yellow light


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n yellow light the signal to proceed with caution
    • ***


In literature:

Not a light shone from window or door, save what they gave back of the yellow light of the moon.
"Mary Marston" by George MacDonald
Coccine becomes of a light lemon-yellow on treatment with hydrochloric acid.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 363, December 16, 1882" by Various
The sun was setting, and one vast surface of yellow golden light played upon the water, as it rippled beneath a gentle gale.
"Charles O'Malley, The Irish Dragoon, Volume 2 (of 2)" by Charles Lever
And the light was so faint and yellow that he felt inclined to turn the lamp up, but did not dare.
"Rome From the "Three Cities"" by Emile Zola
They were seventeen in number; four of them were boys, one of them much lighter than the others, nearly a light yellow.
"Explorations in Australia, The Journals of John McDouall Stuart" by John McDouall Stuart
The great African moon rose into the heavens and shone her yellow light upon this group of men.
"With Edged Tools" by Henry Seton Merriman
A neighbouring gas-lamp, whose light was turning yellow in the rising dawn, cast vague gleams upon it.
"Paris From the "Three Cities"" by Emile Zola
And the light was so faint and yellow that he felt inclined to turn the lamp up, but did not dare.
"The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Lourdes, Rome and Paris" by Emile Zola
But now, all the light in the room seemed to centre on the yellow flossy curls against her breast.
"The Green Satin Gown" by Laura E. Richards
Now the whole Cathedral was glowing with a reddish yellow light.
"The Dream" by Emile Zola

In poetry:

Then the sea, whose waves are dancing
In the lingering yellow light,
Till you rest, alone and weary,
On the tumbling waves of night.
"The Four Winds" by R S Ward
And tinged with yellow light they fly,
Down through the mist-clad swamp below,
All day I watched them rushing by,
Passing between my arms of snow.
"The King And The Mountain" by R S Ward
Red o’er the forest peers the setting sun;
The line of yellow light dies fast away
That crown’d the eastern copse; and chill and dun
Falls on the moor the brief November day.
"November" by John Keble
The dawn arose! The yellow light
Around the Alps spread chearing!
The BARON kiss'd the GOATHERD'S child—
"Farewell!" she cried,—and blushing smil'd—
No future peril fearing.
"Golfre, Gothic Swiss Tale" by Mary Darby Robinson
Lightning is quick and perilous,
The dawn comes on too slow and pale,
Your love brings only a yellow lamp,
Yet of these lights one shall avail:
The dark shall break for one of these,
I've never known this thing to fail.
"Darkness" by John Crowe Ransom
Up high black walls, up sombre terraces,
Clinging like luminous birds to the sides of cliffs,
The yellow lights went climbing towards the sky.
From high black walls, gleaming vaguely with rain,
Each yellow light looked down like a golden eye.
"The House Of Dust: Part 01: 04:" by Conrad Potter Aiken

In news:

Can you say hello to this mcdreamy light silk striped yellow fabric.
View full size Lauren Long / The Post-Standard A large sign, with flashing yellow lights, hangs above the northbound lane of Onondaga Lake Parkway. MAZDA MOTORSPORTS AND PROJECT YELLOW LIGHT FIGHT DRIVER DISTRACTION ISSUES, SUPPORT TEEN DRIVER SAFETY WEEK.
Yellow light for a green fuel.
It's amazing how a little yellow paint and some flashing lights brought so much joy to West Valley High School on Wednesday.
Dreaded yellow light may be trap for traffic violations.
The light at the intersection was blinking yellow so troopers could direct traffic using illuminated, baton flashlights.
Dreaded yellow light may be trap for traffic violations.
Peaking lights marshmellow yellow 936.
Berlin In Process Of Replacing Yellow Street Lights.
While stopped behind a nice and bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo at a left turn light, "impressed" drivers decided to record the car in all it's glory.
The photo, taken in 2003, shows a topless Carter lighting a yellow pipe .
Drivers pay with shorter yellow lights.
Light Elegance's Super Shiny is an easy-to-apply, high-gloss finishing gel that is durable and will not yellow.
R Green light: G Blue light: B Yellow light: Y.

In science:

In this paper, a novel microstrip detector concept is introduced, where the resistive electrodes (light yellow structure in figure 1 (a) and (b)) are made of a thin layer of highly doped polycrystalline silicon.
First investigation of a novel 2D position-sensitive semiconductor detector concept
It is possible to distinguish the aluminum elements in blue and the resistive electrodes on the strips (light yellow regions).
First investigation of a novel 2D position-sensitive semiconductor detector concept
Yellow (light gray) denotes the g = 1 or 1/3 QH state under the main gate, the gate finger, and within the incompressible strip at the sample edge.
Quantum Hall Mach-Zehnder interferometer at fractional filling factors
When the temperature crosses TC , a reduction first appears at 20 K as a light blue peak at negative fields or a light yellow dip at positive fields (see red triangles in Fig. 3c); then an enhancement appears at 22 K as a dark blue dip at negative fields or a red peak at positive fields (see blue stars in Fig. 3c).
The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations
Zoom-in: light (in blue) is scattered by atoms in the |2> state (black) and amplified by atoms in the |3> state (yellow background).
A cold-atom random laser