Contingent annuity


  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Contingent annuity one that depends also on the continuance of some status, as the life of a person whose duration is calculated by the theory of probabilities. An annuity is usually held payable to the end of each year survived; but when, in addition, a proportion of the year's annuity is payable up to the day of death, the annuity is said to be Complete—the ordinary annuity being sometimes, for distinction, referred to as a Curtate annuity. When the first payment is due in advance, the annuity is known as an Annuity due; when the first payment is not to be made until the expiry of a certain number of years, it is called a Deferred or Reversionary annuity
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In literature:

I consider our annuity safe in any contingency.
"The American Indian as Slaveholder and Seccessionist" by Annie Heloise Abel