• "'My master wishes to speak with you.'"
    "'My master wishes to speak with you.'"
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj wishful desiring or striving for recognition or advancement
    • adj wishful having or expressing desire for something "desirous of high office","desirous of finding a quick solution to the problem"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

A motorist wishes to point out A motorist wishes to point out
"I love that old man, and wish him awful well." "I love that old man, and wish him awful well."
How I did wish he could have had some of my scolloped oysters, and jell-cake, and tarts How I did wish he could have had some of my scolloped oysters, and jell-cake, and tarts
X Y Z & Amperse and All wished for a piece in hand X Y Z & Amperse and All wished for a piece in hand
Despite the good wishes from friends Despite the good wishes from friends

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: If you need to remember pi, just count the letters in each word of the sentence: "May I have a large container of coffee?" If you get the coffee and are polite say: "Thank you," get two more decimal places. (3.141592653...). Here is another sentance: How I wish I could calculate Pi. (3.141592)
    • Wishful Desirable; exciting wishes.
    • Wishful Having desire, or ardent desire; longing.
    • Wishful Showing desire; as, wishful eyes. "From Scotland am I stolen, even of pure love
      To greet mine own land with my wishful sight."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: When gentlemen in medieval Japan wished to seal an agreement, they urinated together, crisscrossing their streams of urine.
    • wishful Having or expressing a wish; desirous; longing; covetous; wistful.
    • wishful Desirable; inviting.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ishi had made it very clear before he died that he did not want to be autopsied. However, his wishes were ignored and his body was autopsied and the brain removed and sent to the Smithsonian, where scientists were collecting brains for a study of brain size and race. After 83 years, the Smithsonian is finally returning the brain of Ishi to his closest relatives so they can bury his remains.
    • adj Wishful having a wish or desire: eager
    • ***


  • Jim Rohn
    “Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.”
  • Thomas Kempis
    “Be not angry that you cannot make another what you wish them to be; since you cannot make yourself what you wish to be.”
  • Gamaliel Bradford
    Gamaliel Bradford
    “In great matters men show themselves as they wish to be seen; in small matters, as they are.”
  • Rod Stewart
    Rod Stewart
    “I wish I knew what I know now before.”
  • Gerald F. Lieberman
    Gerald F. Lieberman
    “Where there is life there is wishful thinking.”
  • Menander of Athens
    Menander of Athens
    “We live, not as we wish to, but as we can.”


Be careful what you wish for - If you get things that you desire, there may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences.('Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.' and 'Be careful what you wish for; you may receive it.' are also used.)
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride - This means that wishing for something or wanting it is not the same as getting or having it.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. Wistful
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wýscanwúsc, a wish; Ger. wünschen, Sw. önska.


In literature:

Benches were placed along the walls for the accommodation of those who might wish to sit.
"Ishmael" by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
Wish, wish: only wish something for me to do.
"An Englishwoman's Love-Letters" by Anonymous
Do you wish for any liquor?
"The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain The Works of William Carleton, Volume One" by William Carleton
I did not wish to shut myself out from my kind.
"Uncle Max" by Rosa Nouchette Carey
What do they wish, that they have not?
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
I do not think you have expressed a wish, or half a wish, since our marriage, but I have felt a pleasure in gratifying it.
"Elster's Folly" by Mrs. Henry Wood
How I wish I had never come!
"Miss Dexie" by Stanford Eveleth
I do not wish to hear anything more about it.
"Sunrise" by William Black
We must try to find a really useful wish, and wish it.
"Five Children and It" by E. Nesbit
He did not wish to kiss her, but merely wished to be by her side.
"The Awakening" by Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy
But, tell me, have you ever seen anybody who wished to marry you, and whom you wished to marry?
"The Guinea Stamp" by Annie S. Swan
And yet she wished him to be her slave, and she always wished to be adored by men.
"Bella Donna" by Robert Hichens
Shall it be said that oftentimes one has wished to prove what had already been conceded by every body?
"My Recollections of Lord Byron" by Teresa Guiccioli
In spite of your preference for my conversation, I wish I were Daisy.
"A Coin of Edward VII" by Fergus Hume
I wish I had known you were not busy, for I have been round all the woods marking timber.
"Hopes and Fears scenes from the life of a spinster" by Charlotte M. Yonge
Even had there been a wish to bring him personally into court, the law would have been powerless to reach him.
"Lady Anna" by Anthony Trollope
What had he left to wish for?
"Under False Pretences" by Adeline Sergeant
What a shame that they could not be together as she wished; as really, in a way, he wished.
"The "Genius"" by Theodore Dreiser
I wish to educate the boys as father would have wished them educated.
"Anne" by Constance Fenimore Woolson
I can only wish him a continuance of H. Montagu's friendship.
"Miss Eden's Letters" by Emily Eden

In poetry:

