• WordNet 3.6
    • adj worsening changing for the worse "worried by the worsening storm"
    • n worsening changing something with the result that it becomes worse
    • n worsening process of changing to an inferior state
    • ***


In literature:

However, this glittering armour became the Modern yet worsen than his own.
"The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces" by Jonathan Swift
He will start at once lest the storm worsens.
"The Path of the King" by John Buchan
I'll tell 'em how you slung me around and said I was worsen a dirty dog like Lad.
"Further Adventures of Lad" by Albert Payson Terhune
Often, well-meaning but untrained persons worsen the injury or illness in their attempts to help.
"In Time Of Emergency" by Department of Defense
You have worsened the maledictions of the Bible.
"The Open Secret of Ireland" by T. M. Kettle
And (let) none take of land nor of property, wherethrough this provision may be let or worsened in any wise.
"English Dialects From the Eighth Century to the Present Day" by Walter W. Skeat
The wind was worsening, if anything, and we continued to drive at a frightful angle.
"News from the Duchy" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Even bad news would be worsened if he had to hear it from those lips.
"A Book of Quaker Saints" by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
At eight o'clock the Duke's situation was worsened.
"The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886" by Ministry of Education
At eight o'clock the Duke's situation was worsened.
"The Young Duke" by Benjamin Disraeli
The imbalance worsened in 1941.
"Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965" by Morris J. MacGregor Jr.
By the provisions of the present one, one of them is worsened, and the other bettered.
"The Maidens' Lodge" by Emily Sarah Holt
It not only strengthened Slavery, but also worsened its character.
"A History of the United States" by Cecil Chesterton
Methinks yon lazy Joan might lift one, and be none the worsen.
"For the Master's Sake" by Emily Sarah Holt
They permanently worsened the relations between East and West.
"The New World of Islam" by Lothrop Stoddard
Unfortunately his physical condition didn't remain as stable; it worsened steadily.
"Zeta Exchange" by Ann Wilson
As the storm worsened, more lightning flashed in the west, bringing prayers and curses from the seamen.
"Caribbee" by Thomas Hoover
Muscular coordination worsens and senses are dulled.
"What Works: Schools Without Drugs" by United States Department of Education
He had the russet-apple mind That betters as the weather worsen.
"Reynard the Fox" by John Masefield
That worsened the incident.
"The Happy Warrior" by A. S. M. Hutchinson

In news:

Food coloring s may also worsen ADD and ADHD symptoms.
Billionaire Brothers' Sourcing Firm Says Core Profit Fell As World Economy Worsened.
FedEx says global economy is worsening.
Haitian officials worry about a worsening food crisis.
Some Shoes That Seem Comfortable Can Actually Worsen Foot Pain, Researchers Say.
Under Pressure, Syria Ends Economic Liberalization , Worsening Outlook.
Congo's Rape Epidemic Worsens During U.S.-Backed Military Operation .
Syria's foremost proponent of nonviolent protest says he's returning to Damascus this week and will keep delivering his long-standing message despite the country's worsening bloodshed.
The Daily Press reported this winter that poverty among children has worsened dramatically in Michigan since 2000.
Thawing permafrost will worsen global warming.
(AP) British Prime Minister David Cameron's office says European leaders have held a video conference on the continent 's worsening debt crisis.
A worsening outlook for global growth and a stronger dollar sent the price of copper lower Thursday.
And my growing concern about what's happening with cruises has been worsened by recent reports about Falmouth, on the north coast of Jamaica (although the news wasn't entirely unexpected).
South Africa's Labor Woes Worsen.
A fiscal crisis in the aid-dependent Palestinian economy will worsen unless foreign funding increases and Israel eases its restrictions in the occupied West Bank, the World Bank said on Wednesday.

In science:

Unfortunately this worsens the statistics considerably, resulting in an ‘estimate’ that does not statistically converge to a constant with increasing sample size.
Optimum and efficient sampling for variational quantum Monte Carlo
Figure 11 demonstrates how this effect worsens as the systematic offset increases.
How Future Space-Based Weak Lensing Surveys Might Obtain Photometric Redshifts Independently
Our chances of getting a useful Lifshitz tail bound would worsen if there are many other periodic configurations with the same spectral minimum as ω ∗ , as this would increase the probability that random configurations are close to one of the minimizing configurations on ΛL and thus have low lying eigenvalues.
Understanding the Random Displacement Model: From Ground-State Properties to Localization
One interesting observation is that, because the convergence to the asymptotic invariant distribution is not monotonic, evolving for longer time can, somehow counter-intuitively, worsen the randomness of states.
Subsystem dynamics under random Hamiltonian evolution
In conclusion, since all the transformations are shown to only worsen the approximation ratio, the 1.83-approximation that is obtained for the final instance, impo ses the same upper bound on the original one, and the assertion of the theorem follows.
Randomized Strategyproof Mechanisms for Facility Location and the Mini-Sum-of-Squares Objective
Unfortunately, the disagreement with the perturbative prediction worsens as the continuum limit is approached.
Testing Dimensional Reduction in SU(2) Gauge Theory
However, the errors are large, so requiring mh > 114.6 GeV does not worsen the fit significantly, as can be seen from Table 1.
Global Electroweak Fits and Gauge Coupling Unification
In this case also all conclusions don’t alter, only all fit probabilities are worsened by this result.
Electroweak Precision Data and the Higgs Mass - Workshop Summary
Any problem affecting the detector (dead channels, misalignment, noisy cells, cracks) worsens directly the measured missing transverse energy.
THE TOOLS AND MONTE CARLO WORKING GROUP Summary Report from the Les Houches 2009 Workshop on TeV Colliders
While the similarity between the two models is also observed for neutron scattering, the level of agreement worsens above 20◦ , although both models predict a lack of structure in this angular region compared to the proton scattering results.
Comparison of Dirac and microscopic Schrodinger optical model potentials for nucleon-nucleus scattering
Suggested angular dependences of f (θcm ) [186] would increase the RNA curve further at the forward angles, worsening agreeement with the data.
Electromagnetic structure of the deuteron
However for iron we would still obtain the same column density and thus this would worsen the abundance difference.
X-ray spectroscopy of NGC 5548
For staus mixing may be sizable: the mass limits 3) shown on fig.1 worsen by a few GeV when the Z boson is decoupled (θ ˜τ = 52◦).
Search for supersymmetry, extra dimensions and exotic phenomena at LEP
The degree of accuracy is further worsened with the increasing of the righthanded neutrino mass scale MR .
Charged Lepton Flavor Violating Decays: Leading Logarithmic Approximation versus Full RG Results
However, for the stress σ1 , the presence of the bias field has further enhanced the theoretical values |∆TC i |, only worsening an agreement with the experimental data of this work.
Influence of external factors on dielectric permittivity of Rochelle salt: humidity, annealing, stresses, electric field