• WordNet 3.6
    • adj Alsatian of or relating to or characteristic of Alsace or its inhabitants
    • n alsatian breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind
    • n Alsatian a native or inhabitant of Alsace
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Alsatian An inhabitant of Alsatia or Alsace in Germany, or of Alsatia or White Friars (a resort of debtors and criminals) in London.
    • a Alsatian Pertaining to Alsatia.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • Alsatian Of or pertaining to the province of Alsace, taken from Germany by France in 1648, in greater part ceded to the new German empire in 1871, and now incorporated in the imperial territory of Elsass-Lothringen.
    • Alsatian Of or pertaining to Alsatia, formerly a cant name (from Alsace being a debatable ground or scene of frequent contests) for Whitefriars, a district in London between the Thames and Fleet street, and adjoining the Temple, which possessed certain privileges of sanctuary derived from the convent of the Carmelites, or White Friars, founded there in 1241. The locality became the resort of libertines and rascals of every description, whose abuses and outrages, and especially the riot in the reign of Charles II., led in 1697 to the abolition of the privilege and the dispersion of the Alsatians. The term Alsatia has in recent times been applied offensively to the English Stock Exchange, because of the supposed questionable character of some of its proceedings.
    • n Alsatian A native or an inhabitant of Alsace in Germany.
    • n Alsatian Formerly, an inhabitant of Alsatia or Whitefriars, a part of London; hence, a Bohemian (in the slang sense) or adventurer.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Alsatian al-sā′shi-an of or pertaining to Alsatia (Ger. Elsass), a province between France and Germany
    • n Alsatian a rogue or debauchee, such as haunted Alsatia—a cant name for Whitefriars, a district in London between the Thames and Fleet Street, which enjoyed privileges of sanctuary down to 1697, and was consequently infested with lawless characters. See Scott's Fortunes of Nigel
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In literature:

He was a curious fellow, this guardian, an Alsatian immigrant, he informed me.
"France and the Republic" by William Henry Hurlbert
My Vrench is Cherman, and my Cherman is Vrench, ant my Enklish is Alsatian.
"Despair's Last Journey" by David Christie Murray
The priest, a short, jolly Alsatian, met us with shining face quite unlike any other missionary I had ever seen.
"A Daughter of the Middle Border" by Hamlin Garland
Reinmar, often called Reinmar der Alte, was by birth an Alsatian.
"A Middle High German Primer" by Joseph Wright
He was an Alsatian, but his English was perfectly easy to understand.
"John Gayther's Garden and the Stories Told Therein" by Frank R. Stockton
Kleber was an Alsatian who had been educated in the military school at Munich and was already forty-one years old.
"The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte" by William Milligan Sloane
A typical instance of this is the story of the capture of a German post on the Alsatian frontier in the winter of 1914-15.
"World's War Events, Vol. I" by Various
Turley, and the Alsatian Foggerty.
"Peter and Wendy" by James Matthew Barrie
It was resolved to collect faithful bands of Swiss, Alsatians, and Walloons.
"Lectures on the French Revolution" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
The other was at Baccarat near the Alsatian border.
"The Fight for the Argonne" by William Benjamin West

In poetry:

The man set his dog on to me, after that
A Sealyham Tripehound Alsatian
But I soon let him see - I said, "You come with me."
And I took his dog to the Station.
"The Sergeant's Overcoat (Or The Policeman That Nearly Got Caught)" by Billy Bennett

In news:

Easy and inexpensive, Alsatian Pinot Blanc is the columnists' 'secret, emergency wine.
The golden-hued Hotel Arnold is in Itterswiller, the heart of Alsatian wine country.
The small Alsatian city of Molsheim in northeast France is best known as the headquarters of high-end Bugatti automobiles.
Adding weight to his uphill fight, Tatomer also pledged to make rieslings as they were intended, in the Alsatian style: very dry, extra tight, aged mainly in stainless steel, and often requiring years in bottle to mature.
We scarfed up a ton of comfort in the super-crisp Alsatian pizza, wonderful baked penne (spaghetti now) with meatballs, and "almost burnt" mac 'n' cheese.
"These are the neighborhood's dogs," says Hamit Yilmaz Ozcan, as he sits with Chico, an elderly Alsatian, and Hercule, his younger, rust-colored companion, two strays that reside near his clothing shop in the neighborhood of Cukurcuma.
Come enjoy the most beautiful views in the world while savoring our Alsatian style wines.