• WordNet 3.6
    • n crux the most important point
    • n Crux a small conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere in the Milky Way near Centaurus
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Crux krŭks Anything that is very puzzling or difficult to explain. "The perpetual crux of New Testament chronologists."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n crux A cross. See phrases below. Specifically
    • n crux The Southern Cross, the most celebrated constellation of the southern heavens. It was erected into a constellation by Royer in 1679, but was often spoken of as a cross before; there even seems to be an obscure allusion to it in Dante. It is situated south of the western part of Centaurus, east of the keel of Argus. It is a small constellation of four chief stars, arranged in the form of a cross. Its brightest star, the southernmost, is of about the first magnitude; the eastern, half a magnitude fainter; the northern, of about the second magnitude; and the western, of the third magnitude and faint. The constellation owes its striking effect to its compression, for it subtends only about 6° from north to south and still less from east to west. It looks more like a kite than a cross. All four stars are white except the northernmost, which is of a clear orange-color. It contains a fifth star of the fourth magnitude, which is very red.
    • n crux The cross as an instrument of torture; hence, anything that puzzles or vexes in a high degree; a conundrum.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Crux kruks a cross:
    • n Crux kruks (fig.) something that occasions difficulty.
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  • William J. Broad
    William J. Broad
    “The crux is that the vast majority of the mass of the universe seems to be missing.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., cross, torture, trouble
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. crux, a cross.


In literature:

The Czar did not fail to appreciate this, and his reply to the Kaiser rings quite as true and suggests the crux of the whole problem.
"The Evidence in the Case" by James M. Beck
Indeed, this latter question is the crux of the problem of justice.
"Concerning Justice" by Lucilius A. Emery
Here, after all, was the crux of the whole matter.
"Doubloons--and the Girl" by John Maxwell Forbes
It might truly be called the crux of marriage.
"Modern marriage and how to bear it" by Maud Churton Braby
At this point came the crux of his danger.
"Crecy" by Hilaire Belloc
The crux of such contentions lies in the paternal attitude of the state to the female sex.
"Women of England, Volume 9 (of 10)" by Burleigh James Bartlett
But could he trust them, that was the crux?
"The Triumph of Hilary Blachland" by Bertram Mitford
That's the crux of it all.
"An Unknown Lover" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
Here then is the crux of the matter.
"The American Country Girl" by Martha Foote Crow
That is the crux of the whole matter so far as I understand it.
"From Sea to Sea" by Rudyard Kipling

In poetry:

To plumb the essence of the past,
The first foundations,
The crux, the roots, the inmost hearts,
The explanations.
"In everything I seek to grasp..." by Boris Pasternak

In news:

The new Crux Fermentation Project is an impressive addition to Central Oregon's burgeoning roster of craft brewpubs.
Crux Biomedical's FDA-cleared inferior vena cava filter (VCF) with bi-directional retrieval is designed to trap blood clots that can lead to potentially fatal pulmonary embolisms among patients at risk.
Petrobras' Lage : Defining business target at crux of introducing automation into well construction.
On Wednesday, the crux of DeLay's argument was that the once powerful ex-lawmaker did not commit money laundering because state law didn't apply to funds the former congressman was tied to since they were in the form of a check.
SXSW The Saint James Society Will Play The Crux Tonight.
The issue of balancing risks and benefits for our patients is at the crux of most health care decisions.
"Appear" is the crux of the issue: Authentic brands truly live and breathe their story.
The new Crux Fermentation Project is an impressive addition to Central Oregon's burgeoning roster of craft brewpubs .
The Crux Crosswords app on iOS allows puzzle solvers to check answers as they go along.
WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts voiced the crux of his concern about Vermont's limit on prescription-drug data mining early in Tuesday's Supreme Court arguments.
The disks -- the crux of the technology -- cost pennies to manufacture.
Rocky Mountain High (5.13a) is a two-pitch line with a crux 170-foot corner protected mostly with traditional gear.
In the end, IBM's services model may be the crux of all product decisions.
That idea is at the crux of an argument between Natrona County School District and the Wyoming School Facilities Commission over what constitutes an enhancement.
Crux Fermentation Project, which opened its doors June 30, sits on an 11-acre plot of land adjacent to Highway 97 smack in the center of Bend.

In science:

The crux of our analysis relies on the observation that the behavior of PUR on a random Horn instance can be described by a stochastic recurrence (Markov chain).
The phase transition in random Horn satisfiability and its algorithmic implications
The crux of this method is to consider the random formula Φ as being disclosed gradually as the algorithm proceeds, rather than as being completely determined at the very beginning of the algorithm.
The phase transition in random Horn satisfiability and its algorithmic implications
The tangent points of three ma jor spiral arms lie in this quadrant (in order of increasing distance from the Sun and decreasing distance from the Galactic Centre; the Carina, Crux, and Norma arms), but previous H i observations of pulsars were few and far between.
HI line measurements of pulsars towards the Galactic Centre and the electron density in the inner Galaxy
The crux of our proof in is the fact that all possible ‘rational cuts’ on a rational knot fall into one of the basic cases that we have already discussed. I.e. we have the standard cuts, the palindrome cuts and the special cuts.
From tangle fractions to DNA
Such distributions can be represented as k -th derivatives of bounded continuous functions, for every k ≫ 0 – that is the crux of the proof of proposition 2.19.
Distributions and Analytic Continuation of Dirichlet Series