Beta rays


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    • Beta rays (Physics) a form of ionizing radiation emitted by radioactive substances (such as radium), more penetrating than alpha rays, and consisting of negatively charged electrons. The electrons are the same kind of particle as those of cathode rays, but have much higher velocities (about 35,000 to 180,000 miles per second). They are readily deflected by a magnetic or electric field.
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In literature:

Some of the radium products give out alpha-rays only, one beta- and gamma-rays, while one yields all three types of radiation.
"Darwin and Modern Science" by A.C. Seward and Others
Beta rays, nature of, 246; accompanied by gamma rays, 247; production of, by gamma rays, 247; as ionising agents, 249.
"The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays" by J. (John) Joly
That was the dangerous kind, because both beta particles and gamma rays could penetrate clothing and skin.
"Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet" by Harold Leland Goodwin
The beta rays, or emanations from radium, penetrating one foot of solid iron are very convincing.
"The Breath of Life" by John Burroughs
The "Beta rays," as they were at first called, have proved to be one of the most interesting discoveries that science ever made.
"The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by J. Arthur Thomson
Professor E. Rutherford has named these rays beta (B), alpha (a), and gamma (v) rays respectively.
"A History of Science, Volume 5(of 5)" by Henry Smith Williams
The beta rays are identical in type with the cathode rays and are negative electrons.
"A Brief Account of Radio-activity" by Francis Preston Venable
For convenience the three sorts are termed Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays, respectively, after the first three letters of the Greek alphabet.
"The Romance of War Inventions" by Thomas W. Corbin
The beta rays are supposed to be cathode rays or electrons with velocities of from 40,000 to 170,000 miles a second.
"Physics" by Willis Eugene Tower

In news:

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In science:

Background signals arising from radioactive decay often include a beta and one or more γ rays.
The Majorana Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment
Beta decay of 113Cd dominates in the low energy part of the CdWO4 spectrum. The background of the ZnWO4 detector is caused mainly by external g rays.
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop "Radiopure Scintillators for EURECA" (RPScint'2008)
Finding neutrinoless double beta decay and detecting weakly interacting massive particles requires detectors capable of discriminating the weak and rare signal over the dominating background of spurious events caused by natural radioactivity and cosmic rays.
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop "Radiopure Scintillators for EURECA" (RPScint'2008)
Dragoun et al., Feasibility of photoelectron sources for testing the energy scale stability of the KATRIN beta-ray spectrometer, pre-print: nucl-ex/1003.3758 .
Prototype of an angular-selective photoelectron calibration source for the KATRIN experiment
Second, the ma jority of background consists of electron recoils from photons (x-ray or gamma-ray radiation) or electrons (beta radiation).
WIMP direct detection overview