• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. i Adulterize To commit adultery.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: One punishment for an adulterous wife in medieval France was to make her chase a chicken through town naked.
    • adulterize To be guilty of adultery. Milton. Also spelled adulterise.
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  • Willa Cather
    “The condition every art requires is, not so much freedom from restriction, as freedom from adulteration and from the intrusion of foreign matter.”


In literature:

I would free the Briton's Breakfast Table from the unwholesome incubus of Adulteration.
"Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 99., October 25, 1890" by Various
The keen eye of the quack detected it; but instead of adulterating his philosophy, he doubled his dose.
"The Redemption of David Corson" by Charles Frederic Goss
On this interesting world I found the most summary punishment for adulterers and fornicators.
"Life in a Thousand Worlds" by William Shuler Harris
Adulterated Saxon you are.
"Tell England" by Ernest Raymond
Arrowroot is often adulterated in this country with potato flour and other ingredients.
"The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom" by P. L. Simmonds
So many adulterations are found in ground coffee, that it is safest for the real coffee-lover to buy the bean whole.
"The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking" by Helen Campbell
There was in that prison, gamblers, drunkards, thieves, robbers, adulterers, and even murderers.
"Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, an American Slave, Written by Himself" by Henry Bibb
I called him a damned adulterer.
"Captivity" by M. Leonora Eyles
The woman betook herself to a convent; and the adulterer fled.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XVII, 1609-1616" by Various
The average hotel hash was innocent merriment compared to our adulterated butter.
"T. De Witt Talmage" by T. De Witt Talmage

In poetry:

Foetid Buchanan lifted up his voice
When that faun's head of hers
Became a pastime for
Painters and adulterers.
"Yeux Glauques" by Ezra Pound
The bubble-dancer, the deep-sea diver,
The bureaucrat, the adulterer,
Hide private parts which I disclose
To those who know what a poem knows.
"What Curious Dresses All Men Wear" by Delmore Schwartz
It is so hateful to the Pow'r divine
And all his angels, that he won't permit
The brethren with adulterers to dine,
And those who such impurities commit.
"Advice And Warning To The Adulterer" by Rees Prichard
HEAR my advice, Adulterer obscene!
And often in thy mind these precepts roll,
E'er thou dost haste with appetite unclean,
And headlong passion to destroy thy soul.
"Advice And Warning To The Adulterer" by Rees Prichard
A Charmer's but a factor for the fiend,
Taught the unthinking vulgar to deceive,
Who take much pains to quit their real friend,
And to the fiend adulterously cleave.
"An Admonition To The Sick To Call For A Clergyman And A Physician, And To Shun All Charms, &c. &c." by Rees Prichard
Worse than a thief, worse than a murd'rer still,
Worse is th' adulterer, than all the rest,
Who, by one act, two precious souls does kill,
Even his mistress's, whom he caress'd.
"Advice And Warning To The Adulterer" by Rees Prichard

In news:

In our not too distant past, a feeling of shame made people go into hiding after an adulterous relationship was exposed.
The US was the only country surveyed where the majority of people say their vote would be influenced by a politician's adulterous ways.
This is as much a misstep from a cinematic point of view as Anna 's adulterous decisions were in Russian society's view.
Can an admitted adulterer get elected president.
David Petraeus off his game and into an adulterous affair.
Among other issues, the suit claims that State Garden was liable for bringing an adulterated product to market.
THE DAMNING details of Sen John Ensign 's adulterous relationship with a former campaign worker continue to trickle out.
As newly confessed adulterer John Ensign went to ground in Las Vegas yesterday, his Senate Republican colleagues here in Washington reprised a familiar ritual: averting their gaze.
Establishment, is recalling approximately 60,424 pounds of ground beef products that may be adulterated with E.
Hanukkah or Chanukah, the eight-day festival of light that begins on the eve of Kislev 25, celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of purity over adulteration, of spirituality over materiality.
Using the parable of the lost sheep as the primary example of God's relentless love, Ken Gire masterfully weaves Scripture with personal stories to prove how outsiders such as prostitutes, lepers and adulterers found acceptance with God.
This torrent of mockery is bad enough, but the adulterer must still undergo the press conference, the ritual 's climactic moment.
The Bitch in the House may be having an adulterous affair.
Taliban "Honor" Kills "Adulterous" Afghani Woman.
Eat'n Park borrows NASA tactic to help reduce food adulteration, fraud.

In science:

Take a random deck of cards and “adulterate” it by removing at random kn cards and then replacing them in increasing order.
When the law of large numbers fails for increasing subsequences of random permutations
Then asymptotically, as n → ∞, it is possible to detect this adulteration if kn is of an order larger than n4/9 , while it is not possible to detect the adulteration if kn = o(n2/5 ).
When the law of large numbers fails for increasing subsequences of random permutations
Secondly, of greater concern is the potential adulteration in the TD state of the thermal component by the power-law component, which can have an uncertain and sizable effect on the fitted value of the black-hole spin parameter.
A Simple Comptonization Model