• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Exuberancy Exuberance.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Exuberancy quality of being exuberant: an overflowing quantity: superfluousness: outburst
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  • Gunther Grass
    Gunther Grass
    “Art is so wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless, but necessary all the same. Pointless and yet necessary, that's hard for a puritan to understand.”
  • William Blake
    “Exuberance is beauty.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. exuberans, pr.p. of exuberāreex, inten., uber, rich.


In literature:

And in the exuberance of his joy, the noble-minded king rewarded Vallava then and there with the liberality of Kuvera.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Bk. 4" by Kisari Mohan Ganguli
Herr Schiller's genius does not thrill, but exalts us; it is impetuous, exuberant, majestic.
"The World's Greatest Books, Vol IX." by Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton
We enter into them with entire self-abandon, whole-hearted enthusiasm, and genuine exuberance of spirit.
"The Glories of Ireland" by Edited by Joseph Dunn and P.J. Lennox
Once beyond the gateway, this exuberant creature paused.
"The Precipice" by Elia Wilkinson Peattie
The outside quarter-circle expresses exuberance, plenitude, amplitude, generosity.
"Delsarte System of Oratory" by Various
The details are poor (note the absence of cusps in alternate windows of nave), and the fan tracery (original in choir only) is exuberant.
"Somerset" by G.W. Wade and J.H. Wade
When I had celebrated my stage jubilee in 1906, I suddenly began to feel exuberantly young again.
"The Story of My Life" by Ellen Terry
He was amused by the southern exuberance and joviality of a doubtlessly corpulent man.
"Against The Grain" by Joris-Karl Huysmans
The pumpkins grow in wild exuberance throughout the year, and make a good pudding or pie.
"Observations Upon The Windward Coast Of Africa" by Joseph Corry
His chief failing was, perhaps, that of all the great artists, he was the most lacking in exuberance.
"Old and New Masters" by Robert Lynd

In poetry:

His form was of exuberant mold,
Long, slim, and loose of joints;
There never yet was pointer-dog
So full as he of points.
"The Ballad Of The Taylor Pup" by Eugene Field
That noon a dozen hired girls
Washed out each gown and shirt
Which that exuberant Taylor pup
Had frescoed o'er with dirt.
"The Ballad Of The Taylor Pup" by Eugene Field
The flowers are cornucopias of summer,
Briefly exuberant and cheaply golden.
And if they make a show of being hidden,
Are open promiscuously to every comer.
"Squash In Blossom" by Robert Francis
These grand, exuberant plains,
These stately rivers, each with many a mouth,
The exquisite beauty of the soft-aired south,
The boundless seas of grains,
Luxuriant forests' lush and splendid growth.
"How Long?" by Emma Lazarus
Now if you’re a serious soul, and known as “William” still,
It’s unpleasant to have hanging round a father who is “Bill.”
So William had discovered, for at sixty-two his dad
Behaved with great exuberance, aspired to be “a lad”;
"William And Bill" by Edward Dyson

In news:

Sampras, Graf , Sabatini: Age Before Exuberance.
' Hair of the dog ' still a popular remedy for over-exuberant revelers.
He's been a local radio DJ, game show host and creator of an exuberantly lowbrow TV hit.
A sparkling, exuberant portrait of contemporary Latin jazz, drummer Marlon Simon's fourth outing as a leader combines a diverse selection of tunes with a cast of musicians who work beautifully together.
If HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan is feeling pretty exuberant about the future of online marketing these days, you can't blame him.
Exuberance of kids' holiday concert transcends religion, off-key singing.
When done well, they can be a delightful blend of whimsical exuberance and lighthearted satire.
It's exuberant and obscenely fun, plugging away at one big, fat, giddy premise.
Hip-hooray and bushels of ballyhoo for the wide-open exuberance of 42nd Street, a musical so slap-happy with tapping and dripping with schmaltz, you could get giddy from it.
It was a style of exuberant ugliness.
Dubbed "St. Louis's Most Adorable New Band" by the Riverfront Times, Scarlet Tanager 's twee sensibility is offset by plenty of exuberant quirk -- for starters, check out the handmade puppets and sets for their video "Tumbleweed.".
You say "new shoes," and I instantly start hearing really exuberant gospel music that involves clapping and raising of hands.
A hillside house in Los Angeles meshes architect Aleks Istanbullu's modernism with the exuberance of his film-animator client.
Their youthful exuberance paired with powerful dance beats fuel Today's Top Tune.
Roberto Cavalli and Saks Fifth Avenue, Bal Harbour pulled out all the stops Saturday night at SLS Hotel South Beach, to deliver an exuberant 30th birthday celebration, in honor of the legendary producer and songwriter, Rico Love.

In science:

Despite the exuberance that was in the air in 1985,1 there was much that was not yet understood.
String Theory: Progress and Problems
After this self-amplified exuberance, the price has reached an unsustainable high value, being corrected by a crash, which brings the price even below its fundamental value.
How to grow a bubble: A model of myopic adapting agents
Indeed, outside these special moments of “exuberance”, the market behaves as if in the regime C1 < 3.
How to grow a bubble: A model of myopic adapting agents
The existence of direct CP violation has been established in KL decays, we are on the brink of observing for the first time CP asymmetries in a different system, namely in beauty decays, and the hope for finding such effects in charm decays no longer has to be based on ”irrational exuberance” 6 .
Heavy Flavour Physics: On Its More Than 50 Years Of History, Its Future And The Rio Manifesto