• That's the worst of these fellows
    That's the worst of these fellows
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj worst (superlative of `bad') most wanting in quality or value or condition "the worst player on the team","the worst weather of the year"
    • adv worst to the highest degree of inferiority or badness "She suffered worst of all","schools were the worst hit by government spending cuts","the worst dressed person present"
    • v worst defeat thoroughly "He mopped up the floor with his opponents"
    • n worst the weakest effort or poorest achievement one is capable of "it was the worst he had ever done on a test"
    • n worst the greatest damage or wickedness of which one is capable "the invaders did their worst","so pure of heart that his worst is another man's best"
    • n worst the least favorable outcome "the worst that could happen"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The record for the world?s worst drivers is a toss-up between two candidates: First, a 75-year-old man who received 10 traffic tickets, drove on the wrong side of the road four times, committed four hit-and-run offenses, and caused six accidents, all within 20 minutes on October 15, 1966. Second, a 62-year-old woman who failed her driving test 40 times before passing it in August, 1970 (by that time, she had spent over $700 in lessons, and could no longer afford to buy a car)
    • a Worst Bad, evil, or pernicious, in the highest degree, whether in a physical or moral sense. See Worse. "Heard so oft in worst extremes.""I have a wife, the worst that may be.""If thou hadst not been born the worst of men,
      Thou hadst been a knave and flatterer."
    • n Worst That which is most bad or evil; the most severe, pernicious, calamitous, or wicked state or degree. "The worst is not
      So long as we can say, This is the worst ."
      "He is always sure of finding diversion when the worst comes to the worst ."
    • v. t Worst To gain advantage over, in contest or competition; to get the better of; to defeat; to overthrow; to discomfit. "The . . . Philistines were worsted by the captivated ark."
    • v. i Worst To grow worse; to deteriorate. "Every face . . . worsting ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Some early TV screens did emit excessive X-rays, as did computer monitors, but that was fixed long ago. Doctors suggest that at worst, sitting too close might cause some temporary eye fatigue—the same for reading with insufficient light—but no permanent damage, no matter what your mother claimed.
    • worst The superlative of bad, evil, or ill; bad in the highest degree, whether morally, physically, financially, or otherwise: as, the worst sinner; the worst disease; the worst evil that can befall a state or an individual.
    • n worst That which is most evil or bad; the most bad, severe, aggravated, or calamitous thing, part, time, or state: usually with the: as, in the worst of the storm; to get the worst of a contest; to see a thing at its worst; to do one's worst.
    • n worst in the most evil, severe, or undesirable state; at the greatest disadvantage.
    • worst In a manner or to a degree the extreme of bad or evil; most or least (according to the sense of the verb).
    • worst To get the advantage over in a contest; defeat; overthrow.
    • worst Synonyms To beat, discomfit, foil, overcome.
    • worst To grow worse; deteriorate; worsen.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Worst wurst bad or evil in the highest degree
    • adv Worst to a very bad or very evil degree
    • n Worst the highest degree of badness: the most evil state
    • v.t Worst to get the advantage over in a contest: to defeat
    • v.i Worst (obs.) to grow worse
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  • Philip James Bailey
    Philip James Bailey
    “The worst men often give the best advice.”
  • William Hazlitt
    “The worst old age is that of the mind.”
  • Thomas Fuller
    “Debt is the worst poverty.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “A person is his own worst enemy.”
  • William Wrigley Jr.
    William Wrigley Jr.
    “A man's doubts and fears are his worst enemies.”
  • Proverb
    “One's best fortune, or, their worst is their spouse.”


If worst comes to worst - This isused to show the worst that could happen in a situation: If worst comes to worst and the hotels are full, we can sleep in the car.('If the worst comes to the worst' is also used.)


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. werst, worste, wurste, AS. wyrst, wierst, wierrest,. See Worse (a.)


In literature:

God knows that I try to be simple enough, to keep to His meaning in me, and not make the worst of His children.
"Lorna Doone" by R. D. Blackmore
Elbows and bad air might do their worst; her body suffered, but her spirit soared.
"St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. 5, Nov 1877-Nov 1878" by Various
The world had surely done its worst, and so lost its power over her.
"Bella Donna" by Robert Hichens
If the worst came to the worst they could sell the house in Prior Street.
"The Helpmate" by May Sinclair
Take my counsel, and turn your silk to worsted and your worsted to leather.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
You must meet my grand old father and my mother and see the curse of slavery at its worst!
"The Victim" by Thomas Dixon
Well, let's know the worst.
"Ralestone Luck" by Andre Norton
Your uncle, who died soon afterwards, forgave me in the worst of taste on his deathbed.
"Prisoners" by Mary Cholmondeley
Once he had spoken out, he had put himself on a level with his master; he had worsted him, or he was much mistaken.
"The Long Night" by Stanley Weyman
That would be the worst of it.
"Can You Forgive Her?" by Anthony Trollope
Yet you gave it even when I was at my worst.
"Everyman's Land" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
But the worst is the reek of decay and death about the place.
"The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado" by Logan Marshall
That was the worst: we were delaying the message!
"Pluck on the Long Trail" by Edwin L. Sabin
At worst, it is but an exaggeration of natural reverence.
"Short Studies on Great Subjects" by James Anthony Froude
"My Friend Smith" by Talbot Baines Reed
That's the worst of going through London; the trains never go at the right time.
"Boycotted" by Talbot Baines Reed
Never mind, if the worst comes to the worst you can cut.
"Reginald Cruden" by Talbot Baines Reed
Unit'st in thy own person the worst vices 230 Of the most dangerous orders of mankind.
"The Works of Lord Byron" by Lord Byron
That's one of the worst things about her.
"Lalage's Lovers" by George A. Birmingham
Worsted coatings may also be classed as worsteds.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley

