• WordNet 3.6
    • n at 100 at equal 1 kip in Laos
    • n At a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series); a decay product of uranium and thorium
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Nerve impulses for muscle position travel at a speed of up to 390 feet per second
    • At A relation of proximity to, or of presence in or on, something; as, at the door; at your shop; at home; at school; at hand; at sea and on land.
    • prep At Primarily, this word expresses the relations of presence nearness in place or time, or direction toward; as, at the ninth hour; at the house; to aim at a mark. It is less definite than in or on; at the house may be in or near the house. From this original import are derived all the various uses of at.
    • At Relation of direction toward an object or end; as, look at it; to point at one; to aim at a mark; to throw, strike, shoot, wink, mock, laugh at any one.
    • At The relation of a point or position in a series, or of degree, rate, or value; as, with the thermometer at 80°; goods sold at a cheap price; a country estimated at 10,000 square miles; life is short at the longest.
    • At The relation of some employment or action; occupied with; as, at engraving; at husbandry; at play; at work; at meat (eating); except at puns.
    • At The relation of some state or condition; as, at war; at peace; at ease; at your service; at fault; at liberty; at risk; at disadvantage.
    • At The relations of source, occasion, reason, consequence, or effect; as, at the sight; at this news; merry at anything; at this declaration; at his command; to demand, require, receive, deserve, endure at your hands.
    • At The relations of time, age, or order; as, at ten o'clock; at twenty-one; at once; at first.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The tallest tree recorded is located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California. It is a coast redwood and has been measured at 117 metres high
    • at A preposition of extremely various use, primarily meaning to, without implication, in itself, of motion. It expresses position attained by motion to, and hence contact, contiguity, or coincidence, actual or approximate, in space or time. Being less restricted as to relative position than other prepositions, it may in different constructions assume their office, and so become equivalent, according to the context, to in, on, near, by, about, under, over, through, from, to, toward, etc.
    • at Of simple local position: With verbs of rest (be, live, etc.): In, on, near, by, etc., according to the context: denoting usually a place conceived of as a mere point: as, at the center, at the top, at the corner, at the end, at the next station, at the bend of the river, at the north pole, at No. 48 Main street, etc. So with names of towns, etc.: as, at Stratford, at Lexington, etc.; but if the city is of great size in is commonly used: as, in London, in Paris, in New York; unless, again, the city is conceived of as a mere geographical point: as, our financial interests center at New York. The place implied by at may be left indeterminate, with a reference rather to condition than to mere location: as, at school, at college, at court, at sea, etc. At may also express personal proximity: as, at one's side, at one's heels, at one's elbow, etc. At hand, near by, has lost its personal reference.
    • at With verbs of motion: Through, by (implying a starting-point or a point where a thing enters or departs): as, to enter at the window, to go out at the back door.
    • at From (implying a source from which a thing comes or where it is sought): as, to receive ill treatment at their hands.
    • at To, toward (implying a stopping-point, a position attained or aimed at): as, to come at, to get at, to aim at, fire at, shoot at, drive at, point at, look at, shout at, reach at, snatch at, clutch at, etc.; also be at when it implies effort directed toward a thing.
    • at Of circumstantial position, state, condition, manner, environment, etc., in a great variety of relations developed from the local sense: as, at dinner, at play, at work, at service, at right angles, at full length, at odds, at ease, at war, at peace, at will, at pleasure, at discretion, etc.
    • at Of relative position: implying a point in an actual or possible series, and hence used of degree, price, time, order, occasion, etc.: as, at the beginning, at the third house from the corner, at nine years of age, at seventy degrees in the shade, at four dollars a yard, at ten cents a pound, at half past six, at midnight, at first, at last, etc.
    • at [In all uses, especially in those last mentioned, at is very frequent in idiomatical phrases: as, at all, at most, at least, at last, at length, at any rate, at stake, at one, at once, at large, at present, etc., for which see the principal words, all, most, least, etc.]
    • at With the infinitive: To.
    • at [Now only dialectal, but common in Middle English, and the regular use in Scandinavian, to which the English use is due. A relic of this use remains in ado, originally at do. See ado.]
    • at An obsolete and dialectal form of that.
    • at A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning at, close to, to: common in Middle English, but now obsolete. A relic of it remains in twit, originally at-wite. In atone, the at- is not properly a prefix, but is the preposition merged with its object.
    • at An assimilated form of ad- before t, as in attract, attend, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The average number of bridesmaids at a wedding is four
    • prep At at denoting presence, nearness, or relation. Often used elliptically, as in 'At him, good dog.'
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  • Baltasar Gracian
    “The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.”
  • Samuel Levenson
    Samuel Levenson
    “You can't start at the top.”
  • Chinese Proverb
    Chinese Proverb
    “Better do a good deed near at home than go far away to burn incense.”
  • Arnold Bennet
    Arnold Bennet
    “It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.”
  • King Jr. Martin Luther
    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
  • Dorothy Parker
    “They sicken at the calm that know the storm.”


