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    • n ETD a system for screening luggage in airports; an agent passes a swab around or inside luggage and then runs the swab through a machine that can detect trace amounts of explosives
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The 10 winning ETDs were selected through a rigorous selection process which combined a shortlisting of the most downloaded ETDs per subject area through Scirus, and adjudication by scientific editors from Elsevier Journals Publishing unit.
The ETD-BL narrow timer relays by Phoenix Contact are 70% narrower than conventional timer relays and and feature a labeled thumb wheel for precise time settings.

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Assuming G (hence G1 ) to be connected and simply connected the derivation D exponentiates to a 1-parametric automorphism group of g1 given by etD and these “exponentiate” to a 1-parametric automorphism group of G1 which will be denoted a(t).
Reduction,Induction and Ricci flat symplectic connections
We have us ed a tool s etdes t which comes with network s imulator 2 for generation of s cenario files . In our s imulation we have generated CBR traffic.
Comparison of Random Waypoint & Random Walk Mobility Model under DSR, AODV & DSDV MANET Routing Protocols
Then K ∈ H 2 (X ; Z) is a basic class for (X, z , w) if and only if there exists z ′ ∈ Aeven (X ) = Sym∗ (H0 (X ) ⊕ H2 (X )) such that Dw X (zz ′ etD+λx ) = eQ(tD)/2+2λ+K ·tD .
Basic classes for four-manifolds not of simple type
N z ′etD+λx ) = eQ(tD)/2+2λ p(tD , λ)eK ·tD , for a polynomial p.
Basic classes for four-manifolds not of simple type
In section 2 we study the Fukaya-Floer homology of the threemanifold Y = Σ × S1 and obtain some new relations which in section 3 are translated into a structure theorem for the Donaldson series Dw X (etD+λx ) of a 4-manifold X with b1 = 0 and b+ > 1 and odd.
Donaldson invariants of non-simple type 4-manifolds