• WordNet 3.6
    • n wringer a clothes dryer consisting of two rollers between which the wet clothes are squeezed
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Wringer A machine for pressing water out of anything, particularly from clothes after they have been washed.
    • Wringer One who, or that which, wrings; hence, an extortioner.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n wringer One who wrings, as clothes.
    • n wringer An apparatus for forcing water from anything wet; especially, a utensil for laundry purposes, in which, however, the clothes are not wrung or twisted, but are passed between two or more adjustable rollers which press strongly against each other.
    • n wringer An extortioner.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Wringer one who wrings: a machine for forcing water from wet clothes—also Wring′ing-machine′
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wringan, to twist; Dut. wringen, Ger. ringen. Cf. Wreak, Wry.


In literature:

"Punchinello, Vol. 1. No. 20, August 13, 1870" by Various
Thin th' Cap had it put on a typewriter, an' r-run through a wringer.
"Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen" by Finley Peter Dunne
If any gentleman present has got a cow here with him, and I can borrow a clothes-wringer, I will show you whether I can milk a cow or not.
"Peck's Compendium of Fun" by George W. Peck
She felt as limp as if she had been boiled and put through the clothes-wringer.
"The Real Adventure" by Henry Kitchell Webster
I had as lief run the boat with a clothes-wringer as with that engine, any day, from then to now.
"The Man Without a Country and Other Tales" by Edward E. Hale
It was hard work getting Raggedy through the wringer, but Dinah was very strong.
"Raggedy Ann Stories" by Johnny Gruelle
It is not often that these word-wringers have enticed American composers.
"Contemporary American Composers" by Rupert Hughes
Pass through a loosely set wringer or squeeze the water out by hand.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management" by Ministry of Education
Be firing car springs and clothes wringers down me next, eh?
"Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa 1883" by George W. Peck
Take it to the bed in the wringer and do not open until ready to place on the skin, as it will lose its heat very quickly.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
She dragged forth a little wringer, with clean indiarubber rollers.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
But women don't like clothes wringers; why?
"In the Heart of a Fool" by William Allen White
Go up there and put him through the wringer.
"Side-stepping with Shorty" by Sewell Ford
They must be wrung as dry as possible; but it is difficult to wring them without scalding the hands unless stupe wringers are used.
"American Red Cross Text-Book on Home Hygiene and Care of the Sick" by Jane A. Delano
David felt as though he'd been put through a wringer as he followed Officer Magnun into the Leader's suite at State House.
"Category Phoenix" by Boyd Ellanby
A little to one side, Philip was energetically turning the wringer for Dilsey.
"Mothering on Perilous" by Lucy S. Furman
He has become a wringer and must remain one always.
"Abroad at Home" by Julian Street
Three half buttons, smashed in the wringer, hanging by their last threads to his shirt.
"The Boy with Wings" by Berta Ruck
Laundry work on the farm was principally hand labor until the small power washers and wringers were invented.
"Farm Mechanics" by Herbert A. Shearer
A child's dress caught on the wringer and tore.
"The Memoirs of an American Citizen" by Robert Herrick

In poetry:

Though I was almost seven
I was an awful brat.
I put it in the Easy Wringer.
It came out nice and flat.
"Cripples And Other Stories" by Anne Sexton
I know I was a cripple.
Of course, I'd known it from the start.
My father took the crowbar
and broke the wringer's heart.
"Cripples And Other Stories" by Anne Sexton

In news:

To hear it from the hand-wringers, the up-and-coming generation cannot tell right from wrong.
"Weinergate" has put a Seattle college cutie through the wringer -- jeopardizing her academic dreams, embarrassing her family and shattering her privacy.
Every Monday, they washed the clothes in a wringer washer in the basement.
If you tried to get a mortgage last year and failed, or were put through the wringer first, you are in good company.
Rangers fans' emotions put through wringer.
Oxford says she was " put through the wringer" with the Holden Beach Police Department.
'Whatever you do Eddie, keep your fingers away from the wringer.
'Whatever you do Eddie, keep your fingers away from the wringer .
The WaveBrake® 44-quart bucket and wringer makes work easy.
Watch Wringer in the Fitness Magazine Video.
Oxford says she was "put through the wringer " with the Holden Beach Police Department.
Frenetic Pace, Packed Agenda Put West Wing Staffers Through Wringer .
Child Protection System Puts New Mother Through the Wringer .
Put all potential soul mates through the wringer , person, potential, don, soul, cat, line, year, married, place, relationships.
Hand- Wringer 's Tale of Tomorrow.