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    • n Edison United States inventor; inventions included the phonograph and incandescent electric light and the microphone and the Kinetoscope (1847-1931)
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Edison at a school Edison at a school
Edison's X-ray machine Edison's X-ray machine
Thomas A. Edison Thomas A. Edison
From Edison's Newspaper, the Grand Trunk Herald From Edison's Newspaper, the Grand Trunk Herald
Edison in his Laboratory Edison in his Laboratory
Edison with his Phonograph Edison with his Phonograph


  • Stephen B. Leacock
    “What we call creative work, ought not to be called work at all, because it isn't. I imagine that Thomas Edison never did a day's work in his last fifty years.”
  • Napoleon Hill
    “Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.”
  • Newt Gingrich
    Newt Gingrich
    “If Thomas Edison invented electric light today, Dan Rather would report it on CBS News as, Candle making industry threatened.”


In literature:

Edison would have been burned as a sorcerer a few centuries before he invented the wax record.
"The Mind Master" by Arthur J. Burks
Young Tom Edison and all that?
"The Aggravation of Elmer" by Robert Andrew Arthur
All Edison had was a idea, and look at him now!
"Kid Scanlan" by H. C. Witwer
The slightest trembling of the hand is detected if Edison's electric pen be used.
"Criminal Man" by Gina Lombroso-Ferrero
The Caesars, Napoleons, Edisons, Lincolns, Wagners, Shakespeares, stand alone with neither great ancestors nor great descendants.
"Elementary Theosophy" by L. W. Rogers
Our two chief characters presented many contrasts: Mr. Ford is more adaptive, more indifferent to places, than is Mr. Edison.
"Under the Maples" by John Burroughs
Within a very few years Edison became a swift and competent operator, as the following incident will show.
"Modern Americans" by Chester Sanford
Edison and all the rest of those old wizards had better take a back seat when you come around.
"The Boy Scouts in the Maine Woods" by Herbert Carter
Edison among the Greeks would have been as lonely as Plato with us.
"The Crow's Nest" by Clarence Day, Jr.
It was the scab tug "Edison," belonging to the American Tugboat Company.
"The Everett massacre" by Walker C. Smith

In poetry:

When first in his path a young asteroid found it,
As he sailed through the skies with the stars in his wake,
He thought 't was the sun, and kept circling around it
Till Edison signalled, "You've made a mistake."
"In Response" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
There was a youthful genius once, a boy of thirteen years,
Named Cyrus Franklin Edison Lavoisier De Squeers.
To study he was not inclined, for fun he had a bent;
But there was just one article he wanted to invent.
"The Instructiphone" by Carolyn Wells

In news:

The President speaks about the economy after meeting with small business owners at the Tastee Sub Shop in Edison, N.J. Add to my.
Ever since he was a student at Edison High School in the early '60s, he's been driven to write, record and perform music.
Tony Award winner Tyne Daly, Jamie deRoy and Ted Snowdon were honored during Primary Stages' Nov 14 gala at the Edison Ballroom.
Karl Graff is the technology leader in ultrasonics and Matt Bloss is project engineer at the Edison Welding Institute, 1250 Arthur E Adams Drive, Columbus, OH 43221, 614-688-5000, karl_graff@ewi.org.
If you weren't able to come out to Dennis & Judi's Night Out in Edison last week we have an awesome video for you to check out.
Does Con Edison know about the cast of "Def Poetry Jam".
As Edison might have put it, most great disco is one-percent inspiration, ninety-nine-percent perspiration.
Edison had patented a recording device eight years earlier, and this piece gave musicians something to record on ever since.
Vic Yepello/The Star-Ledger A file photo of the Middlesex Water treatment plant in Edison.
GE Hybrid Water Heater Wins Edison Award Jun 24, 2010 Printable format Email this Article Search.
The GeoSpring hybrid water heater from GE won first place in the Edison Best New Product Awards in the Lifestyle & Social impact category.
In the backyard of his home on Edison Road sits a makeshift shed where the 76-year-old Kramer does his work.
Paul Yager , a veteran federal labor mediator who helped resolve several important labor strikes in the New York City region, died Monday at a hospital in Edison, N.J.
Woodbridge senior forward Eddie Parfitt celebrates a goal against Edison.
From an Edison Phonograph in 1909 to a new Plymouth in 1951 (ad by Norman Rockwell.

In science:

The first problem concerns the possibility of replacing dome stic lightning, that was then provided by the burning of gases, by d.c. electricity combined with the novel (at the time) incandescent light bulb patented by Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) in 1880.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
Edison’s light bulb had a great economical potential and the stock market reacted swiftly.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
The transmission of electric power by means of an a.c. circuit, invented by Nicola Tesla and patronised by George Westinghouse was more efficient, but Edison had patented a system of distribution of electric power based on d.c. circuits.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
In Edison’s original idea, the combination r + r ′ is a fraction of a ohm and the resistance of the light bulb approximately equal to 200 Ω.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
In January 1882, Edison inaugurated the first electric power station of London, at the Holborn Viaduct.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age