• Plan of the Villa Of a Great Egyptian Noble
    Plan of the Villa Of a Great Egyptian Noble
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj Egyptian of or relating to or characteristic of Egypt or its people or their language
    • n Egyptian the ancient and now extinct language of Egypt under the Pharaohs; written records date back to 3000 BC
    • n Egyptian a native or inhabitant of Egypt
    • ***

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War-dance Performed by Egyptian Soldiers Before A Battle War-dance Performed by Egyptian Soldiers Before A Battle
the House of a Great Egyptian Lord the House of a Great Egyptian Lord
One of the Forms Of Egyptian Scales One of the Forms Of Egyptian Scales
a Sculptor's Studio, and Egyptian Painters At Work a Sculptor's Studio, and Egyptian Painters At Work
Attack Upon an Egyptian Fortress by Troops Of Various Arms Attack Upon an Egyptian Fortress by Troops Of Various Arms
Egyptian Feast Egyptian Feast

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ancient Egyptians kissed with their noses instead of with their lips
    • Egyptian A gypsy.
    • Egyptian A native, or one of the people, of Egypt; also, the Egyptian language.
    • a Egyptian Pertaining to Egypt, in Africa.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Ancient Egyptians used the spice Thyme to help preserve mummies
    • Egyptian Pertaining to Egypt, a country in the northeastern part of Africa, in the valley and delta of the Nile.
    • Egyptian Gipsy. See II., 2.
    • Egyptian The gradual converging or sloping inward of most of its exterior wall-surfaces. This is especially noticeable in the pylons or monumental gateways standing singly or in series before its temples.
    • Egyptian Roofs and covered ways, flat, and composed of immense blocks of stone, reaching from one wall or stone epistyle beam to another, the arch, although in all its forms of frequent use in drains and similar works, not being employed in architecture above ground, which holds consistently to the system of lintel-construction.
    • Egyptian Columns, numerous, close, and massive, without bases, or with broad, flat, low bases, and exhibiting great variety in their capitals, from a simple square block to a wide-spreading bell, elaborately carved with palm-leaves or other forms suggested by vegetation, especially in some adaptation of the lotus plant, bud, or flower.
    • Egyptian The employment of a large concave molding to crown the entablature, decorated with vertical flutings or leaves.
    • Egyptian Walls and columns decorated with a profusion of sculptures in incised outline, often of admirable precision (see cavo-rilievo), or in low relief, representing divinities, men, and animals, with innumerable hieroglyphics, brilliant and true, though simple, coloring being superadded. A remarkable feature of Egyptian architecture is the grandeur of its mechanical operations, as in cutting, polishing, sculpturing, and transporting enormous blocks of limestone and of granite, and in its stupendous excavations in the solid rock. The prototype of the Greek Doric order is to be sought in such Egyptian columnar structures as the grotto-façades of Beni-Hassan; and from the Egyptian lotus carvings and decoration were developed many characteristic Assyrian decorative motives, as well as the Ionic capital and the graceful anthemion-molding of Greece. See mastaba, obelisk, pylon, pyramid, syrinx, 2, etc.
    • n Egyptian A native of Egypt; a member of any of the different races constituting the permanent population of Egypt; more specifically, a member or a descendant of the ancient Egyptian race or races, supposed to be now represented chiefly by the Copts and the fellahs or peasantry, as distinguished from the Arabs and other later settlers.
    • n Egyptian A gipsy.
    • n Egyptian One of a class of wandering impostors, Welsh or English, who disguise themselves as gipsies and live by telling fortunes, stealing, etc.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ancient Egyptians used to think having facial hair was an indication of personal neglect
    • adj Egyptian ē-jip′shi-an belonging to Egypt
    • n Egyptian a native of Egypt: a gipsy
    • ***


  • Paxton Hood
    Paxton Hood
    “The books we read should be chosen with great care, that they may be, as an Egyptian king wrote over his library, The medicines of the soul.”
  • Seneca
    “The pleasures of the palate deal with us like the Egyptian thieves, who strangle those whom they embrace.”
  • Anthony Sampson
    Anthony Sampson
    “Once you touch the trappings of monarchy, like opening an Egyptian tomb, the inside is liable to crumble.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. Aegyptius, Gr. , fr. (L. Aegyptus,) Egypt: cf. F. égyptien,. Cf. Gypsy


In literature:

