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    • n Es a radioactive transuranic element produced by bombarding plutonium with neutrons
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n Es See ess.
    • n Es In music, E♭.
    • n Es A prefix of Latin origin, being a French or other Romance modification of Latin ex-. Examples are seen in escheat, eschaufe, ete. Words having in Middle English es- have reverted to the original Latin ex-. See exchange, exploit, etc.
    • n Es An apparent prefix, of Romance origin, being radical initial s before another consonant, preceded by a slight euphonic vowel, as in escalade, esquire, especial, estate, estray, of ultimate Latin origin, and escarp, eschew, etc., of Teutonic origin, some of which have also forms (original or aphetic) without the e-, as scutcheon, squire, special, state, stray, etc., while some with original (Old French or Middle English) es- have only s-in modern English, as scrivener, spiritual, strain, etc. This Old French es- in most cases became later e-, modern French é-: see equery, écu. In exchequer this original es- has become ex-, suggesting falsely a Latin origin.
    • n Es The early form of the possessive or genitive case singular, now regularly written 's, but still pronounced as -es (-ez) after a sibilant, namely, s, z, sh, ch (= tsh), j, written -dge, -ge (= dzh), x (= ks), as in lass's, pace's, horse's, rose's, bush's, church's, hedge's, fox's, etc. (formerly written lasses, paces, horses, roses, bushes, churches, hedges, foxes, etc.), words forced to conform in spelling to other words, like boy's, man's, etc. (formerly written boys, mans, etc.), where the e is actually suppressed in pronunciation; in Middle English and earlier the suffix was regularly -es, which still remains in possessives like horses (Anglo-Saxon and Middle English horses), guides (Middle English gides), now written with the apostrophe, like other words, horse's, guide's. See -s.
    • n Es The earlier form of the now more common plural suffix -s, retained after a sibilant (like the phonetically similar possessive suffix: see -es), as in lasses, paces, horses, roses, bushes, churches, hedges, foxes, etc. When the nominative singular ends in a final silent e, the plural suffix is regarded, orthographically, as simply -s, but it is historically -es (the nominative final e being dropped before inflectional suffixes, and the medial e (in -es) being suppressed by syncope after vowels and nonsibilant consonants), as in does, dues, ties, etc., companies, families, etc., plural of doe, due, tie, etc., company, family, and other words in -y, originally -ie.
    • n Es The earlier form of -s, the suffix of the third person singular of the present indicative of verbs, retained after a vowel, as in huzzaes, goes, does, etc. When the infinitive ends in silent e, the personal suffix is regarded, orthographically, as simply -s, but it is historically -es, the infinitive -e being dropped before inflectional suffixes, as in rues, endues, etc., defies, supplies, accompanies, etc., infinitive rue, endue, defy, accompany, etc., the termination -y being formerly -ie.
    • n Es The nominative singular termination of some Latin nouns and adjectives of the third declension. Examples of such nouns, used in New Latin or English, are tabes, pubes.
    • n Es The nominative plural termination of Latin masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives of the third declension. Examples of such nouns, used in New Latin or English, are Aves, Pisces, fasces.
    • Es An abbreviation of east-southeast.
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In literature:

Es ist das liebe Jesulein.
"Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan" by Clement A. Miles
Si levis es, levitas ipsa docere solet.
"A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume I." by Jacob Bryant
Us Hayles-es ain't fon' o' dat story.
"Gideon's Band" by George W. Cable
Dar warnt no sich er thing es no schools fer de niggers till atter de surrender.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Es gibt nur eine Kaiser Stadt, Es gibt nur eine Wien.
"The Stowaway Girl" by Louis Tracy
Adeo ubi ecclesiastici ordinis non est consessus, et offers et tinguis et sacerdos es tibi solus.
"History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7)" by Adolph Harnack
Dey mout be ghos'es en den ag'in dey moutent.
"Mingo" by Joel Chandler Harris
Don't wear them good clo'es w'en you goes to the depot.
"Kitchener's Mob" by James Norman Hall
In the bed of this recess runs the Wadi Es Saba.
"With the British Army in The Holy Land" by Henry Osmond Lock
From under the shadow of Tel es Saba a vast cloud of dust was seen sweeping over the moonlit plain.
"With Our Army in Palestine" by Antony Bluett

