, from sore muscles to menstrual cramps, and some can help reduce fever.
Anti-inflammatory medicines can help ease a range of minor aches and pains , from sore muscles to menstrual cramps, and some can help reduce fever.
When the runny nose, itchy eyes, and sore throat of hay fever season strike, the first urge is to run out and buy a drugstore antihistamine.
Scarlet fever is characterized by a sore throat, fever, and strawberry-red tongue.
Our quiz will help you determine if your kid has symptoms of illness (such as fever, coughing and sore throat) that will determine if she should be kept home.
A middle-aged woman presented with a sore throat and cough with no fever that had lasted a couple of days.