• WordNet 3.6
    • n withdrawal the act of withdrawing "the withdrawal of French troops from Vietnam"
    • n withdrawal the termination of drug taking
    • n withdrawal formal separation from an alliance or federation
    • n withdrawal a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation
    • n withdrawal the act of ceasing to participate in an activity
    • n withdrawal the act of taking out money or other capital
    • n withdrawal the act of withdrawing blood, tumors, etc. "the nurse was expert at the withdrawal of blood"
    • n withdrawal a retraction of a previously held position
    • n withdrawal avoiding emotional involvement
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The city of Denver was originally chosen to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, but had to withdraw because Colorado voters rejected to finance it
    • n Withdrawal The act of withdrawing; withdrawment; retreat; retraction.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n withdrawal The act of withdrawing or taking back; a recalling.
    • ***


  • Miguel De Cervantes
    “To withdraw is not to run away, and to stay is no wise action, when there's more reason to fear than to hope.”
  • William James
    “If this life be not a real fight, in which something is eternally gained... it is no better than a game of private theatricals from which one may withdraw at will.”
  • Epicurus
    “The time when most of you should withdraw into yourself is when you are forced to be in a crowd.”
  • Bible
    “Withdraw yourself from your neighbors house; lest he be tired of you, and hate you.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “There is no past that we can bring back by longing for it. There is only an eternally new now that builds and creates itself out of the Best as the past withdraws.”
  • Baltasar Gracian
    “Little said is soon amended. There is always time to add a word, never to withdraw one.”


In literature:

Without waiting for further permission to withdraw, the prince hastily opened the door and went out.
"Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia" by L. Mühlbach,
Indeed, other needs of the empire caused the withdrawal of the Fourteenth Legion about 67.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
Here they heard the sound of much traffic on the Gaza-Beersheba road, token doubtless of the impending withdrawal.
"With the British Army in The Holy Land" by Henry Osmond Lock
The English of Albany were allowed to withdraw to Charlton Island to await the company ship.
"Canada: the Empire of the North" by Agnes C. Laut
On March 4th, the withdrawal was more rapid, and it became somewhat difficult to keep touch.
"The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War 1914 - 1919" by W.C.C. Weetman
She did not withdraw her hand.
"The Girl on the Boat" by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
Should he simply withdraw, since the disturbance was not near him?
"Storm Over Warlock" by Andre Norton
The reserve should be posted well in rear to assist in the withdrawal of the firing line.
"Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1911" by United States War Department
Now came a third petition, signed by certain monitors of two houses, asking the doctor to withdraw one captain and substitute another.
"The Willoughby Captains" by Talbot Baines Reed
By the prompt decision of the intrepid ambassador the invader was led to withdraw, and war was prevented.
"Pushing to the Front" by Orison Swett Marden
When once I felt it to my lips, I could not withdraw it till I had drained it to the bottom.
"Manco, the Peruvian Chief" by W.H.G. Kingston
The note closed with the suggestion that the Council withdraw its patrol from Venia.
"Tarrano the Conqueror" by Raymond King Cummings
Both parties were to withdraw their troops from Germany.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
This withdrawal of the case has been so sudden, so unexpected, that I am not prepared for a settlement of accounts.
"The Diamond Coterie" by Lawrence L. Lynch
The withdrawal of the mass of the German force involved also that of the left.
"World's War Events, Vol. I" by Various
She was all for withdrawal.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
On the 19th the Belgians began to withdraw to the fortress of Antwerp.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
But now that the house was supported by Pennewip's powerful hand, it was prudent to withdraw from the battle.
"Walter Pieterse" by Multatuli
It was sound and not sight that had caused the sudden withdrawal of the warrior.
"The Great Cattle Trail" by Edward S. Ellis
She hastily withdraws, to carry out her part in the plot that is to bind him to her.
"The Complete Opera Book" by Gustav Kobbé

In poetry:

Leave him here in his secret ferny tomb,
Withdraw the little light from the ocean of gloom,
He who feared nought will fear aught never,
Left alone in the forest forever and ever.
"Night Burial In The Forest" by Duncan Campbell Scott
Chill Death withdraws his hand, and she revives;
Amaz'd, she finds herself upon her feet,
And, like a ghost, thro' narrow passages
Walking, feeling the cold walls with her hands.
"Fair Elanor" by William Blake
When Hope's illusive smiles are o'er,
And Peace withdraws her balmy store.
How Fancy plies her busy loom,
To beckon back the vanish'd bloom,
That mantled on the cheek of Yesterday ?
"Yesterday" by Laura Sophia Temple
So Reason saith; so Mercy saith;
And, having said, withdraw.
(O brothers in this Noble Age
That there should be a flaw!)
And to the vacant throne there steps
The thing men call the Law.
"The Age of Reason" by C J Dennis
Thus spent, the day so long and bright
Less hot and brilliant seems,
Till in a final flare of light
The sun withdraws his beams.
Then, in the coolness of the night,
I meet you in my dreams!
"Three Songs Of Zahir-u-Din" by Laurence Hope
Heroes and kings, obey the charm,
Withdraw the proud high-reaching arm,
There is an oath on high:
That ne'er on brow of mortal birth
Shall blend again the crowns of earth,
Nor in according cry
"Monday In Whitsun-Week" by John Keble

