• WordNet 3.6
    • v zoom rise rapidly "the dollar soared against the yen"
    • v zoom move along very quickly
    • v zoom move with a low humming noise
    • n zoom the act of rising upward into the air
    • n zoom a rapid rise
    • ***


  • Jean Baudrillard
    “Boredom is like a pitiless zooming in on the epidermis of time. Every instant is dilated and magnified like the pores of the face.”


In literature:

Grimly Stan dived and then zoomed.
"A Yankee Flier Over Berlin" by Al Avery
He signaled to the flight to rise, and zoomed upward to twelve thousand feet.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930" by Various
But already the lone Mercutian flier had completed his bank, and was zooming out of range.
"Slaves of Mercury" by Nat Schachner
Overhead, pursuit planes zoomed in and began darting about nervously above the field.
"Off Course" by Mack Reynolds (AKA Dallas McCord Reynolds)
For a moment, the Slav fire ceased, while their planes zoomed up to start another death-dealing dive.
"Astounding Stories, February, 1931" by Various
The other plane zoomed suddenly as a flash of blue flame spouted before it.
"The Fifth-Dimension Tube" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
McGee, glancing backward, saw the take-off and the zoom.
"Aces Up" by Covington Clarke
Spaced well back from the action, they must needs depend upon zoom lenses.
"Frigid Fracas" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
Up they zoomed again.
"Astounding Stories, July, 1931" by Various
Then the experienced pilot lifted her in a zoom that was simply magnificent, and they were off on their adventure at last.
"Eagles of the Sky" by Ambrose Newcomb
When a crash into the terrace wall seemed imminent he yelled, "Now," and zoomed up into a screaming wing over.
"The Golden Skull" by John Blaine
Wilks went zooming off and Liske followed closely.
"A Yankee Flier in Italy" by Rutherford G. Montgomery
Not until he had reached the peak of his power zoom did he take so much as a second for a look around.
"Dave Dawson at Casablanca" by Robert Sydney Bowen
The plane zoomed up sharply and cut back over the lake leaving a black shadow against the ice.
"Queen of the Flaming Diamond" by Leroy Yerxa
Then the picture zoomed away to a fast start with the action that always characterized a Billy Fenstow production.
"Janet Hardy in Radio City" by Ruthe S. Wheeler
This brutal and bloody fight took place, at Bergen op Zoom, near Antwerp.
"Dealings With The Dead" by A Sexton of the Old School
Bergen-op-zoom, siege of, 63.
"The Thirty Years' War" by Samuel Rawson Gardiner
The pool was flecked with jacaranda flowers, bats zoomed.
"When the Owl Cries" by Paul Bartlett
He zoomed sharply upward for a thousand feet, and then glanced back.
"The Revolt of the Star Men" by Raymond Gallun
Tommy opened the throttle to the limit, zooming, and, like a spurred horse, the biplane shot forward and upward.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1930" by Victor Rousseau

In poetry:

Zien de matelooze wereld
Stralen nog van zoom tot zoom;
Heel de matelooze wereld
Bleef uw ongerepte droom!
"Invocatio Amoris" by Pieter Cornelis Boutens
And just go zooming round and round,
And frighten Nursey with the sound,
And see the angel-side of clouds,
And spit on all those motor-crowds!
"A Child's Garden" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

Zoom H2n Audio Recorder Review.
When Statham is at the wheel, " Transporter 2" zooms along.
Jonas Ericsson, Agence Zoom/Getty Images.
Bloomberg and BW are good to zoom in on this critical group of congresspeople who are watering down financial reform.
He used a Canon EOS 20D camera and a Canon 100-400mm zoom lens.
Big Pharma's Open Innovation Initiatives Zoom In on Discovery.
Zoom in on McNeil's Nebula.
Zoom-In Online E-mail list.
Zoom In On Web Graphics.
Marketers Zoom in on Databasing.
Egypt's corruption investigators zoom in on tycoon's private jet sale.
Dreams crushed and dreams achieved as NBC's sapologists zoom in on Lolo Jones and Aly Raisman.
Samsung 18-55mm NX Standard Zoom Lens .
Zoom in to paramilitary soldiers as gunfire continues 3.
Jones, Meacham zoom to victories.

In science:

In figure 4, we compare zooms of the spectrogram.
Removing Line Interference from Gravitational Wave Interferometer Data
This, so called, zooming (or escort) distribution will prove crucial is Sections 2.4 and 3.
Information theory and generalized statistics
Parameter q thus provides a “zoom in” mechanism to probe various regions of a different singularity exponent.
Information theory and generalized statistics
The inset shows a zoom into the area around t = 0, hf (t)i = 1.
A random matrix formulation of fidelity decay
The bottom plot is a zoomed-in version of the top.
The Globular Cluster System of NGC 5128 I. Survey and Catalogs
This result is consistent with Theorem 3.1; the scaling there gives a zoomed-in version.
Critical random hypergraphs: The emergence of a giant set of identifiable vertices
Figure 2. [continued] Zooms into the central region of A 773, A 2218 and A 2219, showing the confirmed and candidate multiple–image s ystems discussed in the text.
A Hubble Space Telescope Lensing Survey of X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters: IV. Mass, Structure and Thermodynamics of Cluster Cores at z=0.2
The image is zoomed on several of the largest components.
Random Networks with Tunable Degree Distribution and Clustering
Right: Zoomed view of the fiber-slit and lens cell.
Prototype development of the Integral-Field unit for VIRUS
The remaining three plots are zoomed on the stationary point for r = 347, r = 347.5 and r = 348.
On the Solution-Space Geometry of Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Fig. 3.— A high contrast zoom-in of the 2MASS J image of IC 5271, a Sb(rs) galaxy selected from the RSA catalog.
ARCHANGEL Galaxy Photometry System
Fig. 4.— A high contrast zoom-in of the 2MASS J image of NGC 157, a face-on Sc(s) galaxy selected from the RSA catalog.
ARCHANGEL Galaxy Photometry System
The amplitude of the input coherent state has been optimized to give the maximum fidelity. (b) Same as (a), zoomed in on small γ /χ.
Methods for Producing Optical Coherent State Superpositions
We zoom in the deviations from the RMT predictions on the inset to Figure 1.
Analysis of Inter-Domain Traffic Correlations: Random Matrix Theory Approach
For a better view, they are zoomed in the neighborhood of the planet.
Disk-Planet Interaction Simulations: (I) Baroclinic Generation of Vortensity and Non-Axisymmetric Rossby-Wave-Instability