• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Constat (Law) A certificate showing what appears upon record touching a matter in question.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n constat In England: A certificate given by the auditors of the Exchequer to a person who intends to plead or move for a discharge of anything in that court. The effect of it is to certify what appears upon the record respecting the matter in question.
    • n constat An exemplification under the great seal of the enrolment of letters patent.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Constat kon′stat a certificate of what appears (constat) on record touching a matter given by the auditors of the Exchequer: an attested copy of the enrolment of letters patent.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., it is evident


In literature:

For example, I proffer the constatation, 'Black ladders lack bladders.
"Crome Yellow" by Aldous Huxley
Syllogismus ex propositionibus constat, propositiones ex verbis, verba notionum tesserae sunt.
"The Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches of Lord Macaulay, Vol. 2 (of 4)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
J'ai constate que le Mont-Blanc et tous les hauts sommets de sa chaine sont composes de couches verticales.
"Theory of the Earth, Volume 2 (of 4)" by James Hutton
However, non constat Patrici; I'll pluck the crow wid you on my return.
"The Poor Scholar" by William Carleton
Erat autem vir simplex, sine omni plica dolositatis aut falsitatis, ut omnibus constat.
"Henry the Sixth" by John Blacman
Je suis heureux de constater que la condition des sujets israelites de S.M.
"Notes on the Diplomatic History of the Jewish Question" by Lucien Wolf
But if we do not, as science does, merely constate the fact that in religion an end is aimed at, viz.
"An Introduction to the Study of Comparative Religion" by Frank Byron Jevons
Hoc saltem constat, si NENNIO fides adhibenda sit, eos suo seculo Bardos fuisse eximios.
"Some Specimens of the Poetry of the Ancient Welsh Bards" by Evan Evans
Shown land in constate.
"Geography and Plays" by Gertrude Stein
Sudinas tamen Borussiorum opes esse constat.
"On the magnet, magnetick bodies also, and on the great magnet the earth" by William Gilbert of Colchester

In poetry:

The law of merit and of age is not the rule of three;
Non constat that A. M. must prove as busy as A. B.
When Wise the father tracked the son, ballooning through the skies,
He taught a lesson to the old,--go thou and do like Wise!
"Meeting Of The Alumni Of Harvard College" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In science:

This rough approximation of the evolution of E (T ) is found to concentrate around its mean value in the thermodynamic limit, as was constated numerically for the original process.
A review of the Statistical Mechanics approach to Random Optimization Problems
This constatation motivated the study of the random 2 + p-SAT ensemble by statistical mechanics methods [20, 56], some of the results being later confirmed by the rigorous analysis of .
A review of the Statistical Mechanics approach to Random Optimization Problems
Heuristically speaking, (5) implies the random variable (3) “converges” to the constat random variable concentrated at n.
On the random variable $\N^r \ni (k_1, k_2, ..., k_r) \mapsto \gcd(n,k_1k_2... k_r) \in \N$