"I wish the wind may never cease,
Nor fashes in the flood,
Till my three sons come hame to me,
In earthly flesh and blood!"
"The Wife Of Usher's Well" by Andrew Lang
Content I shar'd an humble fate,
Nor wish'd in courts to shine;
The airy dream which pleas'd of late,
With joy I now resign.
"Louisa. A Tale." by Jane Bowdler
`There came from me a sigh of pain
Which I could ill confine;
I looked at her, and looked again:
And did not wish her mine!'
"The Two April Mornings" by William Wordsworth
I wish you were dead, my dear;
I would give you, had I to give,
Some death too bitter to fear;
It is better to die than live.
"Satia te Sanguine" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
But may thy life thro' future years,
In healthful beauty shine,
And when you think of other days,
Think of this wish of mine.
"To Mis - - - -" by Thomas Frederick Young
None here is happy but in part;
Full bliss is bliss divine;
There dwells some wish in every heart,
And doubtless one in thine.
"The Poet's New-Year's Gift. To Mrs. (Afterwards Lady) Throckmorton" by William Cowper

In news:

Wish He Was a Baller .
As was his wish, his body has been cremated.
Putting Five End-of-Life Wishes in Writing.
I wish I had a dollar for every time a nonprofit organization has approached me to help with a 5-kilometer race.
I have been blessed with three daughters and four granddaughters and each one of them called at one time or another to wish me a Happy Father's Day.
I wish I liked Kehinde Wiley's paintings more than I do.
The sisters of the Letter 4 blog pose with Martha after fulfilling their wish to appear on the show.
Lonnie is (gosh, you wish there was another word for it) an idiot.
If you are a registered user and wish to submit an idea or need to complete an ed spec for a commissioned programme, you can access it here.
If you wish to apply for registration on the 4producers site, you can do so here.
John Cena grants his 300th wish with Make-A-Wish.
0Ally Carel was granted a wish through the Make a Wish Foundation, a trip to Hawaii.
Pauline Clark, an 87-year-old from Clearwater, Fla. Was recently granted her lifelong wish to dance with the Rockettes thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living.
"I wish he got through it, I wish this never happened," said Osvaldo Sarmiento.
You have just been granted 1 wish, but this wish has restrictions.

In science:

Finally, we wish to obtain the asymptotic size distribution {Pn }, and its associated generating function g(z ), in a CDRG model.
Random Graph Models with Hidden Color
In this section we wish to introduce a notion of duality for a wide class of systems in classical statistical mechanics.
General duality for abelian-group-valued statistical-mechanics models
We therefore wish to separate, if possible, the different spectral components which contribute to our observed spectra.
The Aligned z ~ 1 Radio Galaxy 3C 280
Acknowledgement. I wish to thank Itai Benjamini for many useful discussions.
Excited random walk in three dimensions has positive speed
We wish to compute a bounded function l on [a, b] that approximates the solution z .
Randomized and Quantum Algorithms Yield a Speed-Up for Initial-Value Problems
We wish to show that S and T are related by a diagonal flip as in the statement of Theorem 1.
Tamari lattices and noncrossing partitions in type B and beyond
We wish to thank Guihua Gong and Chris Phillips for helpful correspondences and G. A.
Simple nuclear $C^*$-algebras of tracial topological rank one
For a quantitative comparison between the minimum probabilities of error and of failure we wish to consider a state discrimination problem that involves mixed states and that can be solved analytically with respect to the two different strategies under investigation.
Distinguishing mixed quantum states: Minimum-error discrimination versus optimum unambiguous discrimination
First we wish to control P (supt≤θ (Dn (S + t) − Dn(S )) ≥ ǫ).
Exchangeable Fragmentation-Coalescence processes and their equilibrium measures
We wish to define the An so they will have a common domain, hence we will let An be the set of pairs of functions f , g such that f : [0, 1] 7→ R is continuously differentiable on [0, 1] and f (Dn (t)) − R t 0 g(Dn (s))ds is a martingale.
Exchangeable Fragmentation-Coalescence processes and their equilibrium measures
Such models are always useful, especially when one wishes to analyze, compare, and understand large numbers of observational data.
The physics of rotational flattening and the point core model
The basic point we wish to make is that the standard Navier-Stokes expression for momentum transfer (i.e. stress) is based on a simple physical argument.
Kinetic theory viscosity
S (A ⊗ B )), i.e. we wish to study (α1,t ⊗ id2 )d ̺.
On positive maps, entanglement and quantization
It is this third approach we wish to study in detail here.
Generalized Measurement and Conclusive Teleportation with Nonmaximal Entanglement
I inserted a minus sign because of the Lorentz signature. I wish now to derive the condition on a curve which makes it extremize the length between its endpoints, i.e., wish to find those curves whose length does not change to first order under an arbitrary smooth deformation which keeps the endpoints fixed.
A Note on Parallel Transportation in Symmetric Teleparallel Geometry