A fool at 40 is a fool forever - If someone hasn't matured by the time they reach forty, they never will.
Asleep at the switch - If someone is asleep at the switch, they are not doing their job or taking their responsibilities very carefully. 'Asleep at the wheel' is an alternative.
Asleep at the wheel - If someone is asleep at the wheel, they are not doing their job or taking their responsibilities very carefully. 'Asleep at the switch' is an alternative.
At a drop of a dime - (USA) If someone will do something at the drop of a dime, they will do it instantly, without hesitation.
At a loose end - (UK) If you are at a loose end, you have spare time but don't know what to do with it.
At a loss - If you are at a loss, you are unable to understand or comply.
At a snail's pace - If something moves at a snail's pace, it moves very slowly.
At arm's length - If something is at arm's length, it is a safe distance waway from you.
At cross purposes - When people are at cross purposes, they misunderstand each other or have different or opposing objectives.
At daggers drawn - If people are at daggers drawn, they are very angry and close to violence.
At death's door - If someone looks as if they are at death's door, they look seriously unwell and might actually be dying.
At each other's throats - If people are at each other's throats, they are fighting, arguing or competing ruthlessly.
At full tilt - If something is at full tilt, it is going or happening as fast or as hard as possible.
At large - If a criminal is at large, they have not been found or caught.
At loggerheads - If people are at loggerheads, they are arguing and can't agree on anything.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. æt,; akin to OHG. az, Goth., OS., & Icel. at, Sw. åt, Dan. & L. ad,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. æt; cog. with Goth, and Ice. at, L. ad; Sans. adhi, on.


In literature:

At first, I confess, I felt very much like a dog at a fair, or the proverbial mummy at a feast.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
Each of the cousins had his or her favourite pet, or particular spot in the garden to show her, and Estelle felt herself at home at once.
"Chatterbox, 1906" by Various
But at any rate there is a ghost, and she walks along the side of High Fell at midnight every Midsummer day.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
At all times the servants at Downing Street and the farm at Holwood were a heavy drain.
"William Pitt and the Great War" by John Holland Rose
At two o'clock she had reached the station at Ansbach; at four she arrived in Nuremberg.
"The Goose Man" by Jacob Wassermann
So at last at first Turkey-lurkey went through the dark hole into the cave.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
At that Pete's face stiffened all at once.
"The Manxman A Novel - 1895" by Hall Caine
At five o'clock, with sufficient sharpness, Ralph Newton got out of a Hansom cab at the door of Alexandrina Cottage.
"Ralph the Heir" by Anthony Trollope
At Inverary, too, I shall make sure of finding at least one, at the post-office.
"The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete" by John Forster
At the end of the week his peace was charged to him at a figure which surprised him by its moderation.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair

In poetry:

At one time
words welled up;
milk rose but cools
at this time.
"At One Time" by Raymond Queneau
"To my flower I'll return
At golden even,
With a love refresh'd
At the fount of heaven!"
"The Dew-Drop: A Metrical Fantasy" by Samuel Lover
At Tobernaglashy,
With moss at the brink,
There’s much holy water,
But not for to drink!
"Holy Wells" by Clinton Scollard
Kings at her splendour quailed.
For all his triple steel
She haled
War at her chariot-wheel.
"Art" by Alfred Noyes
At Sasanami
At Karasaki in Shiga
All is unchanged, yet
The courtiers
Boats can no longer wait.
"At Karasaki in Shiga" by Kakinomoto no Asomi Hitomaro
At Awaji,
On the point at Noshima,
Beach breezes,
My beloved's fastened
Belt, blow back and forth.
"At Awaji" by Kakinomoto no Asomi Hitomaro

