• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Fettling (Metal) A mixture of ore, cinders, etc., used to line the hearth of a puddling furnace.
    • Fettling (Pottery) The operation of shaving or smoothing the surface of undried clay ware.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n fettling In metallurgy, the lining of the hearth forming the working-bed of the puddling-furnace. It was formerly made of sand, when dry puddling was the method employed; but, with the present system of pig boiling or wet puddling, refractory substances rich in the oxids of iron are employed as fettling. See puddle, bulldog, and blue-billy. Different fettlings are used according to the class of iron to be produced.
    • n fettling The repairing or preparation of a machine or part of a machine.
    • n fettling The process of cleaning castings after they leave the foundry sand, including the chipping off of runners, fins, and scabs, filing rough spots, cleaning sand from the surfaces, and cleaning out cores.
    • n fettling The repairing of the hearth of a puddling-furnace by the use of iron ore rich in oxygen.
    • n fettling In ceramics, the process of evening the glaze on the surface of biscuit-ware before it is tired in the glost-kiln. After the ware has been dipped in the liquid glaze and allowed to dry, the excess of dry glaze is scraped out of the hollows and perforations. The surface is then retouched with a brush in spots which are thin or bare.
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In literature:

The meetings were only memorable when Tammas Haggart was in fettle, to pronounce judgments in his well-known sarcastic way.
"A Window in Thrums" by J. M. Barrie
Even Lang Tammas, on whose nose a drop of water gathered when he was in his greatest fettle, thought that all was fair and above-board.
"Auld Licht Idylls" by J. M. Barrie
Ydoll's in full fettle, and you want more men.
"Sappers and Miners" by George Manville Fenn
The horses proved to be in fine fettle, and eager for the long gallop.
"The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon" by James Carson
I found the major in good fettle, and, as I had guessed, blazing off at the targets given by the B.M.
"Pushed and the Return Push" by George Herbert Fosdike Nichols, (AKA Quex)
The party started off from Hampton in high fettle and with a childlike trust in the honesty of a garage attendant.
"Ruth Fielding Down East" by Alice B. Emerson
The men stripped well, and appeared in excellent fettle.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 146, March 11, 1914" by Various
The fullback was in splendid fettle; the week at the Springs had done him a world of good.
"Stanford Stories" by Charles K. Field
Jerry was in capital fettle and couldn't understand why he mightn't tear ahead at full speed.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1909 to 1922" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
The sorrel was in high fettle and the ground was hard.
"The Sheriff of Badger" by George B. Pattullo

In poetry:

Ov a Monday aw start o' my weshin',
An' if th' day's fine aw get um all dried;
Ov a Tuesday aw fettle mi kitchen,
An' mangle, an' iron beside.
"What It Is To Be A Mother" by John Hartley
To have seene how these yeomen together fought,
Two howers of a summers day;
Itt was neither Guy nor Robin Hood
That fettled them to flye away.
"Robin Hood And Guy Of Gisborne" by Anonymous British
But John tooke Guyes bow in his hand -
His arrowes were rawstye by the roote -
The sheriffe saw Litle John draw a bow
And fettle him to shoote.
"Robin Hood And Guy Of Gisborne" by Anonymous British
Gars guffish men, wi' women battle,
And puts the auld wives' tongues a-fettle;
Against their neebors canna settle,
Tho' th'ave scarce breath;
Canna speak plain what they do ettle,
For want o' teeth.
"The Loss Of Man's Happiness" by Susannah Hawkins

In news:

Would she additionally accede accomplishing a fettle TV show New Delhi, May 27.
Amateur and fettle activist Bipasha Basu has started cutting her aboriginal abandoned fettle DVD.
Alpha emerged from his Jim Dandy (gr II) victory July 28 in fine fettle and is definitely bound for the Travers Stakes (gr.