• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Crossbarred Made or patterned in lines crossing each other; as, crossbarred muslin.
    • Crossbarred Secured by, or furnished with, crossbars.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • crossbarred Marked by transverse bars, whether of material or color; as, a cross-barred pattern; a cross-barred grating; cross-barred muslin.
    • crossbarred Secured by transverse bars.
    • crossbarred In zoology, barred crosswise, or marked by transverse bars of color; fasciate; banded.
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In literature:

Projecting several feet over the track from each of these uprights was an iron crossbar, from which an iron hook depended.
"The House Behind the Cedars" by Charles W. Chesnutt
Karamaneh twisted a length of it around a metal bracket fastened in the wall, and placed a light wooden crossbar in my hand.
"The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu" by Sax Rohmer
Above the arch of each window with its crossbars of stone, still grinds, as it turns, the vane of a noble.
"Beatrix" by Honore de Balzac
Colonel Bishop set his foot upon the crossbar, and leaned over his victim, a cruel smile on his full, coarse face.
"Captain Blood" by Rafael Sabatini
He paused for a second in his labour to see if this was so, craning his head through the crossbars.
"The Adventures of Akbar" by Flora Annie Steel
When this was done, they picked out thick pieces of wood for crossbars.
"The Tiger of Mysore" by G. A. Henty
The signal came for a kick in an attempt to send the ball over the crossbar.
"Andy at Yale" by Roy Eliot Stokes
One short guttural exclamation paid tribute to the accuracy of my aim; then I had the crossbar in my hand.
"The Devil Doctor" by Sax Rohmer
This he now lashed to the stout slats of wood and crossbars of metal on the raft.
"Curlie Carson Listens In" by Roy J. Snell
Nor had my mother's round table any top; but its two crossbars beneath, screws and catch and three feet belonged to my under world.
"Confessions of Boyhood" by John Albee

In news:

Women's soccer: Pilots are denied by crossbar in 110th minute, settle for 1-1 tie at Gonzaga.
This slower time scale ensures that the catapult 's motion is abruptly arrested, just as a crossbar halts movement in a manmade catapult .
After blunder with crossbar, Vernon Davis shoots jumpers instead of dunking on TD celebrations.
Eric Reid explains the reminder of the old crossbar that is the last thing the Tigers see before running out to the crowds at Tiger Stadium.
Crossbar-Robot Retrofit Raises the Bar on Pressline Productivity.
Keep the front of your dinghy vehicle looking sharp (and your knees protected) with the Nixtopper crossbar cover from Roadmaster.
Dempsey denied by crossbar and Gomes.
After blunder with crossbar , Vernon Davis shoots jumpers instead of dunking on TD celebrations.
Crossbar -Robot Retrofit Raises the Bar on Pressline Productivity.
After scoring a 21-yard touchdown pass to punctuate the blitzkrieg, Vernon Davis approached the crossbar.
There was no "settling" involved Sunday when David Akers powered a 63- yarder over the crossbar to end the first half against Green Bay.
The young Brazilian star scored in the 64th minute and then skied a penalty kick well over the crossbar in the 81st Wednesday, leaving the five-time World Cup champions with a disappointing 1-1 draw against Colombia in an exhibition game.
It wasn't until TCA's Peter Hall lifted his try over the crossbar and Gill 's Bijan Eizadkhah made his try that TCA's dream of a sectional title was postponed for at least another year.
Crossbar after crossbar, save after Henrik Lundqvist save, the Capitals were getting frustrated.
The incident was nearly duplicated in the 73rd minute when Lyon 's Steed Malbranque fired in a cross of his own which Reims midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak inadvertently deflected off his own crossbar.

In science:

Standard harps have their strings stretched between the knots tied on the sounding-board and the tuning pegs on the “crossbar” neck placed at specific intervals and at specific distances from the soundboard.
Music in Terms of Science
D) onto the Tera 10 hardware, minimizing inter-nodes communications first, then intra-nodes communications across the QBB crossbar interconnect, then intraprocessors communications.
Sophie, an FDTD code on the way to multicore, getting rid of the memory bandwidth bottleneck better using cache
The Splash 2 system connected sixteen Xilinx 4010 FPGAs in a linear array augmented with a crossbar data path to increase the flexibility of the communication network.
GRAPE-6: A Petaflops Prototype
This allows the mapping of several different algorithms onto the same FLYSIG-prototype processor. In this context a configurable scheduling can be implemented by simple associatively controlled crossbar switches. Furthermore, in the FLYSIG-prototype processor a set of operators is provided with most common operators.
Flysig: Dataflow Oriented Delay-Insensitive Processor for Rapid Prototyping of Signal Processing
Atoll has four independent network interfaces, an 8x8 crossbar switch and four link interfaces in a single chip.
Cluster Computing White Paper