• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Bay-rum an aromatic stimulant used for the skin and hair, and prepared by distilling the leaves of the bay-berry (Pimenta acris) with rum, or otherwise mixing the volatile oil of the leaves with alcohol
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. baie, a berry—L. baca.


In literature:

Last night I drinked up my lastest bottle o' that Hundson's Bay rum.
"The Covered Wagon" by Emerson Hough
Take glycerine four ounces, tincture of cantharides five ounces, bay rum four ounces, water two ounces.
"The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887)" by Mrs. F.L. Gillette
The inside of the hog is washed with bay rum, and sweet majorum is put in.
"Peck's Compendium of Fun" by George W. Peck
Take two ounces of olive oil, four ounces of good bay rum, and one dram of the oil of almonds; mix and shake well.
"Our Deportment" by John H. Young
Some went to the bay of Campeachy to cut logwood and to drink rum punch.
"On the Spanish Main" by John Masefield
There is one point on which you are independent: you will not have the bay rum; you are a teetotaller.
"The Perfect Gentleman" by Ralph Bergengren
Then wash with castile soap, and rub into the roots, bay rum, brandy or camphor water.
"Searchlights on Health: Light on Dark Corners" by B.G. Jefferis
He plastered it down with bay-rum till the family begged for mercy from the smell.
"Chicken Little Jane" by Lily Munsell Ritchie
She tried toilet water; witch hazel; bay rum; listerine; any and everything in reach; and the villain still pursued her.
"Continuous Vaudeville" by Will M. Cressy
He entered when Matthews was rising, all redolent of bay-rum, and surveyed the latter in mock amaze.
"The Plow-Woman" by Eleanor Gates

In poetry:

Or when the calypso decants its raw bay rum
Or the moon in Wozzeck reddens ripe for murder,
He doesn't sneeze or howl; just listens harder.
Adamant needles bear down on him from
"The Victor Dog" by James Merrill
So the grim marauders of Grimy Dan
Sailed the greasy Frying Pan into the bay
Where the Derby Hat all spick and span
A-drying her clothes in the offing lay.
"Ho!" cried the pirate, and likewise, "Hum!
Edam Schnapps and Jamaica Rum!"
"The Battle of Clothesline Bay" by Wallace Irwin

In news:

Clubs such as Eden, the Vue and Rum bay were safe and welcoming, if often rowdy.
The Mesa County Commissioners officially renewed Rum Bay's liquor license today - but it comes with stiff stipulations.
If at anytime, the commission learns Rum Bay is not following the rules, they can call a special hearing and revoke their license .
In less than a week you can hike Mount Sage on Tortola, snorkel in Virgin Gorda's Baths, and sip a rum punch at Jost Van Dyke Island's Soggy Dollar bar.—then find your land legs at Caneel Bay Resort on tiny St John.