The material in proof of this high status of Egyptian women is abundant.
"The Truth About Woman" by C. Gasquoine Hartley
Such is the physical condition of Egypt and the Egyptian.
"Our Moslem Sisters" by Annie Van Sommer
The Egyptians could not have stood absolutely still, and the land was covered with them.
"Bible Romances" by George W. Foote
Funeral tent of an Egyptian queen.
"Needlework As Art" by Marian Alford
A comparison of the Egyptian and Babylonian empires.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
They are celebrated on account of their wars against the Assyrians and Egyptians, who call them the plague of Khati.
"Vestiges of the Mayas" by Augustus Le Plongeon
No Egyptian could have understood a word of them.
"The Bible in its Making" by Mildred Duff
It happens that an Egyptian physicist is arriving in New York today for a lecture tour of American universities.
"The Egyptian Cat Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
"The Art of Needle-work, from the Earliest Ages, 3rd ed." by Elizabeth Stone
Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity, with their Influence on the Opinions of Modern Christendom, by Samuel Sharpe.
"Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions" by T. W. Doane

In poetry:

When Susanna Jones wears red
A queen from some time-dead Egyptian night
Walks once again.
Blow trumphets, Jesus!
"When Sue Wears Red" by Langston Hughes
It almost now seems all in vain
For to expect high price for grain,
Wheat is grown on Egyptian soil
On the banks of mighty Nile.
"Lines Read at a Dairymen's Supper" by James McIntyre
Thus were the tribes from bondage brought,
And left the hated ground;
Each some Egyptian spoils had got,
And not one feeble found.
"PSALM 105 Abridged" by Isaac Watts
They knew all wisdom, for they knew
The souls of those Egyptian Kings
Who learned, in ancient Babilu,
The beauty of immortal things.
"Fragments" by John Masefield
Terrible! Terrible!
Blood-red pillars of reek
They looked on that vast host and troubled it,
As on th' Egyptian host One looked of old.
"Rosamund" by Jean Ingelow
And with breath of sweetest perfume,
Filled with balm the morning air,
As the kind Egyptian Princess,
Wandered with her maidens fair—
"To The Lily of The Nile" by Lizzie E Palmer

In news:

He is one of Egypt's leading human rights and democracy activists, and a strong critic of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.
An Egyptian court has banned virginity tests for female detainees, many months after women arrested in Tahrir Square in March said they had been forced to take examinations.
The West must lean on the Egyptian military for a transitional government that will pave the way to free and fair elections.
Egyptian Muslim brotherhood Shura council members gather to be photographed outside the new Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.
Egyptian Presidency, via Associated Press.
An Egyptian boy looks at his mother as she casts her vote during the second day of the presidential election in a polling station in Alexandria, Egypt, Thursday, May 24, 2012.
'That, to me, looks like Egyptian blue,".
Egyptian protesters scale US Embassy wall in Cairo.
An Egyptian court has reportedly convicted a talk-show host of insulting President Mohamed Mursi, state media reports.
The installation of military men into powerful new roles in the Egyptian government on Saturday reflected a martial style of rule unbroken in Egypt since Gamal Abdel Nasser and his young officers toppled the monarchy in 1952.
Riot sparked by poorly ironed shirt leaves an Egyptian village without Christians.
An Egyptian protester against continuing military rule throws stones at riot policemen during clashes in central Cairo Saturday.
Says It Was Warned On Egyptian Islamic Group .
Thousands of supporters of various Egyptian Salafi groups gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square calling for the immediate implementation of Islamic law .
Salafi lawmakers attend the first Egyptian parliament session after Hosni Mubarak's ouster, January 2012.

In science:

This special multiplication is useful when k is very small, the best values being for k = 2 (Russian multiplication - known since Egyptian time), or k = 3. If k is greater than or equal to min {10, B}, this multiplication is trivial (the obvious multiplication).
Sequences of Numbers Involved in Unsolved Problems
We apply now the greedy algorithm for representing q ′ as an Egyptian fraction (i.e. as sum of distinct unit fractions, see ) and we show that the denominators of all unit fractions will be larger or equal to N .
Natural Halting Probabilities, Partial Randomness, and Zeta Functions
Cryptography appeared in the earlier human societies: Ancient Egyptians encrypted their hieroglyphic.
CRyptography and non commutative cohomology
This research is supported in part by a grant from the Egyptian National Telecommunication Regularity Authority (NTRA) and in part by a grant from British Petroleum.
Randomization for Security in Half-Duplex Two-Way Gaussian Channels
It is probably relevant that dyadic fractions had already been used in measurement by the ancient Egyptians.
Archimedes' calculations of square roots