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    • n Amœba (Zoöl) A rhizopod common in fresh water, capable of undergoing many changes of form at will. Same as ameba. See Rhizopoda.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
NL., fr. Gr. change


In literature:

The use of the personal pronoun they, Ba-Ma, Wa, Va or Ova, Am-Ki, &c., prevails very extensively in the names of tribes in Africa.
"Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa" by David Livingstone
I am ever your affectionate BA.
"The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2)" by Frederic G. Kenyon
Too good, too, too indulgent you are, my own Ba, to 'acts' first or last; but all the same, I am glad and encouraged.
"The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, Vol. 1 (of 2) 1845-1846" by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett
I am ever your attached E.B.B., rather BA.
"The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume II" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I am Kaam'ba, the rope.
"Zanzibar Tales" by Various

In news:

(BA) is pricing its 737 Max plane aggressively to compete for market share with the Airbus A320neo, Airbus SAS Chief Executive Officer Fabrice Bregier was quoted as saying by Welt am Sonntag.
The Jack­man Road Ele­men­tary PTO has sched­uled its an­nual hol­i­day craft ba­ zaar from 9 am to 4 pm Dec 1 at the school, 8008 Jack­man Rd.
MEREDITH — Kelly Dunleavey Sturmer, a 1990 graduate from Inter-Lakes High School and 1994 graduate from Mount Holyoke College with a BA in Music, will be a first time soloist at the Union Church during the 10 am service on August 5.

In science:

Also, [a, b] denotes the additive commutator ab − ba. I am grateful to Masaki Izumi for discussions concerning the (strict) Rokhlin property.
Crossed products by finite cyclic group actions with the tracial Rokhlin property
Also, [a, b] denotes the additive commutator ab − ba. I am grateful to Marc Rieffel for discussions concerning higher dimensional noncommutative tori, and in particular for pointing out that it was not known whether a higher dimensional noncommutative torus is isomorphic to its opposite algebra.
Every simple higher dimensional noncommutative torus is an AT algebra
In particular, ∗(Am ) = (∗A)m (which we will therefore denote by ∗Am). (e) Let BA be the set of all maps A → B .
Nonstandard principles for generalized functions
I must first acknowledge I am rather baffled about the overall reason of this review and that this bafflement will necessarily impact the following discussion.
Comments on "Confidence distribution, the frequentist distribution estimator of a parameter --- a review" by Min-ge Xie and Kesar Singh
As a beginner in the field I am baffled by the K theory and the mathematical jargons in Ref7 . I believe there are many researchers share the same experiences with me.
On the single-electron theory of quantum spin Hall effect in two dimensional topological insulators