Circular functions


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Circular functions See Inverse trigonometrical functions (below). -- Continuous function, a quantity that has no interruption in the continuity of its real values, as the variable changes between any specified limits.
    • Circular functions (Math) See under Function.
    • Circular functions the lengths of arcs relative to the sines, tangents, etc. Thus, AB is the arc whose sine is BD, and (if the length of BD is x) is written sin -1x, and so of the other lines. See Trigonometrical functionbelow). Other transcendental functions are the exponential functions, the elliptic functions, the gamma functions, the theta functions, etc.
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In literature:

There are three circular rooms in Sun Temple which from their form may be identified as ceremonial in function, technically called kivas.
"Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado" by Anonymous
There is nothing arbitrary in the use of a circular function to represent the waves.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 6" by Various

In news:

The pleasing circularity of Gus Van Sant 's masterful Paranoid Park is not only a function of the film's narrative structure but reflects the arc of its maker's career.

In science:

Satellite number as a function of circular velocity for the Galaxy and the Virgo cluster as observed (dots) and as predicted by hierarchical models (dashed and solid lines, for the Galaxy and Virgo respectively).
Understanding dwarf galaxies as galactic building blocks
It seems that this problem may have gone away: the number of ob jects predicted is a steep function of the sub-halo’s peak circular speed.
Dark Matter in Galaxies: Conference Summary
FIG. 1: Variation, as a function of the parameter r/R0 , of the tangential velocity vtg of a test particle in a stable circular orbit in a conformally symmetric vacuum space-time on the brane, for B = 1.00001 and different values of k: k = 0.9999 (solid curve), k = 0.99985 (dotted curve) and k = 0.9998 (dashed curve).
Can the galactic rotation curves be explained in brane world models?
Efforts to mine the CMB deeper pose data analysis challenges in particular to account for finer syste matic effects in observations, such as accounting for the non-circularity of the experimental beam response function presented in the meeting. 3.
Summary of ICGC04 Cosmology Workshop
Let us finally consider the case of a geodesic circular motion, as described by the “physical” observers, i.e., by our local observers (even if we find it convenient to express everything as a function of the old Schwarzshild-deSitter coordinates).
Multi-verses, Micro-universes and Elementary Particles (Hadrons)