In poetry:

Little John took none other meas-ure
But his bow-e tree,
And of every handfull that he met
He leapt ouer foot-es three.
"Robin Hood" by Henry Morley
Wem mein Singen nicht gefaellt,
Mag es immer Schnadern nennen.
Will uns nur die neidsche Welt
Als versuchte Trinker kennen.
"Die Ente" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
In der Welt muss Ordnung sein.
Menschen sind von edlern Gaben.
Du trinkst Wasser, und ich Wein:
So will es die Ordnung haben.
"Die Ente" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
"Welc-ome, sir knight," then said Rob-in,
"Welc-ome thou art to me;
I have abiden you fasting, sir,
All these hour-es three."
"Robin Hood" by Henry Morley
Lasst uns den Dichter Kriton hoeren:
Wer ist der groesste Mann?
Er wird es uns in Versen schwoeren:
Wer ohne Muehe reimen kann.
"Der Groesste Mann" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Tu pupila es azul, y si en su fondo
Como un punto de luz radia una idea,
Me parece en el cielo de la tarde
iUna perdida estrella!
"Rimas XIII" by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

In news:

OC ES Holds Field Day.
El Diablo es aqui': A firsthand account of NYC on Sept 11, 2001.
Fishermen on the Central Coast continue to worry about both short term and long term effects on their businesses due to PG&Es upcoming seismic survey using sound waves.
ES&S Voting Machines in Michigan Flunk Tests, Don't Tally Votes Consistently.
Texas Roadhouse in Wausau is giving away free lunch es this week in exchange for a donation to the Salvation Army of Marathon County.
KeyBank will give away up to 1,000 free lunch es from food trucks West Capitol Park in Albany from 11 am to 1 pm next Wednesday (10/17).
Woman Who Provides Children Free Lunch es Faces $600 Fine.
The state run program serves over 60 children free lunch es on a daily basis.
Y es, of course, presidents have no direct control over gas prices.
Though I've managed to skip all Sugarplum s, Scrooge s and Child's Christmas es this year, I couldn't avoid the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's A Christmas Carol.
1999-2000 Moto Guzzi Quota 1100 ES Smart Money.
Let's be perfectly clear: Don't try riding Moto Guzzi's Quota 1100 ES over any triple-jumps or whoop-dee-doos unless your schedule allows for a dirt lunch.
Atmospheric volumes of greenhouse gas es blamed for climate change hit a new record in 2011, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said in its annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin on Tuesday.
Big companies must limit the greenhouse gas es they emit and get permits for those emissions.
The reading of three resolutions to extend for two one-year terms the City of Sanibel's contract with Veolia ES Solid Waste Southeast Inc was just one of several approvals given by City Council Tuesday.

In science:

Then g satisfies the last four of the five hypotheses of Lemma 9; we will show that it satisfies the first hypothesis as well.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
Thus the local flow satisfies the Navier-Stokes equation, whereas the mean flow satisfies the Euler equation.
Existence and homogenization of the Rayleigh-B\'enard problem
CPl does not follow from CPl{ (indeed, as shown below, the standard notion of conditioning for lower probabilities satis(cid:12)es CPl{ but not CPl). A cps that satis(cid:12)es CPl is said to be coherent.
Conditional Plausibility Measures and Bayesian Networks
We refer to the process on G ≀ Sn described above as the independent shuffles random walk, retaining use of the word “shuffles” even when G is not necessarily Sm . A similar process, known as the paired shuffles random walk, will be introduced in Section 3.7.
Random walks on wreath products of groups
We refer to the process on G ≀ Sn described above as the paired shuffles random walk, again retaining use of the word “shuffles” even when G is not necessarily Sm .
Random walks on wreath products of groups