Absolute refractive index


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    • Absolute refractive index (Opt) the index of refraction of a substances when the ray passes into it from a vacuum.
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The third window is around 1550 nm where the attenuation reaches an absolute minimum (Thomas et al. 2000) and where erbium doped fibers provide convenient amplifiers (Desurvire 1994). 23Chromatic dispersion in fibers is mainly due to the material, essentially silicon, but also to the refractive index profile.
Quantum Cryptography
For absorbing media it was suggested that the index of refraction should be replaced by its real part and the square of the correction factor in Eqs. (4.12) and (4.13) by the absolute square [Barnett et al. (1992, 1996); Juzeli¯unas (1997)].
Spontaneous Decay in the Presence of Absorbing Media
Figure 8: Comparison of the literature values for the absolute refractive index of germanium at 298K to the values measured by CHARMS.
Temperature dependent refractive index of silicon and germanium
Kvamme, “High accura cy, absolute, cryogenic refractive index measurements of infrared lens materials for JWST NIRCam using CHARMS, ” Proc.
Temperature dependent refractive index of silicon and germanium
These allow the calibration of, for example, the absolute intensity of an electron energy loss measurement since rule on the index of refraction ((cid:82) ∞ these sums have no dependence on any material parameters.
Electrodynamics of correlated electron systems