withdrawal symptom


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n withdrawal symptom any physical or psychological disturbance (as sweating or depression) experienced by a drug addict when deprived of the drug
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To withstand the symptoms of withdrawal, fill up on healthy fats and don't worry about your calorie intake.
Many of the researchers concluded that the withdrawal symptoms could be mistaken as physical illness or a relapse into depression.
A Dr told me once that good old prozac is great for helpng to wean off other AD's that have withdrawal symptoms.
If Tuesday's three-hour Starbucks closing left you with symptoms of withdrawal, we've got news for you — You've got a problem.
She has been searching for clinics, addiction doctors, anyone to help hold off the withdrawal symptoms that are growing stronger.
Slight irritability and minor insomnia are not withdrawal symptoms and even the 1 in 10 who seem unable to control their use can lay the blame on their addictive personalities rather than weed.
Utilizing a system known as anesthesia assisted rapid opiate detoxification , patients undergo withdrawal symptoms in a matter of hours rather than days.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 14,000 babies were born in the US in 2010 suffering from some type of drug withdrawal symptom - four times more than in 2003.
The roundworm even gets withdrawal symptoms when it goes cold turkey.
We already are well into October and the withdrawal symptoms are starting to appear.
(CBS News) Heroin addicts are often prescribed treatment with another opiate drug, methadone , to help them through painful withdrawal symptoms.
Alcohol, on the other hand, holds much more potential for addiction, actual physical addiction with withdrawal symptoms.
Coffee has more withdrawal symptoms than pot.
If you're feeling withdrawal symptoms from reduced doses of Occupy Wall Street rabble-rousing (we hear they're just hibernating), the success of last week's SOPA blackout ought to cheer you up.
You can only feel for those individuals because they've lost any social benefit from smoking and they're primarily treating withdrawal symptoms.