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    Decking Logs on Skidway
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Katie and Bolton on the deck of the ship Katie and Bolton on the deck of the ship
Tom and Pearson on the deck of the ship in the snow Tom and Pearson on the deck of the ship in the snow
Fragment of a Greek galley showing absence of deck. About 550 B.C Fragment of a Greek galley showing absence of deck. About 550 B.C


Clear the decks - When you clear the decks, you get ready for an important action and put away items that might get in your way.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Dut. dekken, to cover; Ger. decken; akin to L. tegĕre.


In literature:

A scene of violent confusion ensued in this particular part of the deck.
"Down the Rhine" by Oliver Optic
The largest of them had a platform or elevated deck, under which the oarsmen sat, and on which the warriors engaged the enemy.
"Four Young Explorers" by Oliver Optic
By the time the passengers dressed and went on deck the cleaning process was over, and the decks were dry.
"A Boy's Voyage Round the World" by The Son of Samuel Smiles
Owen, who was on deck, went forward.
"Owen Hartley; or, Ups and Downs" by William H. G. Kingston
The engine was on deck, and the upper part of the paddle-wheel was boxed up above the main deck.
"Down South" by Oliver Optic
On deck at half-past six.
"A Journey to America in 1834" by Robert Heywood
The passengers were on deck.
"The Voyages of the Ranger and Crusader" by W.H.G. Kingston
Large as that craft is, she is only partially decked.
"The Three Commanders" by W.H.G. Kingston
It will be necessary to stay on deck every instant of the time keeping watch for our very lives.
"A Prisoner of Morro" by Upton Sinclair
Mr. Washburn, see that every opening in the deck and deck-house is closed and securely fastened.
"Up the River" by Oliver Optic

In poetry:

Aye, be it thus, and ever may
This lovely wreath, as now—
Emblem of every precious gift—
Be fit to deck thy brow.
"To A Beautiful Child On Her Birthday With A Wreath Of Flowers" by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
But, strong of will and proud as they,
She walks the gallery floor
As if she trod her sailor's deck
By stormy Labrador.
"Amy Wentworth" by John Greenleaf Whittier
CLOSE in the hedge a Violet bloom'd
Upon its native stem,
Deck'd with a dewy drop more bright
Than India's brightest gem.
"The Violet" by Caroline Fry
I had once a lovely sister --
She was cradled by my side;
But one Summer day I missed her --
She had gone to deck a bride.
"Death Of The Flower" by Abram Joseph Ryan
Ah, Myrtilla mine, you said--
And your tone was earnest, very--
You would never deck your head
With this vernal millinery.
"An Ultimatum To Myrtilla" by Franklin Pierce Adams
Dear Offspring of pleas'd Venus,
And Jollie, plumpe Silenus ;
Haste, haste, to decke the Haire
Of th' only, sweetly Faire.
"The Rose" by Richard Lovelace

In news:

Sizing Receptacles, Wiring Under Roof Decking & More.
Now, the deck boards are made of 60% recycled bamboo fiber and 40% recycled high density polyethylene plastics.
Many timber decks continue to be made out of redwood, cedar or Ipé, woods chosen for their strength and relative resistance to insects and rot.
Style Crest Medallion Decking and Railing.
Fiberon also promises the deck will endure staining, fading, scratches and mold for up to 20 years.
New decking line enters Lowe's.
A wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand-based Tenon LTD, has been selected as the exclusive distribution partner for Eastman Chemical Company's new Perennial Wood decking product into Lowe's stores.
Revision of D6662 - 09 Standard Specification for Polyolefin-Based Plastic Lumber Decking Boards.
With deck stains, which is what most deck sealers are called even if they contain only a soupcon of color, the cost and quality go up hand in hand.
The arrival of hot, dry weather reminds me that, though it may be tedious to work in, it's perfect for the annual drudgery of the deck .
Meet Deck Hazen, time traveller.
The Red Derby opened a roof deck over the weekend, and it looks like it even has heaters.
Drew's lawyers bemoan a stacked-deck case, and vow to appeal early and often.
Redskins officials say party decks aren't definite .
A lifeguard's role on the pool deck is multifaceted.

In science:

Let ˜ιY be the deck-transformation of eY over Z .
Transcendental lattices and supersingular reduction lattices of a singular $K3$ surface
We study the cutoff phenomenon for generalized riffle shuffles where, at each step, the deck of cards is cut into a random number of packs of multinomial sizes which are then riffled together.
The cutoff phenomenon for randomized riffle shuffles
In , Bayer and Diaconis obtained an exact useful formula for the probability distribution describing the state of the deck after k GSR-shuffles.
The cutoff phenomenon for randomized riffle shuffles
Namely, suppose that cards are numbered 1 through n and that we start with the deck in order.
The cutoff phenomenon for randomized riffle shuffles
Let σ denote a given arrangement of the cards and let Qk n (σ) be the probability that the deck is in state σ after k GSR-shuffles.
The cutoff phenomenon for randomized riffle shuffles