word square


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n word square a puzzle where you fill a square grid with words reading the same down as across
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word "trivia" comes from the Latin "trivium" which is the place where three roads meet, a public square. People would gather and talk about all sorts of matters, most of which were trivial.
    • Word square a series of words so arranged that they can be read vertically and horizontally with like results.
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In literature:

How is this practice to be squared with the express words of the Constitution?
"The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation"
A word-square containing a unit, a vehicle, an epoch.
"St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. 5, January 1878, No. 3" by Various
Take my word for it, you won't be fit for anything unless you have a square meal.
"Frontier Boys in Frisco" by Wyn Roosevelt
If you make it all safe, get word to mother that I didn't do so badly in my first square tussel, will you?
"Marion's Faith." by Charles King
The little fellow sat up of a sudden facing his mother and struck out squarely with both fists, not uttering a word.
"Lords of the North" by A. C. Laut
Before he could speak a word the latter squared off before him aggressively.
"The Seventh Noon" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
I overheard the words "Market Square," and "A good half mile away.
"The Right Stuff" by Ian Hay
I swung on my heel squarely away from him; I had no more patience for such shuffling with words.
"The Paternoster Ruby" by Charles Edmonds Walk
They called him a "square" man, and that word expressed high moral praise.
"The Young Miner" by Horatio Alger, Jr.
In other words, that every man has a right to a square deal.
"The Book of Business Etiquette" by Nella Henney

In poetry:

"Square the mainyard!" the silence breaking,
Like Gabriel's trumpet rang the word;
Out of the dawn the wind came, waking
The sleeping sails, so long unstirred.
"Doldrums: One Of Murphy's Yarns" by Cicely Fox Smith
But now - you'll doubt my word, I know -
In a month they both returned, and lo!
Astounding fact! this happy pair
Took a gentlemanly residence in Canonbury Square!
"Thomson Green and Harriet Hale" by William Schwenck Gilbert
I've lorst me former joy in gettin' shick,
Or 'eadin' browns; I 'aven't got the 'eart
To word a tom; an' square an' all, I'm sick
Of that cheap tart
'Oo chucks 'er carcis at a feller's 'head
An' mauls 'im… Ar! I wish't that I wus dead!…
"A Spring Song" by C J Dennis
I'll take my hard words back, nor make a bad matter worse;
She'll have trouble enough; she shall not have my curse;
But I'll live a life so square--and I well know that I can--
That she always will sorry be that she went with that han'somer man.
"Gone With A Handsomer Man" by William McKendree Carleton

In news:

Guess the word defined by the clue and, as you type, each letter will be transferred to its designated square in the grid.
Bill Leff chats with Natan Last, the youngest person every to publish a crossword puzzle in the Sunday New York Times and one of the people behind Word: 144 Crossword Puzzle s That Prove It's Hip to be Square.
Just got word from the organizers of the Murrieta Field of Honor that the "American Soldier" concert with Mike Boyd, scheduled for 2 pm on Saturday at Town Square Park, has been cancelled.
Bill Leff chats with Natan Last, the youngest person every to publish a crossword puzzle in the Sunday New York Times and one of the people behind Word: 144 Crossword Puzzles That Prove It's Hip to be Square.
The word shawl is described in the Microsoft Encarta Dictionary simply as "a fabric square for the head and shoulder.".
Spreading the Word Postcards for sale at one of the many kiosks near St Peter's Square.
It's a word that prompts people to square off for a boxing match.
The battle between the Cooper Square Hotel and the residents of the tenements that abut it on both sides has evolved into a (just above) street-level war of words.
They're meeting somewhere in the middle, squaring up for a USC-UCLA rivalry that's given the word back its meaning.
A Beatles-themed version of Scrabble will have art based on The Beatles' "Anthology" releases, with green apples on the Triple Word Score squares.
The game will feature art based and the 'Anthology' releases, with green apples on the triple word squares.
There is no word on whether the structures are homes but firefighters say they worked through the night to try to gain a foothold against the Sheep Herder Hill Fire which has burned 15 square miles.
In other words, we took it one step further in placing the program squarely within the contex...
There is still no state budget as lawmakers are "back to square one " in the words of Senator RC Soles.
LET US SAY the word "fusion" once, and then tuck all of its wide-eyed alchemy, look-what-I-did, and ambitiously placed peanuts connotations squarely away.

In science:

In this paper we show that this conjecture is false; there exist infinite cubefree binary words with no squares xx with |x| ≥ 4.
Cubefree binary words avoiding long squares
Then g (w) is a cubefree word containing no squares xx with |x| ≥ 4.
Cubefree binary words avoiding long squares
In other words, the functions rk einφ e−r2 /2 such that k − |n| is not a non – negative and even integer could be expanded in terms of Hermite polynomials because they are obviously square integrable.
Testing the Master Constraint Programme for Loop Quantum Gravity II. Finite Dimensional Systems
Key words: chi-square test generalization, multinomial distribution, Monte-Carlo simulation, probability density function estimator, test size PACS: 02.50.-r, 02.50.
Goodness of fit tests for weighted histograms
In other words, ǫ(α, p, X ) depends on the sum of squares of the diagonal elements of the hat matrix Z .
Improved Likelihood Inference in Birnbaum-Saunders Regressions