In poetry:

Well! we have still his early music yet,
The worst
Which follow'd after we can now forget
In the impulses given by the first.
"The Veiled Memnon" by Alexander Anderson
Dead, why defend thee, who in life
For thy worst foe hadst died;
Who, thy own name a word of strife,
Didst silent stand aside?
"To The Same" by George MacDonald
Then the man,
`His deeds yet live, the worst is yet to come.
Yet let your sleep for this one night be sound:
I do forgive him!'
"Sea Dreams" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Whate'er thou found'st him at thy best,
He's at thy worst the same,
And in his love will ever rest,
Thy Husband holds his claim.
"The Believer's Jointure : Chapter II." by Ralph Erskine
And I dare say it. I can bear the worst
That envious fate may heap upon my head,
If thou art with me, or for hope of thee.
"The Spagnoletto. Act IV" by Emma Lazarus
And the best and the worst of this is
That neither is most to blame
If you’ve forgotten my kisses
And I’ve forgotten your name.
"An Interlude" by Algernon Charles Swinburne

In news:

The head coach for the Crosby-Ironton Rangers watched his team shoot itself in the foot so many times during a preseason scrimmage he was prepared for the worst on Friday.
Now, the best and worst nights of John Lucas III's NBA career involve getting away from the Miami Heat.
The Cavalry Is Here To Save Hollywood's Worst December Ever.
Stars rang in 2010 all over the world, wearing the best and worst of celebratory fashion.
The worst dinning experience I've ever had.
The best and worst 'First fathers.
We now live in a world where we want things now and we want them fast, so nothing is worst than being in a checkout line behind someone who pulls out the infamous checkbook .
Well, actually one thing is worst.
We now live in a world where we want things now and we want them fast, so nothing is worst than being in a checkout line behind someone who pulls out the infamous checkbook.
The Astros had their worst season in history, but could it have actually been worse.
The worst crime in the world.
Best and Worst Movies Based on SciFi/Fantasy Books (Sez You).
Classically Trained Vocalist Takes on Challenging Role: Worst Singer Ever Recorded.
I n October 2008, New York surveyed 37 new condominiums to see how they were faring in the worst days of the credit crisis.
That killed 29 people, considered the worst US coal-mining disaster in 40 years.

In science:

M and it takes time in the worst case, where of elements in X.
Random Shuffling to Reduce Disorder in Adaptive Sorting Scheme
Our worst but most significant fit to an X-ray AG is that to GRB 980425, shown in Fig. (9).
Optical and X-ray Afterglows in the Cannonball Model of GRBs
In all cases, one estimates maxx∈X dT V (Lx (Xt), π ) i.e. the speed of convergence to equilibrium starting from the worst initial point.
Convergence to equilibrium for finite Markov processes, with application to the Random Energy Model
In the worst case, all of the points are distributed near the corners of the cube and occupy adjacent subcubes.
Random walks on the torus with several generators
Indeed the worst case corresponds to the non trivial contraction term being of the type VP Q .
Random Matrices and the Anderson Model
We now discuss the error and complexity models in the worst-case deterministic, randomized and quantum settings.
Randomized and Quantum Algorithms Yield a Speed-Up for Initial-Value Problems
FM band, which is usually the worst RFI regime.
Forecast for Epoch-of-Reionization as viewable by the PrimevAl Structure Telescope (PAST)
In the deterministic worst-case setting, if only the values of f or its partial derivatives can be accessed, the complexity of problem (1) is Θ(ε−1/(r+ρ) ).
Improved Bounds on the Randomized and Quantum Complexity of Initial-Value Problems
The algorithm defined above is not optimal in the deterministic worst-case setting.
Improved Bounds on the Randomized and Quantum Complexity of Initial-Value Problems
We also introduce the following class of attack channels, which turn out to be the worst CAM channels for the problems considered in this paper.
Capacity and Random-Coding Exponents for Channel Coding with Side Information
Proposition 4.1 shows that the BSC is the worst channel for the CDMC and CAM classes considered.
Capacity and Random-Coding Exponents for Channel Coding with Side Information
The Feynman-Kac path integration problem was studied in the worst case setting by Plaskota et al. (J.
Complexity of multivariate Feynman-Kac path integration in randomized and quantum settings
In both papers [7,15] the problem was studied in the worst case setting for input functions belonging to a class F.
Complexity of multivariate Feynman-Kac path integration in randomized and quantum settings
However, the power of randomization and quantum computation permits the improvement of the worst case complexity bound O(ε−α(F)).
Complexity of multivariate Feynman-Kac path integration in randomized and quantum settings
An ) ≤ ε} nwor (ε, F ) = min{n : ∃ An of function values that are needed to compute an ε-approximation in the worst case setting.
Complexity of multivariate Feynman-Kac path integration in randomized and quantum settings