In news:

BRAVO Teresa Giudice followed her husband's lead by withdrawing her request for bankruptcy discharge.
Reports Contradict Russia's Claim of Withdrawal.
A Town of Tonawanda funeral home is withdrawing its request to move its cremation operations.
A kid or love withdrawal.
Some Republicans, such as Rep Christopher Shays (Conn.), line up with Democrats in seeking a timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq.
SAN DIEGO – American military members who fought in the Iraq War are reacting to the increasing violence there since the US military withdrawal in December.
DHS directorate withdraws controversial vendor checklist.
The biggest news out of President Obama's Afghanistan speech isn't the 10,000 troops he's withdrawing this year.
America cannot withdraw from Afghanistan now, but neither can it sustain the strategy that brought us to this point.
Blast Bush, but won't call for withdrawal.
Despite the military suggesting a reevaluation of the Iraq strategy, the White House rebuffed calls for a new approach or a withdrawal.
Chattanooga developer withdraws zoning for Walnut Street Bridge site.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday that President Obama's 18-month time frame to begin withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan "isn't a deadline" during an interview for "Face the Nation.""Mr.
Standard needs to reflect the withdrawal of F1775 Specification of Labeling of Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment, which was withdrawn in 2009.
We all saw news coverage about the US withdrawal from Iraq.

In science:

It is also interesting to point out that the notion of ’Perpetuum Motion of Third Kind’ was introduced in the context of thermodynamical systems having negative temperatures, where one can withdraw heat from a negative , p. 176.
On relativistic motion of a pair of particles having opposite signs of masses
However, this is not reported as an “official" withdrawal.
The End of the Constituent Quark Model?
We are withdrawing our paper until we can clarify the precise relationship between their paper and ours.
Local $L^2$ results for $\bar\partial$: The isolated singularities case
In this case the player -1 reveals her withdrawal price and the player 2 accepts it (as the rest of the players do) or not.
Quantum Game Theory in Finance
While achieving an initial introduction thus should be easier to attain in a smaller project, it should be more difficult to withdraw from the project because the number of developers available to assume the role of testing will be smaller.
Introducing Automated Regression Testing in Open Source Projects
Conversely to a small project, we would argue that initial introduction might be harder but withdrawing would be easier.
Introducing Automated Regression Testing in Open Source Projects
Rather, the insights presented in this study should already increase the likelihood for innovator success, for instance by appropriately signaling withdrawal from the project as described in Section 4.2.
Introducing Automated Regression Testing in Open Source Projects
Any fraction used by one of the author is definitively withdraw from the unit.
Tailor Based Allocations for Multiple Authorship: a fractional $gh$-index
The statistician must select one among M hypotheses, or he can withdraw any judgement.
Multiple Objects: Error Exponents in Hypotheses Testing and Identification
In this respect the symmetric phase, where producers do not loose and speculators loose a lot, is unrealistic: real speculators would rather withdraw from a market which is in this phase, thus increasing α, and recovering the asymmetric phase.
Modeling Market Mechanism with Minority Game
We withdraw this promising direct approach. 4.3. A complete indirect proof of Theorem 4.2.
A large deviation approach to some transportation cost inequalities
Sceptic starts from the amount c in his margin account, and he never adds funds to or withdraws funds from the account.
Ito calculus without probability in idealized financial markets
For example when you withdraw one point from M , it appears a continuous part in the spectrum whose spectral measure is described by an Eisenstein series.
Hyperbolic Eisenstein series for geometrically finite hyperbolic surfaces of infinite volume
Thus, from the point of view of an external observer equipped only to record information on gravitational radiation, it is not important if an axion left the cloud by withdrawing its wavefunction from the entire cloud or only from a more localized spatial extent as in our simulation.
Self-organized criticality in boson clouds around black holes
Now we shall withdraw the condition that Tj are K -invariant.
A theorem of Roe and Strichartz for Riemannian symmetric spaces of noncompact type