zero tolerance


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n zero tolerance extreme intolerance of antisocial behavior (usually by an uncompromising application of the law) "he urged zero tolerance for priests who abuse children sexually"
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Zero tolerance - If the police have a zero tolerance policy, they will not overlook any crime, no matter how small or trivial.


In literature:

It is important for all countries to adopt a "zero tolerance" policy for terrorist activity within their borders.
"National Strategy for Combating Terrorism" by United States

In news:

RIO GRANDE VALLEY — Schools across the nation are implementing more zero tolerance policies and so are some schools locally.
Time to revise zero tolerance on campus.
Zero-tolerance school discipline is failing in Texas — again.
Latin American nations push UN to drop zero tolerance on drugs.
Hiram City Council last week voted to remove the phrase " zero-tolerance " from its drug free workplace policy for municipal workers.
' Zero tolerance ' drug raids continue throughout city.
Zero Tolerance at the Border.
How effective has ' zero tolerance ' policy been on border enforcement.
The zero-tolerance zone pushed out farther and farther, covering the entire Del Rio sector and parts of other states.
' Zero-Tolerance' policy will greet fans at Dodger Stadium.
Zero-Tolerance Policy Approved For Guns, Booze.
Military leaders assert zero-tolerance for hazing.
This is exactly why I've never met a zero tolerance policy I liked.
Rick Scott said Tuesday that the state would have "zero tolerance" for those involved in the fraud .
The significance of Wade Harper 's elevation to the city's top elected post is also reflected in the fact that he's a career police officer who ran on a "zero tolerance for crime" platform.

In science:

The main point is to synthesize fault-tolerantly an encoded zero |0E>, after that, any other basis state or general qudit can be encoded straightforwardly.
Simple fault-tolerant encoding over q-ary CSS quantum codes
The error probability, i.e. the probability of having a bit-flip error Xv with W(v) ≥ 4 in the first zero state, behaves as O(ε4), then the process is fault-tolerant.
Simple fault-tolerant encoding over q-ary CSS quantum codes
FIG. 3. Network to encode a qubit |q> = a|0> + b|1> fault-tolerantly. The |qE> is the encoded qubit being the encoded zero state of the CSS code and X and Z are encoded Pauli gates.
Simple fault-tolerant encoding over q-ary CSS quantum codes
The circuit is fault-tolerant because only needs zero encoded states and gates being transversal in CSS codes.
Simple fault-tolerant encoding over q-ary CSS quantum codes
To synthesize zero states fault-tolerantly, we will use the network of figure 1 with the same strategy as was used for the binary codes.
Simple fault-tolerant encoding over q-ary CSS quantum codes
However, applications like video streams in multimedia often require fixed data rates that could exceed the channel’s er godic capacity, but can tolerate non-zero codeword error probabilities.
Jamming in Fixed-Rate Wireless Systems with Power Constraints - Part I: Fast Fading Channels
It is known that in the absence of a magnetic field this can tolerate a finite initial density of anyonic errors, but in the presence of a field anyonic quantum walks are induced and the tolerable density becomes zero.
Bringing order through disorder: Localization of errors in topological quantum memories
Hence the dynamic effects of such perturbations destroy fault-tolerance when any non-zero density of anyons is present , in stark contrast to the case with no field.
Bringing order through disorder: Localization of errors in topological quantum memories
We sample the deflation time for a range of matrix size and deflation tolerance combinations and normalize these empirical distributions to mean zero and variance one.
How long does it take to compute the eigenvalues of a random symmetric matrix?
First of all, if we insist on exactly maximal entanglement, then the generic answer is zero, but if we relax the tolerance a bit, the generic answer is lots.
Black Hole Complementarity and the Harlow-Hayden Conjecture
The measured several mrad offsets between the torque and sensor zeros, which would coincide in a geometrically perfect sensor, are also consistent with the machining tolerances.
Achieving geodetic motion for LISA test masses: ground testing result
Centering in x will thus depend on the sensor translational readout zero, which could differ from the force zero by order 10 µm, set by the sensor machining tolerances (Vitale, 2002).
Possibilities for Measurement and Compensation of Stray DC Electric Fields Acting on Drag-Free Test Masses
The conventional expression of this with magnitudes and σ instead of inverse variance requires handling the special cases of zero or negative fluxes in either band, and cannot tolerate zero flux in either band.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Imaging of Low Galactic Latitude Fields: Technical Summary and Data Release
For large values of the tolerance δ , the difference between the two approximations can be significant (see Figur e 1), but in the limit as δ tends to zero, the two approximations will be the same, corresponding to zero error.
Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) gives exact results under the assumption of model error
Indeed, even in the limiting ideal case, i.e. when the ABC algorithm uses an infinite computing power to achieve a zero tolerance, the ABC odds ratio does not take into account the features of the data besides the value of T (y).
Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice