• "It rose at once to the ceiling."
    "It rose at once to the ceiling."
  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Ceil To line or finish a surface, as of a wall, with plaster, stucco, thin boards, or the like.
    • Ceil To overlay or cover the inner side of the roof of; to furnish with a ceiling; as, to ceil a room. "The greater house he ceiled with fir tree."
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Siding, Ceiling, Flooring Siding, Ceiling, Flooring
Showing wooden ceiling and decorated walls Showing wooden ceiling and decorated walls
A large living area, with extensive decoration on walls and ceiling A large living area, with extensive decoration on walls and ceiling
Highly decorated wall and ceiling, with steps leading up Highly decorated wall and ceiling, with steps leading up
Showing large central arch and wooden ceiling; windows set into smaller arches Showing large central arch and wooden ceiling; windows set into smaller arches
Showing extensive and complex decoration on the walls and vaulted ceiling Showing extensive and complex decoration on the walls and vaulted ceiling
Arches leading up to a high ceiling; this and the walls are heavily decorated Arches leading up to a high ceiling; this and the walls are heavily decorated

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Central air conditioners use 98% more energy than ceiling fans.
    • n ceil A canopy of state.
    • ceil To canopy; provide with a canopy or hangings.
    • ceil To overlay or cover the interior upper surface of (a room or building) with wood, plaster, cloth, or other material. See ceiling, 2. Formerly with special reference to ornamental hangings, or, as in the first (quotation, to carved woodwork, either on the roof or the sides of a room: in the latter use, same as definition 3.
    • ceil To wainscot; also, by extension, to floor.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Rene Descartes came up with the theory of coordinate geometry by looking at a fly walk across a tiled ceiling.
    • v.t Ceil sēl to overlay the inner roof of a room, generally to plaster it: to wainscot
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  • Harvey C. Fruehauf
    Harvey C. Fruehauf
    “There's no ceiling on effort!”
  • Jesse Jackson
    “We've removed the ceiling above our dreams. There are no more impossible dreams.”


Glass ceiling - The glass ceiling is the discrimination that prevents women and minorities from getting promoted to the highest levels of companies and organisations.
Hit the ceiling - If someone hits the ceiling, they lose their temper and become very angry.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From an older noun, fr. F. ciel, heaven, canopy, fr. L. caelum, heaven, vault, arch, covering; cf. Gr. koi^los hollow
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Prob. conn. with Fr. ciel, It. cielo, Low L. cælum, a canopy.


In literature:

The room was small and square, close under the roof, with a sloping ceiling and two tiny windows.
"Masterpieces of Mystery, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by Various
The ceiling is richly fretted.
"Museum of Antiquity" by L. W. Yaggy
In those low rooms I could quite easily stand on the floor and paper from the ceiling down.
"Dwellers in Arcady" by Albert Bigelow Paine
This platform is anchored to the ceiling at four points by tie rods and turn-buckles, shown in fig.
"Respiration Calorimeters for Studying the Respiratory Exchange and Energy Transformations of Man" by Francis Gano Benedict
The ceilings of Rosemount were very high, and every step echoed weirdly.
"The End of the Rainbow" by Marian Keith
Ropes and chains hung from the walls and the beamed ceiling.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
He was floating near the ceiling of the dungeon.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
From the slope of the ceiling at the sides, he judged the room was under the roof.
"The Radio Boys with the Revenue Guards" by Gerald Breckenridge
Beneath the existing tin-plate ceiling was a plastered ceiling and remnants of a painted frieze of red, yellow, blue and green.
"The Fairfax County Courthouse" by Ross D. Netherton
It's empty, but there's a big kind of lamp hanging from the ceiling.
"The Manor House School" by Angela Brazil

In poetry:

The rain was ending, and light
Lifting the leaden skies.
It shone upon ceiling and floor
And dazzled a child's eyes.
"The Rain Was Ending, And Light" by Robert Laurence Binyon
Oh let me be a child once more,
And dream fine glories in the gloom,
Of sun and moon and stars in store
To ceil my humble room.
"A Prayer for the Past: All sights and sounds of day and yea" by George MacDonald
She could hear the corks a'popping
And had a peculiar feeling,
She'd only to close her eyes, and she
Was walking on the ceiling !
"Limehouse Liz (Of Lambeth)" by T W Connor
To a weasel's shadow,
And when, through his ceiling, he sees
Anything darker than snow
He falls away
To gather more and more force
"Pursuit From Under" by James Dickey
Above, the fair hall-ceiling stately-set
Many an arch high up did lift,
And angels rising and descending met
With interchange of gift.
"The Palace of Art" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Who heard the wailing infant's cry,
The babe beneath the sheeliug,
Whose song to-night in every sky
Will shake earth's starry ceiling,--
"For The Burns Centennial Celebration" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

She told police a man goes in there every day for about 30 minutes, and she found what she thinks are drugs hidden in ceiling tiles.
The oxygen mask drops from the ceiling.
High, textured ceilings, a black wood floor, one wall of windows and one of bare brick make up the single second-story room.
Prosecutors in central Illinois say a 14-year-old boy accused of firing gunshots into a ceiling at his high school is fit to stand trial.
(AP) _ School officials say police have taken two students into custody after gun shots were fired into a ceiling inside a high school in central Illinois.
A March voucher for a report that recommended the removal of ceiling tiles with possible mold at William Prescott Elementary School was signed by the district's director of facilities and grounds.
With Washington locked in a debt-ceiling stalemate, debt seems to be on everyone's mind.
Gemini One Five Luminaires has launched an independently dimmable LED fixture, ideal for indoor use in walls, ceilings and damp locations.
The negotiations about raising the debt ceiling remain extremely fluid, and it's still too early to draw any definitive conclusions at this stage.
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde tells Bloomberg's Judy Woodruff that the US economy needs to address the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling as "cohesively" as possible.
At a House hearing Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke painted a stark picture of what a national default would mean and underscored the urgency of a debt-ceiling deal between the White House and congressional leaders.
Kimberly Majerowicz is an artist, by temperament and by talent, but her canvases are the walls and ceilings of the rooms she is asked by her clients to fill with furniture and fabric.
Romney's closing arguments invoke debt ceiling debate.
Loc, hi ceilings/windows, great space.
Conservative groups had been worried that House Speaker John Boehner would agree to some tax increases in a deal to trim deficits and raise the debt ceiling.

In science:

Denote ⌊·⌋ and ⌈·⌉ the floor and the ceiling functions.
Normality and smoothness of simple linear group compactifications
This implies that the revenues per DAU will reach a ceiling.
When games meet reality: is Zynga overvalued?
For ease of notation, we assume that fractional powers of n take integer value; if not, the bounds can be modified by appropriately taking ceiling/floor.
Epidemic Spreading with External Agents
To simplify the presentation, we omit all floor and ceiling signs whenever these are not crucial.
On the number of Hamilton cycles in sparse random graphs
In all performance critical operations, logarithms are not computed using floating point, but with integer operations since usually only floor or ceiling of the result is required.
A modular framework for randomness extraction based on Trevisan's construction