In news:

Each night from Dec 1 to 24, "magical" snow will fall at 6 and 7 pm to choreographed music and dazzling lights at Village Walk at EastLake, located at the intersection of EastLake Parkway and Miller Drive in Chula Vista.
James and Joe Bates at the fourth annual R.A. C.E. Randy Harper and Daniel Harper at the fourth annual R.A. C.E. Lizzy Wicks and Marie Wicks at the fourth annual R.A. C.E. Jerry Albritton and Chris Waltman at the fourth annual R.A. C.E.
Oct 11 at 6 p.m. Oct 11 at 8 p.m. Oct 11 at 9 p.m. Oct 12 at 6 p.m.
A flyer for the campaign event said Gov Romney and his wife, Ann, will hold a rally at the Temple for the Performing Arts at 6 pm Doors open at 4 pm, and tickets can be picked up at the Urbandale victory office.
Students prayed at midcourt at a volleyball tournament last month at Blue Valley Southwest High School after Joe Bell suffered massive cardiac arrest at the awards ceremony.
The Auburn Chamber Music Society will host "An Evening at the Home of Johann Sebastian Bach," Wednesday night at 7:30pm Central Time at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 100 Church St. Tickets are $20 at the door and $5 for students with ID.
The society will give a concert at 7:30 pm Saturday, Dec 1, at the First United Methodist Church, where seating is limited, and again at 4 pm Sunday, Dec 2, at St Mary's Church on Walnut Street.
The Sunday concert will be held at 3 pm at First Presbyterian Church in Pulaski and Monday's will be at 7:30 pm at Central United Methodist Church in Radford.
They will perform Dec 2 at 4 pm at the West Portland Baptist Church in Westfield and at 7:30 pm at the First Baptist Church at 9869 E Sidehill Road in Ripley.
A mother showed up at the Medina Police Station at 4:20 pm Dec 5 and asked that an officer yell at her children for throwing rocks at cars earlier in the day.
Other types of locally based companies did, though, including REI at No 21, Slalom Consulting at No 25, Costco at No 46, and and Starbucks at No 50.
Boys Soccer Class AA Saratoga vs Albany at Pulmeri Complex, 7 Columbia at Shenendehowa, 4:30 Shaker at Colonie, Ballston Spa at Bethlehem, 3.
At lunchtime at the Ransom Café in west Mobile, diners place their orders at the counter and take a seat at one of several tables scattered around the dining room.
Depending on how much horsepower you want and miles per gallon, the 2012 Dodge Durango comes in four models -- the SXT, which starts at $28,995, the Crew at $33,695, the R/T at $35,795, and the Citadel at $40,995.
Services will be held at 11 am Saturday, Nov 24, at Murray Memorial Mortuary, 5850 S 900 East, with visitation starting at 10 am Interment will be at the Logan City Cemetery at 2:30 pm the same day.

In science:

C∆T (t, tw ) = Xα,β where Pα (tw ) is the probability that the system is found at state α at tw and Gβα (t) is the probability that the system which initially stays at α reaches β at t.
Scaling Law and Aging Phenomena in the Random Energy Model
The graph G is said to be have zero boundary if P{l : l ∈ L} is a 1-cycle; i.e., for each vertex z p ∈ V , the number of edges beginning at z p equals the number ending at z p . (There must be at least one edge beginning at each vertex, since G is assumed to be connected.
Universality and scaling of zeros on symplectic manifolds
Since z 1 and zn are connected by a chain of loops in G , we can choose disjoint sets of edges L′ , L′′ ⊂ L such that L′ forms a path starting at z 1 and ending at zn , and L′′ forms a path starting at zn and ending at z 1 .
Universality and scaling of zeros on symplectic manifolds
On the algebra, Ch(Ts)s∈N , (At )t∈N i, of polynomials in noncommuting variables (Ts )s∈N and (At )t∈N , let φω be the tracial linear functional defined by φω (p) = limn→ω τn (πn (p)), where πn : Ch(Ts)s∈N , (At )t∈N i → Mn is the algebra homomorphism defined by πn (Ts ) = Y (s, n) and πn (At) = D(t, n).
Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator
We wish to determine the tra jectory of the particle, starting at q = q0 at t = 0 and ending at q = 0 at t = ∞.
Hopping between Random Locations: Spectrum and Instanton